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With our Fantasy Premier League contenders brought into focus earlier this week, we switch attention to our other supported Fantasy pursuit this term, with a glance at the current Scout League rankings in the Sky Sports Game and the latest transfer market activity…

The Scout League

The “Vuvuzela Symphony” plays on and enjoyed a boisterous Gameweek as Chris Tuck not only retained top spot in the Scout League, but climbed to second in the overall rankings with a score of 602. He is now just seven points shy of the summit and being name-dropped on the Fantasy Football Club. Tuck’s outstanding showing has left the chasing pack trailing, with Charles Mouzon’s “Geordie Boys” some 22 points behind on 580, while Gary Paterson’s “Pack Leaders” are back on 574 and 28 behind our leader.

Andy remains the top Scout contributor in the game and is now 32nd on 524 points – back in the ascendancy, then, along with my team which jumped up to 1562 in the world, thanks in the main to Robin Van Persie’s Stamford Bridge returns.

A reminder that if you’re playing the Sky Sports game and have yet to join our league, you can sign up to the FFScout League with this Pin: 8004519. We have a home cinema system, worth £600, available to the winner.

Market Forces

There’s been a big surge in activity in the transfer market this week with the weekend’s injuries no doubt providing a catalyst for change. It’s no surprise to see that Robin Van Persie ousts Juan Mata as the most transferred in player following his performance at Chelsea – the Dutchman goes into this Gameweek as the most popular Captain choice in the game and, just as he does in the FPL, looks unshakable as an option up front. Almost 25% of the transfers made this week have seen Van Persie brought in. Mata’s appeal remains strong with 14% of transfers involving the Spaniard, although he is superseded by two goalkeepers, with Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Stoke’s Asmir Begovic both part of over 20% of the transfers in made over the past seven days.

The need for a new stopper has been caused by the injury to Michel Vorm, who has suffered huge sales this week – he’s been involved in 32% of the transfer out deals. There’s been a general exodus of keepers with Pepe Reina suffering big sales after being kept on the bench at Everton, while patience with Joe Hart is wearing thin – he has been subject of 11% of transfers out this week. Elsewhere, Chelsea’ Fernando Torres is mirroring his continued slide in FPL ownership, with a decline in this market. Over 17% of transfers out involved Torres this week with Van Persie and Jermain Defoe seemingly the most popular replacements.

The Fantasy Football Club

It’s Darren Anderton’s turn to make his way into the Fantasy Football Club studio – we’ve heard his fully fit and should make tonight’s episode. Join Fenners and Merse from 10pm later on Sky Sports 1.

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  1. So Demel, Cuellar, Guthrie and BA doubtfull / not playing

    Thinking of doing Rangel to Cameron and then just hoping Cuellar / BA play ( other 2 benched)

    Thoughts welcome thanks

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  2. Thread on the Sunderland Forum SMB saying that Fletcher is a doubt for tomorrow......

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. That match is going to be so grim

      If it's not last or second last (Norwich and Stoke) on MOTD I'll eat my own underpants

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
        • 3 years, 24 days ago
          • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. Buggumarked

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
          1. You buggumarked my buggumarking post? Oh boy, now I'm going to have to buggumark you...

            • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. Why am I not surprised to see this post?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. MO didn't mention it in his press conf...

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  3. And understatement of the year goes to Paul Lambert when talking about Benteke

    "He's not the finished article by a long shot"

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Do you (or anyone else) know what is going on with Bent? I find it astonishing that he isn't getting starts.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. By the way Lambert's been going on, it sounds like a case of 'he doth protest too much.' They've clearly fallen out. Imagine if he was somewhere like Pool - serious FPL option then.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
      2. It's obviously got personal between Lambert and Bent. And when that happens the manager always has the power and will happily be stubborn to make a point.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. Cheers for replies. Beggars can't be choosers is a phrase Lambert should maybe take on board. I quite like Paul Lambert and loved him as a player but I hope his stubborn attitude with Bent doesn't indirectly get him the sack.

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. and what does that say about Bent :)

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. That I made a mistake having him in my team at the start of the season? 😉

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  4. Anything worth a hit in this team?





    Mccarthy Dyer Demel Wilson

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Nothing is really worth a hit but you have to get rid of Wilson & Demel some time. Might as well do it this week to field 11 (if you are lucky).

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. I agree
        Ba, Berbatov, Cuellar, Mata all have doubt over them as does Demel.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  5. Ba and valencia in for aguero and Nolan?

    I'm set on bringing in Valencia and losing aguero.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Aguero should be a fairly big differential I should think and West Ham are not at full strength at the back

      Is that for free?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. I think ba probs has more chance of starting than aguero plus I want Valencia v arsenal!

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. do both transfers next week is better then surely? better fixtures, plus Ba wont rise this week anyway.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. i'd wait for another with ba and keep nolan for this week.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  6. Mason, you asked about potential rotation risk for Simpson. Its possible that for our easy little run after liverpool, that pardiola will try ferguson at left back and santon at right back, as very attacking full backs with a 4-4-2 diamond. This would be the best way to to utilize the players we have (if pardiola insists on sticking with two up front).

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. 4-4-2 diamond!! That would be a shock! Is Pardew that tactically adventurous?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Its the only way that i can see us fitting both dembas in. I'm convinced that we would have played that from the start if we had got debuchy. But simpson is just not good enough attacking. Defenitely worth trying ferguson there I reckon.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. Seems a bit far fetched to me, personally .. can't see it happening in the PL unless we're hit by injuries. Simpson not great going forward but he plays on the same side as Ben Arfa so it doesn't usually matter so much.

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
          1. But normal 4-4-2 isn't working. And pardiola seems determined to play with two centre forwards.

            • 3 years, 24 days ago
            1. More likely to go back to how we were playing last season I'd say.

              It's not perfect at the moment, but I don't think the system we play is a huge problem at the moment ... it's nice to have options anyway.

              • 3 years, 24 days ago
            2. The 4-4-2 most definitely isn't working IMO. Outnumbered and outtriangled with only two men in midfield. I think when Anita's played he's just been confused TBH, he comes from this amazingly tactical club like Ajax and ends up basically playing for England. The passing in midfield looks so inferior to last season's that I think you're trying to bypass midfield completely now, just hoof it to Ba and see what happens.

              I think the best thing is to return to 4-3-3, play Ba CF, Cisse as a second striker off him to the left, Barfa right forward. I can understand why Pardew has found it so hard to do that because the pecking order of the strikers seems a very sore point.

              • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. But i think that santon is worth the little bit extra over simpson anyway. Saylor too when he gets back

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. Thank you for the post.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Yep. Would like Evans in now.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  7. Sometimes when I spend all week agonizing over transfers, benching and captaincy I start to wonder why I bother.
    What's the point of putting so many hours into trying to gain a theoretical point here and a theoretical point there?

    That's when I read this:


    And this:

    And suddenly I have all the motivation I need.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Haha love it.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. Haha brilliant :-)

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  8. Here's my team
    Foster (Federici)
    Baines, McAuley, Cuellar, Ivanovic, Gorks
    Michu, Bale, Pienaar, Nolan, Santi,
    Ba, Berb, Jelavic

    Was going to trade--
    McAuley>Nelson or Fonte

    Limited by price, of course. Otherwise I might drop others.
    Good idea? Bad idea?
    Any advice much appreciated :)

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  9. Do you think Mata destined to fall if he doesn't feature today?

    Considering Mata -> Valencia with selling price of 9.2, and Cazorla -> Mata when he's fit.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. not rising, and not falling imo. he'll keep his price.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Sounds good!

        Looks like a better move to do Caz -> Valencia straight, as planned.

        Cazorla is -88 at fiso right now. Hoping he can hang on to his price tag till i am ready to sell.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  10. Who would you bench from this front 8?

    Hazard - Cazorla - Pienaar - Nolan - Sterling
    RVP(c) - Defoe(vc) - Giroud

    Ta. :)

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Nolan.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. Sterling

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. Sterling

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    4. I know its hard to do, but Giroud

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Not so sure. I don't think it will be quite as easy a match as people expect for man u tomorrow.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
    5. Hmm, cheers guys! :)

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  11. Zep
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    For Simsey...

    On the understanding that it was indeed Rory Gallagher on his grav...

    Love this song...

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Love Rory Gallagher!

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  12. On the subject of Mata, even if he was fit for this weekend, I'd doubt he'd start seeing as he's played in the two games against United and Chelsea have a tough game midweek against Shakhtar in the CL.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  13. Good afternoon guys, was just wondering who I should bench out of this lot?





    Currently have Sterling, Hangeland and Nelsen on the bench

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. O, look at me, I have 11 fit players...;-) Would keep your bench like that.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Lol privileges of being top 5k in the world :)

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
  14. For all of yous worried that you are spending too much time on this game, thinking that you would be able to do just as well if you didn't spend hour planning out transfers, etc, since I started my new job at the start of October, where I actually have to work, and can't spend hours on my team planning spreadsheets, I have dropped from close to 50,000, to closer to 250,000!!

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  15. Help me!

    Team is:

    Jussi / Federici

    Baines / Gibbs / Rafael / Huth / Clyne

    Michu / Pienaar / Cazorla / Ben Arfa / Nolan

    Rooney / Ba / Lambert

    Any advice on a change for this week? One free transfer, 1mil in the bank!

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  16. need some help ...


    berg , cerny
    nelson , cuellar , shawx , simpson , mcaurtney
    mata , bale , hazard , michu , sterlin
    rvp . teves , pog

    should i sell mata or keep him ?
    if i sell i would upgrade defense or striker .. ba ?

    on wc

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  17. Goalkeeping dilemma: foster or ruddy?

    SOT always manage to sneak one in and norwich always manage to concede :angry:

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Definitely foster. Have u watched Norwich this season?

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  18. Should I stick or transfer? Any transfers would be hits. 2.1 in bank.

    1) Mata > Bale
    2) Keep Mata and play Pienaar or Nelsen this GW.
    3) Mata > ?? (Someone else)

    Foster (Bego)

    Caulker – Cameron – McAuley – (Nelsen) – (Demel)

    Dempsey – Michu – Sterling – Mata – (Pienaar)

    RVP – Tevez – Jelavic


    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  19. Nelson or Gorkss?
    Or both?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Nelsen. I like Cameron as well.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  20. This is the first week where I'm not sure of which moves to make. My current FL is Tevez, Berba and Ba. I'd like some input on these options Please. I have 2FTs.

    1) Ba and Ivanovic --> Rooney and Rafael/Clichy

    2) Ba, Ivanovic and Ridgewell --> RVP, Gorkss and Simpson -4

    3)Tevez and Ivanovic -- > Rooney and 6.5 mil defender

    4) Tevez and Ivanovic --> RVP and Simpson

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Why take Ivan out?
      Chelski's fixtures aren't terrible.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
    2. You plan on keeping Mata I take it. Think he'll play do you?

      Out of these options, i would go with 2. Except someone other than Gorkss. Like Cameron or Caulker.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
      1. Or even Nelsen.

        • 3 years, 24 days ago
        1. Gorkss is all I can afford if I follow plan 2. I'm keeping mata as he's prob only gonna miss 1 week.

          • 3 years, 24 days ago
    3. i also have the same FL with tevez ba berba
      i am may be just inclined to keep it this way only
      wat say ?

      • 3 years, 23 days ago
  21. How long will Demel be out?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Two weeks ish, says Alladyce.
      Two weeks + I reckon.

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  22. If Mata plays, he might have a cameo like Fabregas a couple a seasons ago, against Villa was it? Injured but still came on and ran the game.....

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  23. If anyone has any Fantasy League questions or needs help with their team, leave your questions here.
    Only comments/questions submitted before 10pm Friday will be answered.
    I will give my honest opinion and a detailed answer.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  24. I dont know if anyone has noticed but Fulham have only conceded 2 goals at home so far this season and those were to City.

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  25. anyone knows a good site where you can see player/team statistics?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. is pretty good

      • 3 years, 24 days ago
  26. Big dilemma this week!
    rangel, rafael, baines (demel, harte)
    santi, noble, HBA, Morrison, (sterling)
    RVP, Ba, Tevez
    Not a fan of Cazorla and thinking sterling > kebe & santi > bale (because of poor capital need the 2 changes to get bale). thoughts?

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
  27. Pick two: Nelsen (RDG), Riise (EVE), Shawcross (nor)

    • 3 years, 24 days ago
    1. Nelson and shawcross

      • 3 years, 24 days ago

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