FPL TV Guide: Your schedule for the best video content ahead of Gameweek 10

Fantasy Premier League managers do not have long to finalise their plans for Gameweek 10, which is why you should book in your essential viewing now.

As usual, we have a comprehensive round-up of the best content to watch in the next few days.

Scroll down and pick out your favourites…

Monday 23rd November

03:00: ATFPL – UCL Matchday 4 Preview 13:00: FFS – Transfer Watch Gameweek 10

15:00: LTFPL – Watchlist Gameweek 10

Tuesday 24th November

07:00:TTFPL – Fixtures, Attack, Defence

13:00: FFS – Captaincy Gameweek 10

15:00: LTFPL – Team Selection Gameweek 10

17:00: FPLW – Gameweek 10 Preview

20:00: FFS – Scoutcast Gameweek 10

Wednesday 25th November

03:00:ATFPL – Gameweek 10 Preview

13:00: FFS – Team Selection Gameweek 10

15:00: LTFPL – Gameweek 10 Preview

Thursday 26th November

13:00: FFS – Points Prediction Gameweek 10

20:00: LTFPL – Live Stream Gameweek 10

Friday 27th November

14:30: FFS – Team News Gameweek 10

Sunday 29th November

20:30: FPLF – Gameweek 10 Review

Lessons Learned from FPL Gameweek 9

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364 Comments Post a Comment
  1. 2OLEgend
      1 month, 28 days ago

      What to do here guys?

      Zouma, Ayling, Taylor
      KDB, Bruno, Grealish, Son
      DCL, Kane, Bamford
      (Steer - Mitchell, Bissouma, Saiss)

      Looking at Kane & Biss -> Salah, Brewster next week.
      Would you do Saiss -> Coufal this week? (can't afford Cancelo if I want to do the Salah move next)

      1. HODGE
        • 6 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago

        That will be the midfield I'm aiming for

      2. Ëð
        • 5 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago

        Look like solid moves

    • rozzo
      • 7 Years
      1 month, 28 days ago

      Martinez Steer
      Chilwell Cresswell Lamptey Johnson Mitchell
      Bruno Son Grealish Rodriguez Anguissa
      Kane DCL Vardy

      0.7 itb

      Gonna transfer either Johnson or Mitchell to someone and bench Lamptey.

      A). Kilman
      B). Vestergaard
      C). Other


    • Cruyff's Eleven
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 2 Years
      1 month, 28 days ago

      Bamford to Vardy (-4).

      Yes or No?

      1. RamaJama
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 8 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago

        Yes, look at Vardy’s fixtures

      2. Ëð
        • 5 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago


      3. Salan
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • 11 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago

        If only -4, surely go ahead.

    • Ëð
      • 5 Years
      1 month, 28 days ago

      Bottomed out on last page...

      A) Son, Kane, J.Rodriguez -> Salah, Vardy, Jota (-4)
      B) J.Rodriguez, Kane -> Salah, Bamford/Watkins
      C) Something else (£0.9m ITB, 2FT)


      McCarthy, Steer
      Chilwell, Cresswell, KWP, Justin, Mitchell
      KDB, Son, Bruno, J.Rodriguez, Soucek
      Kane, DCL, Brewster

    • Disturbed
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member
      • 7 Years
      1 month, 28 days ago

      Tempted to keep Kane and son but need some city attack for the next few fixtures. Thoughts on these transfers?

      Ziyech and zaha > kdb and soucek

      Robbo zouma Dallas
      Bruno son ziyech grealish zaha
      Kane dcl

      Forster kilman brewster lamptey

      1. Dark Side Of The Loon!
        • 4 Years
        1 month, 28 days ago

        And Soucek plays every week?

        1. Disturbed
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member
          • 7 Years
          1 month, 28 days ago

          Could bench him for a defender some gws. Not looking good?

          1. Dark Side Of The Loon!
            • 4 Years
            1 month, 28 days ago

            It's tough. Post Spurs Ziyech has great fixtures. Kane and Son are performing well and will continue to do so. Cannot have them all. All depends on how bad you want KDB. I would look to get rid of one of Kane or Son to facilitate that move.

            1. Disturbed
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              • 7 Years
              1 month, 28 days ago

              Kane and zaha > kdb Watkins was the other option. Cheers bud.

    • Arfaish
      • 8 Years
      1 month, 28 days ago

      So I understand getting rid of both Son and Kane is risky but with it being for Vardy and Salah (assuming he is confirmed for next gw) surely the upside is good enough to make the move based on fixtures? Yes or no?

      Essentially you are trading Kane and Son playing che, ARS, cry, liv, LEI, wol for:

      Salah - bha, WOL, ful, TOT, cry, WBA
      Vardy - FUL, shu, BHA, EVE, tot, MUN