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  1. Lukaku, Meunier start for Belgium as Denayer recalled and De Bruyne on bench 3 days, 1 hour ago

    FPL is looking for detail updates, so we're that much nearer to the return of footie... this empty summer is such a drain When do memberships need to be renewed? » Read

  2. Best EURO 2020 Fantasy players from Group B 13 days, 11 hours ago

    Anyone know where, if any place at all, Ravel is training? Was wondering if Halilović might be on someone's radar this summer, and got to thinking on other wasted talents. Wasted might be a strong word, both players will have plenty of cash in the bank I'm sure, but for all the promise, etc and not blighted by injury in the slightest. » Read

  3. UEFA Champions League final preview: Best Fantasy players for Chelsea v City 21 days, 23 hours ago

    An Expanded FPL - some thoughts Given the absolute train wreck of recent seasons, in terms of ... y'know, postponements, Pep Roulette, Jose in general, is there scope for something more grand in future years? How about an FPL that incorporates cup matches and Europe? Pricing could be weighted accordingly (because of course Salah would have opportunity to score more when playing Europe, right?). But then you'd have some chance to gain a small lead with teams who play the early rounds of the Milk Cup. Obviously some team crashing out of one competition or the other would lead to fire sales and massive price drops, but so too could cup upsets suddenly seeing unfavoured assets perhaps having an easy run for another round or two... This would reward those who put the effort in. Those who pay attention to team sheets. Given the growth in recent years there probably needs to be some leveller that safeguards against some with their 200 Gmail accounts just clicking autofill and forgetti… » Read

  4. Best EURO 2020 Fantasy players from Wales 24 days, 19 hours ago

    Tom Heaton would have scored that... » Read

  5. Vote for the best FPL defenders of 2020/21 25 days, 21 hours ago

    Tom Heaton to United? Paul Heaton would have been better. A few decent sing-songs from that. » Read

  6. 2020/21 campaign concludes with Aguero brace in FPL farewell for Man City 27 days, 22 hours ago

    & a very enjoyable GW I must say. Even if Livescores wasn't sending alerts for the first half. Managed 5th in my FFS HU league, after a narrow 53-51 win (I had 9 players in the end?) with my 3 Red Devils being fully rested and a lone sub available. Next year, always next year. » Read