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  1. How FPL winner Adam Levy used Fantasy Football Scout to help him triumph 25 days, 10 hours ago

    It is quite refreshing to see the sort of "I'm a one season wonder" attitude as it admits to winning FPL being a humongous fluke.There is no true enlightened "this is the secret to being number 1" instead it is "this is a sensible way to do well in the game and then maybe if you basically win the lottery, you could also end up being #1" » Read

  2. The lessons learned from 2018/19's Midfielders of the Year candidates 28 days, 6 hours ago

    If I'm not logged in and click on 'login to reply to post' then I go through the login form I get redirected to the main article and not back to the actual comment I want to reply to. » Read