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  1. Fantasy Allsvenskan Last Gameweek of the Season 19 days, 5 hours ago

    Still a great finish Bob to be in the top 50, well played. I should finish around the 300 mark which I'm delighted with. My aim was for a top 1% finish and I've got that. Ended up with 71 pts this week. Goitom came through for me in the end as captain but my other transfer in Yusuf got 2 goals and his 15 pts are sitting nicely on the bench. Can't wait for next season. » Read

  2. Fantasy Allsvenskan Last Gameweek of the Season 19 days, 11 hours ago

    Just looked at the Hammarby v Hacken H2H record - bucket load of goals. » Read

  3. Fantasy Allsvenskan Last Gameweek of the Season 19 days, 11 hours ago

    Cheers Bob, I hear you and if it wasn't the last gameweek I'd captain one of my three Hammerby players.. The armband on Goitom is for several reasons; I think most will captain a Hammerby player and not Goitom. He's only owned by 9.5% so a reasonable differential. Goitom's form over the last five games is excellent with 7 goals and 2 assists (43 pts in last five), they are at home against a team with a very slim chance of not getting relegated so Sundsvall may well come out and attack. And I wanted to take a punt on the last captain and Goitom's my 'gut feel'. Plus Goitom is four goals behind the leading goalscorer and we know he can score four in a match, maybe if he gets an early goal or two his team-mates will try and help him win the golden boot. A very long shot I know. Agree that a Hammerby player would be the sensible, even logical, choice but I'll go with my gut and my very flawed logic! Good luck Bob, I'll be on here following the games, 7:00 pm kick-offs for me so a go… » Read

  4. Fantasy Allsvenskan Last Gameweek of the Season 20 days, 6 hours ago

    Hi Meltens Along with everyone else a massive thanks for all your hard work and insightfulness over the season. It's undoubtedly helped me (hopefully) achieve my target of a top 1% finish (currently 304th). And it's by far my favourite article on FFS and one I look forward to each week and also thanks to everyone who contributes their thoughts, again very helpful, so cheers Bob, MT, REA and all the others. This week I have two free transfers. I'm backing Norrkopping and Djurgardens to cancel each other out with a 0-0 draw so have Petterson and Gerson at the back alongside Witry and Danielsson. Transfers: Had 2.4m in the bank so exact money to do the following. Out go midfielder Haksabanovic (backing a 0-0) and Offia up front. In come Djurdjic up front and Yusuf (will be 3rd on bench). Captain will be Goitom. Line-up will be: Pettersson Witry - Danielsson - Gerson Rodic - Bojanic - Seb Larsson - Traustason Goitom (C) - Djurdjic (VC) - Karlsson First on the bench will be t… » Read

  5. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 29 27 days, 6 hours ago

    Got three D.I.F. at the back, Bojanic, Rodic, Haksa, S. Larsson and Trautsson in the middle and Goitom and Karlsson up front. Of all the fantasy football games I play (FPL, Bundesliga, Allsvenskan, Eliteserien and UCL) this is the one I enjoy most and that's a lot to do with your articles and the others who comment on here so big thanks for that Meltens. Definately back next season - can't wait! » Read

  6. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 29 27 days, 8 hours ago

    Hi Meltens, thanks for the article. I think I'll roll my transfer to have two for the final gameweek and take a couple of punts then. I'm 3 points off my target of a top 1% finish (OR 363, 1,749 pts) so I'll be eagerly waiting for your final gameweek tips/punts. This week I'll captain Bojanic of Hammarby, mostly because I don't have any one else who stands out - except maybe Witry but that's probably a punt too far. Good luck » Read