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  1. Double-digit haul for Perisic as Sterling gets second England goal of EURO 2020 8 hours, 21 mins ago

    Same issue for me. KDB 12 C pts but the general consensus is to twist on 6 or below. Forwards need 2 return though to beat a 6 with no bonus. Mini leagues are also a factor. My closest rival is C Gosens so I either block and hope to keep a slender lead for now. He also has Gnarby and I have P Torres. its either A Stick with KDB safe 6 B Gosens C Havertz » Read

  2. The best Matchday 3 EURO Fantasy captains to consider switching to on Tuesday 11 hours, 7 mins ago

    Had a terrible GD3 with pretty much every player not returning and none of my differentials in my mini league. Extremely hard to pick rotation isnt it? Word that the Netherlands keeper might be rotated but plays etc. Thinking of switching KDB C 6x2 12 pts to Haverts or Gosen. Anyone in the same dilemma. Must be a lot of KDB Cs out there. Risk v reward. Worst case 4+6 10 pts if I switch and lose 12+2 so 4 pts but could get a big return from one of the German players v Hungary. Any thoughts? » Read