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  1. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 4 hours, 27 mins ago

    He said he is being dropped. don’t get why you are so critical, but we'll see. I've watched trainings from one of the top teams in Norway myself, and right before a game you can usually tell the lineup based on that.We'll see how this one turns out. Good luck » Read

  2. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 6 hours, 54 mins ago

    This isn't the same IMO. Unlike FPL, most teams have open training sessions in Norway. I assume it's the same in Sweden. In at least one of the final sessions the team usually play 11 vs. 11, with the starting XI playing against the others. For some teams in Norways these XIs from the training gets posted and normally they are very accurate.It's also not like "Vardy not spotted". As far as I've seen he's not missed out on the session. He's just not in the starting XI they used in training. Of course there could still be changes, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's benched.I have to say I have no experience at all with this particular journalist though » Read

  3. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 10 hours, 39 mins ago

    Linner Sundgren, Safari, Larsson, Brorsson, Danielsson Yasin, Tankovic Elyounoussi, Larsson, TurayPark the bus activated.Might still put Thorarinsson in the starting XI. » Read

  4. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 10 hours, 40 mins ago » Read

  5. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 10 hours, 53 mins ago

    I can't find anything on Thorarinsson. Is he fit? Should I start Jordan Larsson instead? » Read

  6. Fantasy Allsvenskan: double gameweek 10 hours, 57 mins ago

    No injuries now, just dropped apparently. » Read

  7. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 1 day, 12 hours ago

    Any words on Thorarinsson? Why did he miss out last week? Can't seem to find anything. » Read

  8. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 1 day, 14 hours ago

    Yeah, we had one penalty taking CB (+ bonus magnet) as well as an OOP defender both scoring and keeping 2x CS each. One of them also assisted, as well as a few other popular picks doing well.Hoping for the best with the Malmö bus. Most seem to go with alternative strategies » Read

  9. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 4 hours ago

    I bought Hallenius before GW8, but I also wildcarded him out again last week for the reasons you mentioned.I agree with you for the double digits, but who can you get for that price that will give you regular double digits? This week was the first week Jeremejeff got double digits. Tarik obviously has three in a row now. I think he's the only forward with more than two double digit hauls, and there's not a lot with two either (Nygren, Cibicki, Kharaishvili, Hallenius)Got rid of Andersson on my WC, but got in Thorarinsson. » Read

  10. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 5 hours ago

    Yeah, I compared his and Jeremejeffs stats last few. They were fairly similar. Neither of them seem to haul though, and neither seems good for bonus. Jeremejeff has 3 attacking bonus, Turay has 2. Those out and out strikers aren't good for bonus at all, so they really need to score at least two goals to haul. Same with Kjartansson. » Read

  11. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 5 hours ago

    I heard so. At least you got a CS from Sundgren 🙂I'll be happy enough with 50, and very happy with 60+. Hoping for the perfect storm like Eliteserien last season, where a lot of people got up to 150 points just from their back 5. Best one I could find with a quick search was this one with 144 points, including one player who got 2 points.. » Read

  12. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 5 hours ago

    Hope so! Sundgren and Danielsson are my other two. Can't really go PTB without Sundgren, and Danielsson has a good fixture and is a bonus magnet. A bit disappointed that he didn't take the penalty this GW (and not even Turay..).I'm a Norwegian and don't watch much Allsvenskan, so most of my "knowledge" is based on what I can find on the internet. On svenskafans they are very happy with Lewicki as a CB, and they seem very confident that he's nailed on in that position. It's under that assumption I struggle to see 6 starts, but Rösler might not have the same ideas as the fans I guess.. » Read

  13. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 6 hours ago

    Happy with 77 points last week from my WC. Up to 342 OR and gambling on "park the bus" with 3x Malmö defenders.Jeremejeff keep costing me. Stupidly sold him for -4 for Hallenius (I know..) ahead of GW8, and then had him back in my WC team last week.. Before I literally in the last few seconds decided I wanted to punt on Turay with 3 home games in the next 4. Silly decision I think.Good luck all. » Read

  14. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 10 2 days, 6 hours ago

    With Bengtsson out there's a lack of physical presence, aren't there? Safari and Lewicki are both small, and Larsson not exactly big either. I assume Brorsson is fairly nailed as long as Bengtsson is out?Also, we do you think Lewicki won't play in defence? Hasn't he played pretty much every game there, bar one or two? With Bonke Innocent showing form they don't need another DM either.I'm probably transferring out Bengtsson for Brorsson, and going park the bus with Brorsson, Safari and Larsson. I would be really happy if I can get 5 starts out of them, but 4 feels like the most likely scenario. 6 would be a dream, but I doubt it will happen. » Read

  15. Eliteserien Fantasy: Gameweek 6 Preview 6 days, 3 hours ago

    I wouldn't get any » Read

  16. Eliteserien Fantasy: Gameweek 6 Preview 6 days, 3 hours ago

    I heard midweek that it's doubtful he's back for GW10, but nothing certain yet. » Read

  17. Fantasy Allsvenskan: GW8 6 days, 13 hours ago

    There's another aspect you are ignoring in this game though. The bonus system means even without a CS then a defender can get 1-4 bonus (most likely 1-2).. Which means you can get 6-8 points from a defender with no CS in a DGW.. » Read

  18. Fantasy Allsvenskan: GW8 6 days, 14 hours ago

    Bengtsson in the Malmö squad for tomorrow » Read

  19. Fantasy Allsvenskan: GW8 6 days, 14 hours ago

    Why so angry?PTB = 5x captains AA = 3x captains 2C = 2x captainsPTB is by far the best one. For those who are familiar with it from Eliteserien it's the one who gave the biggest point return by far last season.I know they are rotation prone, but even in the worst case scenario I'll get 1 start from each of them IMO. Then it's basically the same as playing in a SGW, but with the upside of 4-6 starts from the 3 Malmö defenders combined. Both Malmö fixtures are great and stat wise they are by far the best defence lately.It might be more sensible to play PTB in GW13, but to me it makes no sense "wasting" the best chip outside the DGWs. We got the two best defences (probably) with DGWs with 2x home fixtures. IMO using PTB in one of them should be a priority » Read

  20. Fantasy Allsvenskan: GW8 6 days, 15 hours ago

    I'm not wasting PTB in a SGW, this is for next GW.. » Read