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  1. Who I think are the best Brentford players in FPL for Gameweek 10 onwards 2 hours, 46 mins ago

    Pretty conclusive then. I don't have him and I don't have an easy route to him, but the thought did strike me. » Read

  2. The Scout Squad’s best FPL players for Gameweek 10 2 hours, 53 mins ago

    Relief for me after my rage move response to missing the Friday deadline and burning a transfer - bringing him on Saturday morning before he had even played. Maybe I will learn my lesson. » Read

  3. Who I think are the best Brentford players in FPL for Gameweek 10 onwards 2 hours, 55 mins ago

    Anyone think Pep gives Foden a 'rest' this week for being the only one to miss a spot kick? » Read

  4. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 20 hours, 26 mins ago

    Great advice, thanks. I have always flown blind when it comes to deadlines. » Read

  5. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 21 hours, 1 min ago

    I'm certainly not convinced that they should be premiums but old habits die hard XD. I think I will spend big because I can afford it and because, with the season running out, I don't need to worry about messing up my team structure. » Read

  6. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 22 hours, 26 mins ago

    Good point about the lineups - that may well end up being a good week. What is the best source for leaks/reveals? » Read

  7. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 22 hours, 49 mins ago

    Thanks! GW27 I think. I have Colak already so I am guided by his fixtures. I think it's 26, 27 or 30 but I am loath to play a chip in 30 if there is nothing left to play for. I also have Adegbenro and he has KFF in 27 which is an OK fixture. Having checked 27 it's a great week to bring in Stefanelli or, better yet, Selmani as you say, and I have 2GWs to build to it. I actually have 2.2m in the bank! So could do Björk and Ring to Selmani + junk. Two Captains is a bit more flexible so I will probably drop that in 26: Colak (iks) and Eriksson (osk) look as good as any. Thanks for your help. » Read

  8. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 1 day, 23 mins ago

    Wålemark captain too btw » Read

  9. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 1 day, 23 mins ago

    I just did Berg -> Wålemark. I have been trying to build to a decent front three to make the most of my 'Attack! Attack!' chip but the options are so uninspiring right now. I can't even find two exciting players to put 'Two Captains' on. » Read

  10. Is now the time to sell Everton's value-for-money FPL midfielders? 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Important question: Is Seb as much of a nice chap as he sounds on the podcast or is it all an elaborate act? » Read

  11. Mane, Matip and Pogba benched as Man Utd host Liverpool in Gameweek 9 3 days, 19 hours ago

    FPL managers DDOSing the site in their rush to dump United players » Read

  12. Alonso benched again as Havertz leads the line in injured Lukaku's absence 4 days, 23 hours ago

    Havertz clean sheet banked. Nobody can take that point away now Owners must be relieved. » Read

  13. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 5 days, 1 hour ago

    I've gone for a risky MAIF defensive triple up, got a couple of Malmo (Birman / Colak) couple of KFF. Zero AIK now and zero Hammarby. So I think we're needing very different things from this GW 🙂 » Read

  14. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 5 days, 2 hours ago

    Thanks Meltens, great write up as ever. I only own one of the scout picks! Not sure this is going to be a great week for me. Captain-wise, most of my players have relatively tough matchups so I will be going Eriksson for his reliability and high floor. » Read

  15. Tierney absent as Tavares, Saka and Lacazette start 5 days, 15 hours ago

    Timing » Read

  16. The Complete Guide to FPL Gameweek 9: Tips, captains, team news and best players 5 days, 18 hours ago

    Ah [billhooks] a year on and I still can't remember the 90 minute deadline.. that's one FT burned for the first time in a long time. Good luck all anyway! » Read

  17. Scoutcast: Lukaku and the FPL 'form versus fixture' debate 7 days, 21 hours ago

    100%! And I'm as guilty of it as anyone else. For example, I've been a bit unlucky with some 50:50 picks and the most recent was when I went with Pepe to be a bit different on WC about 3 weeks ago. In that time ESR and Saka have both been great and Pepe hardly played. Then before the weekend I switched to Saka and he got 0 and Pepe got an assist. Now I'm half hoping Saka is out of the next game so I can sell him for Mbuemo. After *one game*! (and with three good fixtures to come). I definitely need to chill out a bit more : ) » Read

  18. Scoutcast: Lukaku and the FPL 'form versus fixture' debate 7 days, 21 hours ago

    I'm 16 points worse off than If I had done nothing... I know there are lots of factors. If I had made just one transfer to get rid of Tsimikas, maybe another to remove Barnes for [literally anyone with a pulse] I would have been better off, so there is definitely value to making transfers, but rarely is there an immediate benefit. How often do we feel, either as a result of our own research, gut feeling, or peer pressure, that if we don't use a transfer to get *that* player ahead of *that* fixture you may as well 'delete your team', 'rank killer' etc etc.? I will continue to use all my FTs, of course, but this is making me wonder whether it might be worth saving for 2FTs every single time except in emergencies: give that extra FT a little more value knowing you don't have to do a like-for-like. Definitely something to consider. Cheers! » Read

  19. Jota benched as Alexander-Arnold returns to Liverpool starting XI 11 days, 23 hours ago

    Reckon Salah's in decline lads, what do you think? » Read

  20. FPL Gameweek 8 Scout Picks built on Man City triple-up 12 days, 16 hours ago

    Homebrewed IPA » Read