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  1. UCL Fantasy Panel: Round of 16 13 days, 13 hours ago

    I have a couple of key facets to my strategy. Firstly, I thought it essential to have 4 good captaincy candidates across the 4 days. It is unlikely that anyone will replicate the heroics of Ilicic (c) last season but having Salah, Ronaldo, Lewy and Gundogan as my 4 options I feel gives me the best possible opportunity of coming close. I have then decided to strike a balance between backing favourites in their ties and yet playing the field, my team currently has representatives from 9 sides, including 4 double ups and a triple up. I prefer this approach for the first leg and may go a bit more bold for the second leg if any ties turn out particularly one-sided. » Read

  2. UCL Fantasy Panel: Round of 16 13 days, 14 hours ago

    That's the pairing I had originally but it feels like way too much spent on my gks, so I have now moved to Bounou and Navas as my combo of choice. I feel like Bounou is the best value goalkeeper of those left in the competition! » Read