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  1. Zaha and Saka updates as Palace players impress ahead of plum Gameweek 9 match 1 day, 6 hours ago

    Seems sensible. Even as an Arsenal fan there are no Arsenal players I'd want to play every week which is why I've had White and ESR since the start knowing I can take them in and out as fixtures dictate. I think Saka will score more than ESR over the course of the season but at 6.5m you can get Raphinha, West Ham mids, only 0.5m off some explosive Man City mids if you own them at the right time. Don't feel so bad benching ESR when I bought him at 5.5m. » Read

  2. Kane and Wilson enter FPL differential conversation ahead of Gameweek 9 2 days, 4 hours ago

    Wait and see on Rüdiger, the other two seem a no-brainer » Read

  3. Kane and Wilson enter FPL differential conversation ahead of Gameweek 9 2 days, 4 hours ago

    Would you do either of Antonio or Jimenez to Lukaku for -4? I still see the latter doing well, the next three fixtures couldn't really be better. Would be funded by Fernandes→Mbeumo. The hit has sort of already paid for itself as I needed to bring Livramento in to field XI this week. I do still have WC and maybe holding on to it for much longer could be egregious. Perhaps time for Jota to go and can't see myself playing Duffy again, but even on WC taking out either of Antonio or Jimenez would feel odd. » Read

  4. Kane and Wilson enter FPL differential conversation ahead of Gameweek 9 2 days, 4 hours ago

    Got to be Maupay out, I'd probably rather jump on Toney for the security of starts considering you've got a few who could always be rotated. » Read

  5. FPL Gameweek 7 round-up: Sunday’s goals, assists, bonus and injuries 16 days, 2 hours ago

    Playing since 2009/10. I always seem to have a good GW1, no different this year, but I've tended to fall away by this stage in recent seasons, whereas being patient with initial picks (Toney, Smith Rowe, White, even Bruno, plus Jimenez who I brought in later) has paid off this time, sitting at 142k without using first wildcard. Feel a slight parallel between Kane/Son vs. Soton last season and the introduction of Lukaku/Ronaldo this year. Last year I had neither for those early hauls, then got Son and he did nothing for weeks. Won't be getting Ronaldo at any point and will consider Lukaku ahead of Norwich game. Quite like the variation in defence this season. For all the talk of essential TAA I've not felt too bad going without. Cheaper options far more interesting than last season when everyone had Justin 4.5m, Mitchell 4m, Dallas 4.5m (could never believe the latter didn't start at 30% ownership, the most obvious FPL pick I can remember). More risk/reward with Tsimikas, Amartey d… » Read

  6. Ronaldo and Pogba benched but Shaw fit to start for Manchester United v Everton 17 days, 17 hours ago

    Yes, I will be permanently Ronaldo-less and didn't fancy the Bruno-Lukaku swap until the latter plays Norwich. Only captained Salah against Palace so it's been a mixed bag with Bruno » Read

  7. The best players to own and captain for UEFA Champions League Fantasy Matchday 2 21 days, 11 hours ago

    Not for me, I've never seen anyone totally vacate the areas Saka and ESR occupy like Spurs. Feel like we'll see more Arsenal performances like the one against Burnley than the one against Spurs. I've had ESR as fifth mid all season but only started him against Spurs (would've started him against Norwich bar fitness concerns), I think that performance has been coming for him and Saka still doesn't look at his best. Plus I think Ødegaard coming in suits ESR who is better on the left. That said, Saka is better in front of goal and don't think he's a bad option if you've lost faith in the £7-8m options. » Read

  8. Jimenez ends goal drought as Arsenal claim convincing north London derby win 23 days, 5 hours ago

    Seen quite a few posts talking about selling Greenwood which is fair enough given the fixture swing and decent options for ~1m less but seen people say his form is poor and place is at risk? Didn't see the AV game but he had 109 threat and he's good at taking those half chances from an angle on either side. Add to that I can see United doing well against Everton and Leicester. I'm a Fernandes owner (not interested in Ronaldo because he's Ronaldo) and he'll have to go if I'm going to get Lukaku in the next couple of weeks but can see LC-MU being a more open affair than Brentford-Chelsea. Not feeling the need to wildcard as I'm starting to see people talking about getting in players like Toney and Smith Rowe who I'm glad I stayed patient with. » Read

  9. Eliteserien Runde 18 Preview - Graphs, Tables, Wildcards 24 days, 13 hours ago

    Team looked down to the bare bones this week with Berg suspended, Kristoffer NH probably injured, still no sign of Moses, defenders with bad fixtures so using my last chip with RU: Myhra Reitan, Hovland, Valsvik Vecchia, Bolly, Saltnes, Pellegrino Friday, Ohi, Lehne Olsen Sandberg; Åsen, Ottesen, Linnes Ohi, Lehne Olsen and Åsen the only three I already had. Might need to wildcard on the other side anyway. » Read

  10. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 27 days, 15 hours ago

    I'd definitely save the Attack Attack! chip, better fixtures to come for Colak. » Read

  11. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 27 days, 15 hours ago

    Been stagnating between 9.9k and 11.6k for the last eight weeks (going Witry and Säfqvist-less early season hurt) but all chips intact. Just brought in Eriksson who looks like the only really attractive premium captaincy option this week so going PTB with: Wahlqvist, Papagiannopoulos, Otieno, Käck, Jean Carlos » Read