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  1. The best FPL goalkeepers for a Gameweek 8 Wildcard 11 days, 14 hours ago

    I have 2 FT and 0.3 itb Can you please suggest which transfer I should do? My team atm Sanchez Foster TAA Rudiger white Liver omoba Salah Raphina Jota Grealish Brownhill Toney Ronaldo Antonio I was thinking of doing Jota to Foden but seems like Jota might start and you never know with Pep. so I could also do Jota to 4.5 mid and Omoba to Cancelo/Dias. Then it might be too heavy on defense and light on mid. Not sure what to do. Please help me out » Read

  2. How checklists can help you make better FPL decisions: Part 2 13 days, 18 hours ago

    Should I use wildcard or just use 2ft and 0.3 itb Sanchez foster TAA Rudiger liver white omaba(3.9)* Salah raph grealish brownhill(4.4)* jota(7.6)* Ronaldo Antonio Toney(6.3)* I don’t really see that i need to transfer out anyone else beside those players in asterisk. I don’t think i need to use my wildcard this week unless some other players i have are injured as 3.9 defender and 4.4 mid are last and second last in bench and they rarely have to come on from bench. So now only Jota and Toney are the candidates for transfer. So who should i change 1. Jota to Foden 2. Jota, toney to esr and Jesus 3. Anything else » Read