Scout League Summary – Heads Will Roll

With a new season and new contributors in place, here’s the first entry of many Scout League Summary articles headed your way from me this season.

We at Fantasy Football Scout are going to enter new ground with our leagues this year – we’re looking to utilise one of the Fantasy Premier League games most interesting new features. So let’s jump right into the depths of the private Head to Head leagues…

With aid from a couple of very helpful posters we have started to assemble a new Head to Head league structure for the Scout community to take part in. We currently have three Scout endorsed Head to Head leagues. Our aim is that by the start of the season, we will have filled another two to finish with a full complement of five leagues in total.

A tiered league scheme was something originally discussed on the comment boards from very early on – due to the fact you could have ended up in the bottom league through no fault of your own, we have decided to somewhat shake things up a bit for this year. Each of the five leagues this year will be its own separate entity. However, at the end of the season everyone positioned from 1-4th will qualify for next year’s FFS H2H Premier League, those who come in 5-8th in their respective league will next year be drawn into the FFS H2H Championship – this will carry on all the way down until we reach the teams placed 17-20th entering the FFS H2H Conference.

Once we have this season out of the way, from then on promotion and relegation will then become the norm. So for time to come you will always be facing off against different scout members much like whatever team you support will do now.

For those of you who feel you may be in a tough league, on inspection, the quality of players across the board seems to be pretty even – so we’re all set to be in for a challenge in this qualifying year. And as we all became well aware last year, those teams lower than us in the overall ranks can still well and truly decimate us in Head to Head leagues. Just ask poor miffed Granville, he’ll certainly attest to that fact.

Hopefully you will agree this is the fairest and most interesting manner in which we could have decided things, and fingers crossed after a season of competition the cream should have risen to the top. I myself will be trying my hardest to reach the dizzy heights of the Premiership, but this will be by no means an easy task for any of us.

So at this very moment in time where does that leave us? Currently we have the final two leagues (40 more spaces) waiting to fill up. Head on over to Fantasy Premier League and join away, these last spots will be available on a first come first served basis. Here are the codes to join:

FFS H2H 4: 18-57962

FFS H2H 5: 18-57979

Once signed up I encourage all of you to get on the league forums and let us know what name you use to post on the Scout website, this will make it easier to admin in the long run – and if you do so, there’s a good chance down the line, that you will get personal mentions in my future posts. Once the leagues are full, I will leave the admin responsibilities in the capable hands of one of you to watch over for the rest of the season.

As a side-note, if you all could please entertain the idea that you can only join one league each that would be fantastic. Treat it as if your fantasy team were a real life football club – as much as I would love my very own Leicester City to be in the Premier League as well as the Championship, logic dictates that they can only play in one league (Yes and that’s not likely to the Premier League is it? – Mark – Forest Fan Editor)

Most importantly though, have fun everyone. It seems like Head to Head looks set to become an interesting facet to the game this year, and I look forward to facing off against many of you. Game on.

Andy Leicester won the Premier League. Leicester. Premier League. What is this life? Follow them on Twitter

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