Scout League Summary – Heads Did Roll…

Well then, blimey…

My first Scout League Summary was a resounding success / failure depending on how you folks want to look at it. We filled up our five Scout Head to Head leagues the other weekend in what must be record time – which is just brilliant! But unsurprisingly a few of you were disappointed (and in some cases, even angry) about missing out, while others will have been glad to have come to the site at what seems a highly opportune time. However, for all of you out there who have missed out, I have a proposed new head to head league for you…

I bring news of the FFS H2H Reserve League, this league will be open to those of you who missed out on our first five Head to Head leagues, and with unlimited places up for grabs you shan’t need to worry about space. You’ll still be facing off against the Scout community at large, but obviously in your 38 games you won’t necessarily face the opponent you were expecting or hoping to. Those of you in the five current leagues, if you could please refrain from doubling up and joining in – it would continue to help my admin job greatly in the future, thanks in advance.

We currently have 100 people in our five Scout Head to Head leagues – but our future leagues shall not be a structure which everyone can’t assail for anymore, we have shaken things up once more to give everyone the opportunity to qualify. We had set that teams placed 1-4th, 5-8th down to 17-20th earned places into our future Head to Head Premiership, Championship and beyond. We have now decided to cut down the places available to the existing members – now teams placed 1-3rd will earn a place in the FFS H2H Premiership, those 4-7th earn a spot in the FFS H2H Championship, those coming in 8-10th qualify for the FFS H2H League One, next teams 11-14th will shore up FFS H2H League Two, and finally those 15-17th gaining entry to the FFS H2H Conference.

That obviously leaves the bottom teams, placed 18-20th from each league, failing to qualify – so none of us have guaranteed safety. This is where the Reserve League will now come into play. Those teams that finish 1-5th, 6-10th and 11-15th will earn spots in next years Premiership, League One and Conference respectively. So the higher your position in the Reserve League, the higher the league you will qualify for, let’s see who manages to make it into our top tier.

Head on over to Fantasy Premier League once more, the code to join is: 18-151037

So with the absolute abundance of players I expect to see joining, it goes without saying reporting on this league will be thin on the ground. It will be an official Scout endorsed Head to Head league though, so if you aim for the top – then you will be in prime position to aim for a spot in the elusive FFS H2H Premiership.

I hope you all can appreciate the time and effort that goes into all of this, but alongside that I also hope you all get to enjoy the end product we put out there for you too. So once again chaps… Game on.

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