Fulham And Stoke Double Gameweek Postponed

Fulham have gone and pulled a fast one on all of us eager Fantasy Managers today. They have announced that their fixture hosting Stoke (due to take place next Wednesday) has now been postponed and will take place on either May 5th or 6th.

What this means is that the double fixtures we were expecting for this coming gameweek are dead in the water. So those managers who had been adding Stoke and Fulham players to their armoury – myself included – will probably be slightly peeved. I’m sure David Gold has something to say about this too…

Stoke now face a solitary away fixture at Wolves this weekend while Fulham will be heading to Anfield to face off against Liverpool – not quite as appealing all of a sudden. The two clubs will now join Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur in some double action in gameweek 37. As well as facing off against each other, Fulham will host West Ham that week while Stoke will be hosting Everton.

Our Season Ticker has already been updated for your viewing pleasure/annoyance so you can see it in red, white and blue.

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