Scout League Summary – At Seasons End

The 2009/2010 is a shadow, finishing well over a week ago we have had time to decompress over what kind of fantasy season we have all had. Mark has already championed the champions of the main Scout Leagues, even swallowing enough pride to praise my team. Thankfully my IP address has yet to be banned so here is a summary of all the other Fantasy Football Scout leagues…


Our first Head to Head league had a runaway leader and a well respected member of our posting community, with 81 points MFaulkner frankly walked away with this league this year more than earning top spot. Comfy Coxy was our second placed manager after our 38 weeks of contest, while 15 points on the lead – second place is still one grand achievement. With four managers tied on 64 points it was Jimi with his superior overall ranking (318th in the world) who came up trumps and stole third place away from his rivals. Holding up the rear of the table is my colleague Akers, Bestparamedic and Kyle. Stealing victory from the jaws of defeat, MegasalviO won his gameweek 38 fixture to finish safely in 17th place.

An ‘interesting’ note is placed at the feet of my par de excellence colleague I’m Not Marshal Foch who chalked up the most draws (4) across our five leagues this season, that’s quite a few in a game of quite often erratic scoring.


So he came 14th in the world in the Fantasy Premier League game, did he manage to win this Head to Head league as well? I guess it’s no surprise JWF is celebrating a very successful fantasy season with a top spot here as well. Nipping away at the heels in second and third place respectively were Aldershot Rejects and Dick Fran Dyke joining in a collective season of success. Propping up this league are Jason Lang (who appeared to give up the ghost a fair while ago) the illustrious Fran and losing out to Sam (Team Sam) in a battle of the rankings RoysBrotherJohnson was just snipped out in 18th place.


He was leading in my last report, and he sacrificed none of that lead as we went through the final furlong. Verbal is that man, marching on and giving the Welsh nation a champion to cheer on. Finishing with a victory a-piece to finish alongside Verbal were bigadz (2nd) and Deppy35 (3rd). Deppy35 also finished in 24,028th place showing that ranking and Head to Head leagues do not always go hand in hand, a slice of luck is often required – as the aforementioned Akers will also attest to. C Mowbray, Miriam Broome and Ryangal1982 were the merry band of soldiers who struggled and fought all season yet got caught in the bottom places of this here league.


Our fourth Head to Head league was a close fought contest throughout the season, but it looks like the luck of the Irish was in full effect in the end as dairefitzgerald took the title with the most slender lead across the Fantasy Football Scout spectrum – close one. The manager who inspired that closeness and had to settle for second was Mike McBam and the lucky charms were out once again for Sasquatch who (despite stumbling the last few weeks) still ended up in third place. Mr Benn, Benedict Wong and Uncle Ben were our three most unfortunate managers here – showing that being named Ben was really ill advised to fantasy managers in this here league.


And last but by no means least we round out our select entry Head to Head leagues by congratulating Patrick Quish who brought home the trophy in another league that was a close contest throughout the season. James Russell was the leader of the chasing pack and fought a hearty fight to finish a very hard to achieve second place and matzi11a rounded out the trio in third place while also finishing the season in style with a nice centurion’s score of 101 – a firework finish. Our last weary-eyed awards go to managers tellithowitis, Benjamin Wong and Jonathan Ward – hard luck chaps.

FFS H2H Reserve League

Adil Rafiq: an unassuming name you could imagine anyone walking down the street may have. He’s a fantasy manager with a team nicely placed in 8515th, a commendable position sure. So what’s so special? Well he beat about 700,000 (figure may be incorrect) other managers in the Reserve League to be crowned champion, and all it took was 31 victories out of 38 games. Heck, you beat Chelsea for points returns this week. All the luck and skill in the world have conspired in your favour this year, good job.

And finally, so as not to unwittingly miss anyone out – over in the CYKI FA Cup Challenge site regular Bouncebackability finished top of the Scout League – while CYKI lover PDM Allstars got the best score of the gameweek with captain Cech and pocketed £50 in amazon vouchers. There’s also a few managers still locking horns at the top of the Champions League table too as that game comes to a climax when Bayern Munich and Inter Milan head on over to Madrid for the European Cup final.

In the off season we will go off and work behind the scenes to bring to effect everything that was mooted last August – as well as possible upgrades, expansions and potential new league ventures – keep your eyes peeled. All for another day though, for now let us all go out and enjoy some summer sun without the pressures of fantasy on your shoulders… until the World Cup starts at least.

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