Head To Head With The Scout Leagues

As you may well know, we had decided to upgrade our Head to Head structure to seven leagues, allowing you the readership to apply in your tens of thousands for a chance to take on some Head to Head action in the 2010/11 season.

Well, the doors for entry closed at midnight on Saturday and the draw has since been made -Jenni Falconer came in on an emergency loan from National Lottery F.C. to help out- allowing a total of 54 new folks a spot at some Head to Head glory this coming season. Yes, that’s correct, the golden ticket (as highlighted) has been out in all five leagues. For example, by merit of finishing 51st in the world last year ShipstonTrev has jumped right up to FFS H2H 1.

The lucky managers have already received their email of congratulations with their league code (it went to the address you applied from, but if not don’t hesitate to get in touch) in tow. If you weren’t fortunate enough to come out of our draw then the Reserve League is now open for entry for you to join and fight your way to the top (code: 32-5048). Obviously, if you have qualified for Head to Head 1-7 then please don’t enter this league.

Of course, don’t forget to pledge your support by joining the classic Fantasy Football Scout League (code: 1107-818).

All that is left is to wish you good luck in all of your league ventures this coming season. After the jump you will find a list of all 140 league qualifiers -bar any last minute hiccups- if you’re interested to find out….

FFS H2H 1 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 51 to 379]

Aldershot Rejects, BigAdz, Champ, Comfy Cox, crazy88s, Deppy35, Dick Fran, Dyke, funkyav, Jimi, JWF, matzi11a, MFaulkner, Mike McBam, Rkid, Roger C, Russman, Sasquatch ShipstonTrev, Verbal.

FFS H2H 2 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 394 to 539]

Andy, I’m Not Marshal Foch, Pure Olivia, Canucklehead, Dadoune30, Dashlong, Feanor, Gros, HammerTime, IMWORTHIT, JN, Jonty, Little Lukin, Lovely Camel, Milan, Pop Ooh Yeah, The Rock, Seal, Seanigula, tinoss.

FFS H2H 3 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 839 to 1,500]

Mark, …al, Anorak, anton deco, Bedknobs & Boomsticks, chinmusic, Defoe Rules, Dino, Dragonfly, jils, KevIRL, Magpie36, Marknlard, Monstery, Mr. Blonde, Ro6035, Stengo, Sparky, swindonabroad, Torres Magic.

FFS H2H 4 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 1,555 to 3,132]

Greek Fan, Sir Paulos, Superior Being, Bouncebackability, Captainmarvel, Denial, Fray Bentos, higgo, The Hunt, Ian, Ibracadabra, Immybob, Just One More Thing, martin1000penalty, rez-rez, Rouge123, Sojourner, SuperDunny, Waggy, Wes.

FFS H2H 5 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 3,196 to 6,050]

G-G-Granville, BantamDave, Dan B, djman102, Don Corleone, Donnylad, Dribbler, The Fish, Honkey, Jms, MegasalviO, Mr Cappa, PDM Allstars, Pips, Sam (Team Sam), Spence, Tabfitz, TJMoray, wolvesboy 84, Yellow Fever White Noise.

FFS H2H 6 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 6,082 to 43,576]

Big Dunc, Bananaman, BilboBaggins, BobB, Boss Hogg, Bucketproof, Cake or Death, Crot, dave_the_bear, davysteen, doctorphilgood, Don, gizmothelegend, Hugh Jarse, JC, KLM, Leisure, MikeyMitz, NeedleVor, Soop.

FFS H2H 7 [09/10 draw qualifying ranking 49,980 to 362,982]

Da beeeez, Charlie Brooker, damo fitz, DementedFlamingo, Dollaz, eagleeyerover. EasyLuckyFree, Ernie Schitt, Fesan, Gnu, greghammer95, mo, ntownsend82, pewty, rrcmc, Sepp Graham, Sporting Lesbon, Trilogist, Ubersmiter, Xjimmy20.

Congratulations, and good luck once more, to all of you for the season coming. Keep your eyes peeled for my monthly summaries of all things league throughout the coming season with updates on these, and all the other Scout Leagues across the fantasy spectrum.

Andy Leicester won the Premier League. Leicester. Premier League. What is this life? Follow them on Twitter

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