The transfers and scoring of FanTeam’s World Cup 2022 Fantasy game

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FanTeam’s World Cup Fantasy game launched last week, so start selecting your team right now!

In less than three weeks, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) will be on the back burner and we’ll be sitting down to watch England face Iran, France play Australia, and Germany clash with Japan.

Choose a star-studded line-up from the world’s most elite talent, enabling you to combine Harry Kane (£12.0m), Neymar (£13.0m) and Lionel Messi (£12.0m) in the same side.

And we at Fantasy Football Scout are delighted to be partnering with FanTeam to bring you detailed game rules, picks, team reveals, strategy guides and more ahead of the big kick-off.

The contest has a similar scoring system to FPL and will be played over seven Gameweeks, starting on November 20.



There are two different entry routes for FanTeam World Cup entrants.

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The main game requires a £5 buy-in and is restricted to one team per user. There’s a minimum prize pool of £50,000, with the winner bagging at least £5,000.

For those who like the old-school FanTeam where multiple teams are allowed, the £20 buy-in tournament allows up to 25 entries per user. It boasts a minimum guaranteed prize pool of £100,000 and first-place wins at least £10,000.

As both options have a progressive prize pool, the £100,000 and £50,000 will continue to rise with each new entry beyond the minimum guarantee.


Deadlines occur right when the Gameweek’s first match kicks off, with no late entries accepted – if there’s no team by the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, you won’t be able to participate.

GWMatchesDeadline (GMT)TransfersPlayer limit
1Group Match 1Sunday 20 November, 16:00Unlimited3 per team
2Group Match 2Friday 25 November, 10:002 free transfers3 per team
3Group Match 3Tuesday 29 November, 15:002 free transfers3 per team
4Round of 16Saturday 3 December, 15:002 free transfers3 per team
5Quarter-finalsFriday 9 December, 15:00Enforced Wildcard4 per team
6Semi-finalsTuesday 13 December, 19:003 free transfers5 per team
7FinalSunday 18 December, 15:003 free transfers7 per team

Unused free transfers can be rolled over into the next Gameweek and, like in FPL, each additional transfer costs four points. Unlike FPL, there will be no rise or fall in player prices.

It’s also worth noting that points will not be scored for extra time, penalty shoot-outs or the third-place playoff.


Both money routes have the same format and rules. An 11-man team will be created with a £90m budget, increasing to £95m for the enforced Gameweek 5 Wildcard.

The line-up is composed of a goalkeeper and at least three defenders, two midfielders and one forward. It’s also worth noting that, post-deadline, neither captaincy nor starting XIs can be switched for that day’s matches. Your captain and vice are locked in for the round, FPL-style.

As for scoring points, regular FanTeam users will be familiar with the system. It’s the same as for the Euro 2020 and seasonal Premier League games, with the one difference to the usual Weekly Monster rules being that there will not be a stacking penalty applied to defensive double-ups.

However, there are slight differences to FPL:

  • Firstly, if an attacking player stays on the pitch for the entire game (including stoppage time), they will receive an additional point.
  • Also, goalkeepers earn 0.5 points for each save, rather than collecting one point per three in FPL.
  • If the player’s team wins during the period of their involvement, that player will be awarded 0.3 points. They will be deducted 0.3 points if they lose the period.
  • Midfielders and strikers will get 0.4 points for each shot on target, whilst defenders and goalkeepers earn 0.6 and 1.0 respectively.


As there is no squad here, just a team of 11, the Safety Net feature will take place. Therefore, when one of your players doesn’t start, they will automatically be substituted for the next-priced (descending) starting team-mate of the same position.

For example, you own forward Harry Kane but he isn’t starting for England. Fellow forward Raheem Sterling is. At kick-off, you’ll instead get Sterling’s match points, regardless of whether Kane comes off the bench for a cameo.

Safety Net is designed to make it much more likely that you get 11 starting players and don’t get burnt with one-minute appearances. Obviously, it backfires if your player comes on and scores but that’s the beauty of Safety Net, it can work both ways.

So listen inside and allow your World Cup excitement to take over by heading over to FanTeam now. More articles on this game are to follow.


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