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Louis Saha will not feature for Tottenham after former boss David Moyes and Harry Redknapp strike up a “gentleman’s agreement” prior to the Goodison fixture, whilst Aaron Lennon misses out with injury.

Moyes welcomes back a host of players including Jack Rodwell, Victor Anichebe and Leon Osman. Chris Smalling will be assessed ahead of Manchester United’s game with West Brom, who have lost Steven Reid for the season.

John Terry and Ashley Cole are both available in a fully fit Chelsea squad as they take on Stoke. Arsene Wenger is sweating on a number of players in the build up to their clash with Newcastle.

For the latest head over to our Team News page which includes detailed reports ahead of the weekend along with Predicted lineups and outs and doubts. Our Twitter feed continues to bring you all the latest news direct from the official sites.

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  1. Ooh 2 red flagged players? You spoil me fpl!

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. LOL. Oh dear, Menly. I have done the preview ... ;-)

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. snap but i wasnt going to play 1 of them anyway

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  2. Which is more pressing – lose Dawson for Evans, or Kompany for Skirtel? Both for a hit and already have Enrique and Suarez for DGW?!

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. evans bench kompany for 2 matches he will be back soon

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  3. Any Norwich fans give any insight on Pilkington.

    I know he's going to score against either Wigan or Wolves but will Lambert pick him?

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  4. Last midfield spot

    a) Song

    b) Miyachi

    c) Pilkington

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. That's my problem

      Have you not considered Siggy?

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. Got Siggy mate

        • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. Song. I've got him! :-)

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. Playing well just now. AOC has the potential to outscore him but not guaranteed to start.

        • 3 years, 18 days ago
  5. Hold Richards this week or double up on Liv defence and get in Roy's "Brother" GJohnson? Already have Skrtel(c) :8

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. richards

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. Lee


      • 3 years, 17 days ago
  6. Who would you pick for this gameweek?

    Caulker. Shotton. Simpson (Pick one)
    Rooney. Suarez. Holt. Pogrebnyak (Pick two)

    Thanks in advance. Cheerio :)

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. Caulker and Holt and Rooney

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. shotton holt suarez

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  7. new post btw

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  8. So who will Igive the (C) to from Enrique, Adam, Rooney or RVP???.,

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  9. No Liverpool, no United, one Everton...

    It's only a matter of how much I beat 100 points by...

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. yep you said it

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  10. whats your favourite(favorite) film(movie) of all time? (for FNS)

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. Shawshank Redemption

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. ya its top 5 for me

        • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. The Magnificent Seven.

      In Bruges for an outsider.

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  11. rdb


    reina bogdan

    simp enrique skrtel(C) caulker evans

    nani silva demp sig pilk

    rooney rvp pog

    any suggestions?

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. looks good :)

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. rdb


        • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. no tottenham ?

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. rdb

        Had bale..removed him for nani..will get them in after 3 weeks

        • 3 years, 18 days ago
        1. 3 pool denfensive players can also be hard to slowly remove u'll be bringing in kompany BAE or hart/friedel soon i guess

          • 3 years, 18 days ago
          1. rdb

            plan to keep all 3 pool players till the end..they have some cracking fixtures..dont think other teams will keep many cs from they have tough fixtures.

            • 3 years, 18 days ago
  12. Team
    Kompany Cahill Jevans Raylor
    Dempsey bale Silva
    Aguero pog RVP

    Vorm Reocoker Naylor Sess

    Can't decide who to bring in, rooney or suarez for aguero, or swap either kompany or sess to skrtel or a midfielder.
    Could you advise?

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  13. My Team Value Is Currently: £102.6 Tell me how to Improve on It for the next gameweek!
    My Team

    Friedel Ruddy
    Simpson Assou-Ekotto Baines Skrtel Huth
    Coleman (Iam Taking Him Out who for ?? ) McClean Mata Dempsey
    Pogrebynak Suarez Ba

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. bit late looking for value

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
    2. AND YAYA

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
      1. Colemen was last years buzz.

        • 3 years, 18 days ago
  14. Should i keep Persie or go with Suarez who has 2 games to outscore persie?

    I would get Persie straight back though

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. Keep.

      Waste of a transfer to do that

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
        • 3 years, 18 days ago
  15. what you think McClean or Dempsey this GW?

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. dempsey all the way

      • 3 years, 17 days ago
    1. We finished training and now We are going to Sunderlan ready for the match of tomorrow!

      • 3 years, 18 days ago
  16. All set and ready to rumble,

    Here it is the home side,Stoke City!!!!!!!

    1: Michel Vorm, Wayyyyy
    4: Michael Turner, Wayyyyy
    3: Jose Enrique,Wayyyyy
    6: Jonny Evans, Wayyyyy
    27: Hadem Ben Arfa, Wayyyyy
    23: Clint Dempsey, Wayyyyy
    21: David Silva, Wayyyyy
    17: Luis Nani, Wayyyyy
    10: Robin van Persie(C), Wayyyyy
    9: Wayne Rooney, Wayyyyy
    24: Ayegbeni Yakubu

    And your Substitutes,

    29: Thomas Sorenson, Wayyyyy
    2: Steven Caulker, Wayyyyy
    5: Danny Simpson, Wayyyyy
    28: Stephane Sessegnon, Boooo

    Now please take your seats as the sides make there way onto the pitch led out by your skipper today Robin van Persie.

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  17. Am wondering if I should jump on the Poggy or Suarez bandwagon but that would leave me a selection dilemma. Here's the team so far:

    Mign (vorm)

    Lescott, Clichy, J Evans, (BAE) (Simpson)

    Silva, Siggy, Bale, Dempsey, Mata

    VP(C), Holt (Ba)

    With Kompany out there is a chance that both Lescott and Clichy might play again but that might be tempting fate.

    If I bring in Suarez for the DGW I'll then transfer to poggy next week but it will be a 4ph. Also who would I sub from the midfield??

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  18. sorensen
    1 ft cant believe this ,just pffffffffffttttttt

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
  19. How about this for a last minute knee jerk....was very happy with my team...brought in adam a week earlier to prepare for the DGW and did ok last plan was to change Aguerro and bring in Reina for Krul and Skrtel for Taiwo...I did all that...bringing in Pogrebnyak for Aguerro. An 8 point hit, but justified as I wanted to keep all three. Then I decided to go one better and bring in Kompany for Vermaelen....-12....and now, after hearing of Kompany's injury I panicked and brought in Jones (who to be fair I will keep) so now I am up to -16....brilliant! Still upbeat about having a good game week but an unneccessary hit of -8 stings. My team for the GW is as follows:
    Jones, Skrtel, BAE
    Siggy, Morrison, Dempsey, Adam
    Rooney, Pogrebnyak, RVP
    bench: McClean Evans Simpson and Vorm

    Any thoughts for Captain and/or taking out morrison for evans to double up on a possible Man U cleanie against W Brom?

    • 3 years, 18 days ago
    1. Lulz, 176 points hits this season. You gotta go cold turkey.

      • 3 years, 17 days ago
      1. nevermind I'm bad at maths.

        • 3 years, 17 days ago
        1. 84. That's a whole heap my friend

          • 3 years, 17 days ago

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  • Cresswell
  • Mane
  • Hazard
  • Eriksen
  • Sánchez
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  • Aguero
  • Terry
  • Silva
  • Benteke

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