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With the rest of the footballing world tuning in to the occasion at the Nou Camp tonight, the Dugout Discussion opens with it’s eyes firmly fixed on the remaining fixture from double Gameweek 35. It’s not glamorous, it’s Aston Villa versus Bolton Wanderers in a relegation scrap. The team news is in…

Villa XI: Given, Hutton, Cuellar, Baker, Lichaj, Albrighton, Herd, Warnock, N’Zogbia, Heskey, Weimann.

Bolton XI: Bogdan, Steinsson, Wheater, Ream, Ricketts, Ryo, Reo-Coker, M Davies, Petrov, Eagles, Ngog.

Gabriel Agbonlahor misses out due to injury for Alex McCleish’s side, whilst David Ngog is recalled in place of Kevin Davies for the struggling visitors.

The Dugout Discussion is open and can be accessed right here, with Champions League chat still permitted.

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  1. Deciding on the best captain to choose chasing a 20points lead. Cisse,bale,vdv

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
    1. I think VDV could be a good option.

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
      1. If you are chasing, I would go for vdv. Its all or nothing time

        • 3 years, 28 days ago
    2. Depends on what he/she has and who you think they'll (C).

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
      1. cisse has some hard defences to score against> (cant believe i just wigan have a good defence)

        • 3 years, 28 days ago
      2. Bale

        • 3 years, 28 days ago
    3. I think the majority will go with Papiss including my ML rival and I have a feeling Newcastle won't score many over the 2 games. Bale or VDV for me. VDV edging it so far.

      • 3 years, 28 days ago

    you got that link to the FPL Open?

    (i really must bookmark that link)

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
    1. I deleted it haha :(

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
  3. New post.

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
  4. considering playing McAuley over Verm.

    AVL are seriously struggling to get goals and and it would make my idea to purchase a STO midfielder al little easier.

    • 3 years, 28 days ago

    Congrats for qualification. If I had captained Petrov, and not benched Jelavic, things would be different.
    My money would be on a final between you and enr. Best of luck!

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
    1. Thanks a lot mate! Yeah you could have clinched it if it hadn't been for rotten luck! The best of luck to you in your mini leagues and overall rank quest!

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
  6. Current points and rankings:

    Me: 2000 points, rank 6258
    2010 points, rank 4688
    2020 points, rank 3504
    2025 points, rank 2980
    2030 points, rank 2613
    2036 points, rank 2141
    2040 points, rank 1885
    2046 points, rank 1558
    2052 points, rank 1242
    2059 points, rank 977

    Gaining 59 points on people who aren't playing in your mini leagues, okay, they're a chance. Gaining 59 points on people who clearly know what they're doing....a very small chance.

    A chance it remains! Come on top 1K!! 😀

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
    1. i'll be hot on your heels.....

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
      1. let's migrate to the new post, I'll repost this shizzle

        • 3 years, 28 days ago
    2. I think we left it to late. It's going to be heartache come gw 38. It might be so close though. I'm living in hope that some of the top boys are going to gamble with (c) and take hits to up their rankings and win ML's.

      You never know, 4pts in some places equates to 500 ranking places.

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
  7. I have to keep reminding myself that a hit is usually only worth it, if the player you bring in has a much better upcoming schedule that the player you are shipping out, so you have several games over which to earn the hit back. There is no point transfering somebody out for a hit, just to get them back for the next game.

    There are exceptions to the rule, if you want to bring in a player on great form, who has two great home games for a DGW, and is nailed on for both fixtures. But there is nobody who fits that bill this week.

    I keep jerking to get in jellyfish for RVP, but then get m head together and move away from the computer. The odds must be high that RVP will score within one goal of jellyfish this week, and then plays Norwich at home!

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
    1. One the other hand, I tink that it is a no brainer to take a hit to get in someone like VDV or Pienaar for someone like sess, as his fixtures are rubbish for the last two.

      • 3 years, 28 days ago
  8. Should I sell Aguero for Jelivic then valvencia for vdv? It will be a 4 point hit for this weekend though?

    The other option is to keep aguera and sell valvenci for an everton midfielder?

    im currently 1st in my leage but need to keep the points coming in!!

    • 3 years, 28 days ago
  9. So, Terry plays against QPR and Anton Ferdinand?

    • 3 years, 28 days ago

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