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Saturday’s events were dominated by Manchester City’s seven-goal haul as they destroyed a hapless Norwich City at the Etihad. With the points still being calculated and the performances still fresh in our mind, Manuel Pellegrini’s side dominate our early Gameweek thinking…

The Game Changer

Red hot form, top of the Captain Poll, the most transferred in player ahead of the Gameweek. The scene was set for Sergio Aguero to deliver and he didn’t disappoint. Those who took a hit to bring in the Argentine must be delighted – his 15-point return, with maximum bonus surely to follow, offered a handsome pay-off.

As we’ve written on these pages in recent weeks – Aguero has built a case to be considered “essential” even before today’s performance against Norwich. Looking at his numbers now, the lure to invest in Aguero is almost overwhelming.

He’s now scored in his last five league starts – collecting seven goals and five assists in that devastating spell. That’s seen Aguero hit the top of the overall FPL rankings and, even in a season where a case of heavy-hitting strikers have performed, he’s become difficult to ignore.

The threat of rotation and Aguero’s propensity to suffer injury provide the caveats. While City’s Champions League campaign and Manuel Pellegrini’s options in Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic cause some concern, it should be noted that Aguero has only failed to start one match when fully fit – the trip to Stoke City in Gameweek 4. Having dropped points at the Britannia, we have to wonder if Pellegrini has had a rethink when it comes to his prolific marksman. There’s little doubt that he has now become central to their title ambitions.

Certainly the argument that Aguero is a rotation risk is becoming increasingly muted as it continues to be drowned out by a torrent of goals and assists.

The Underused

With our forward lines packed with quality, there is an understandable reluctance to jump on Aguero’s form. While today’s returns made that stance harder to justify, the David Silva option in midfield does at least present another route to attempt to cover City’s unquenchable thirst for goals.

Silva’s ownership still sits at just 6% tonight and yet his 8-point return, with perhaps bonus points to follow, will mean that the Spaniard has shown strong consistency. He’s now returned goals or assists in five of his seven league appearances, while bonus points tonight would see him challenge at the top of the current midfield form rankings.

Yaya Toure’s huge ownership is perhaps the reason behind the reluctance to adopt Silva as a midfield option. Another set-piece goal for the Ivorian today will likely see his owners keep the faith, however, there is a strong argument to say that Silva, a cheaper alternative to Toure, will eventually surpass his team-mate’s points tally. Toure has relied on goals from three stunning free-kicks this season, whilst Silva is everywhere, providing incisive passes in the attacking third and a good level of efforts on goal from open play.

While the floodgates remain wide open for Pellegrini’s attack-minded outfit, Silva’s consistent supply of points looks assured.

The Selection Poser

Sticking with Pellegrini’s side, his decision to drop Joe Hart to the bench and retain Costel Pantilimon in goal has given Fantasy managers food for thought. Hart has never been a major temptation given his price point but Pantilimon is a different matter. At just 4.9, the Romanian would provide the cheapest route into the City back four from here on in.

Today’s clean sheet was the first since Gameweek 4 but, with the fixture list improving and with City well capable of dominating matches and starving opponents of possession, they may now be a case to consider their rearguard with a sub 5.0 FPL asset on offer. The issue, of course, is just how long Pellegrini will keep faith with Pantilimon given that, in World Cup year, he will be under pressure to recall Hart to the City goal.

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  1. I've taken one for the team, I bought Ramsey last night so he'll finally stop scoring :)

    1. Good choice I'd say. Though it's interesting you choose to get him just before Mun away game. He's got some nice matches coming up after that though.

    2. It must feel like such a boring transfer :P I gave in 4 weeks ago.

    3. Yeah, I just gave in as well. Fuming that he's now £1,000,000 more than when I discounted him!

  2. Hey guys, how would you spend 2FT on this lot?
    I think the defence is ok for next week, but will need to get rid of Collins and Moses ASAP... keen on Silva and Aguero but can't get either in without removing Rooney and taking a hit. Stuck


    Terry Dawson Coleman

    Ozil Michu Arnautovic Morrison

    Suarez Rooney Lukaku

    Daniels, Burner, Moses, Collins

  3. Mesut Ozil. Why the sudden dislike?

    I've seen plenty of people either suggesting to get rid (some even doing it every post they make, you know who you are) or asking if they should get rid.

    It makes little sense to me. Since he's come to the PL in GW4 he's only been beaten in total points by Suarez, Aguero, Rooney and only Ramsey in midfield.

    His PPG is also the second best out of the midfielders, and only bettered by Suarez/Aguero overall.

    He's managed 35 points in his first 3 home games for Arsenal, and he has 3 of his next 5 at home where he plays Southampton, Hull and Everton who have together conceded in 11 of their 15 away games (CS's vs Liverpool, Cardiff, Aston Villa and West Brom)

    2 away games are against Man United and Cardiff who have managed 4 CS combined and only 1 since GW4.

    This is without even mentioning the fact there are very few midfielders to choose that look like getting more than 2 points!


      1. Evs
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
        • Has Moderation Rights

        Next weekend we will see this....


        1. I want to see it this week.

    2. he costing way too much

      on my WC it was beetwen Ozil or Rooney and Rooney pick was nobrainer over him

      Can't wait wally comeback , he will benefit from Ozil passes

      1. If your Rooney + Sessegnon outscores my Lukaku + Ozil long-term I'll eat my socks.

        1. it's short term JOA

          plan was to get wally after int break , so we can't compare that...

          1. How are you going to afford Walcott ?

        2. Rooney+ Ozil is better ;)

      2. Will he be nailed though?

        1. Yep. Arsenal have no width without him.

      3. Plus, you ditched him on a WC. Some people are using their frees/taking hits to ditch him.

      4. if he can get into the team, that is

    3. I'm having second thoughts on selling giroud.. those fixtures are promising

    4. He's ugly and Ramsey is better

      1. There's no reason you can't have both.

        1. Why would anyone want to have two Arseanal players, let alone milfs?

          1. Well they have been the top scoring milfs as far as PPG is concerned.

            Unless you want Yaya.

          2. Because they are worth it. Options in midfield are limited at the moment and plenty have both of them.

    5. Well said and researched Jack. You have stated what I have been feeling, shipping Ozil is a big move that shouldn't be done lightly.

      Mind you, sell away everyone. ;)

    6. Too much dough for mostly assists. The brace was a flash in the pan and has skewed the results. He's an assist machine and an expensive one at that.

      1. And you were exactly who I was referring too.

        He scored 9 goals in 23 starts for Madrid, not bad for a serial assist machine.

        1. Not to mention 5 in 8 WCQ games last year, 3 in 4 this year.

          And his goal in the CL was alright too.

    7. Its an awkward one. I would certainly rather downgrade players such as Michu or a Chelsea midfielder if there was a need for funds. But then again, do players such as Rosicky and Cazorla (both attacking minded mids) affect Ozil?

  4. Asmir Begovic joint top goal scorer for Stoke City

    9 games in...

    1. Begovic 1 Goal from Open Play
      Soldado 1 Goal from Open Play

      1. True, still Soldado has more goals than all Stoke attacker put together

  5. Sorry for repost, lost on last page malarky.

    So, I have 2FT but only have enough cash to make the following moves tonight before price rises: (Obviously Ill wait till after the games later)

    Ozil & Lukaku (or Benteke) -> Ramsey & Aguero

    Yay or nay?

    1. Personally I wouldn't get rid of Özil. There are only a couple of consistent mids this term and he is one of them. Got good fixtures coming up after next game too.

  6. 74k with Townsend, Michu and Coleman to play today. Do you reckon I'll be in a better or worse position by the end of the day?

    1. Hard to say. You gotta cross your fingers and hope Lukaku/Baines/Spurs def do nothing.

    2. I think it depends on what Lukaku, Baines and Barkley cooks up. A Michu brace would guarantee better.

      He will get 2pts though ;)

    3. Coleman and Michu still have high ownership, Lukaku might hurt you

    4. Likely to stay where you are I'd say.

  7. RMT? 0FTs, 1.3m in the bank.

    Migs - Lewis
    Dawson - Chico - Burner - Clyne - Wilson
    Oscar - Michu - Ramsey - Brady - Barkley
    Aguero - Rooney - Sturridge

  8. Who will score more....

    Suarez vs FUL

    Lukaku vs TOT and pal

    1. Tricky. Possibly Lukaku but close.

    2. Who's Lukakus pal?

    3. Suarez

    4. Close but probably Lukaku. I don't understand the reason for the question though :-)

  9. Guys, which one of:

    Benteke/Lukaku should I lose for Aguero,

    & which of Ozil/Silva/Oscar should I lose for Ramsey?

  10. Strikeforce of GAS or ABS next week??

    In other words Giroud->Benteke..

  11. New Post
  12. Who's keepin giroud? still the main striker at arsenal and got
    mun SOT car HUL EVE
    Arsenal should do well in all those... i 've got a luxury transfer(2 FT's and no priorities elsewhere) so i'm considerin it.. but there is a strong case to hold him too

    1. Maybe after Southampton

  13. Should Ravel Morrison have been sent off?

  14. Terrible week 33 pts with Chico to play

    1. I know your pain. There is a guy in my league with 19 points and one player left, so there are those doing even worse.

      It's only one week anyway :-)

  15. 71-4=67
    Plus townsend, Williams and michu to play, current rank 18k,do you think I will improve on my current rank?

  16. Wich 4 will i start next week

    Coleman (CRY, A)
    Walker (NEW ,H)
    Terry (WBA ,H)
    Chico (STK, H)
    Clyne (HUL, H)

  17. Hey guys

    Front line is currently sturridge, Rooney and lukaku - but with augeros form I feel I need to get him in.

    I think Rooney is coming on so I'm thinking sturridge out for augero ...

    I've only got £2m in the bank so would need to do tonight before a likely price rise.

    Thoughts?? My main concern is zero Liverpool attacking coverage as a result!

    1. take Rooney out when on a high. Utd play Arsenal,Tottenham,Everton in the next 4 and have CL commitment whereas Liverpool have Fulham (at home = goal fest), Norwich(at home = goal fest), Hull and Everton (crazy derby) and no CL commitment.

  18. If it wasn't for the freaky triple substitutions for utd which threw off the team's rhythm, Rooney probably would have matched Aguero or even outscored him. Its was just bad luck.

  19. What would you's guys do with this lot, got 1 FT, I want Silva, Hazard/Oscar however don't want to get rid of Ozil or Michu yet, any recommendations please?

    Boruc. (Davis)

    Zabaleta. Terry. Coleman. (K.Toure. Chester)

    Ozil. Michu. Ramsey. Whittingham. (Brady)

    Aguero. Suarez. Sturridge

  20. Boruc, Vorm
    Ivanavic, Coleman, Chico, Shaw, Roesnoir
    Oscar, Silva, Barkley, Januzaj, Ramsey
    Rooney, Lukaku, Suarez

    I want to fit Agureo in my team just not sure the best way was thinking perhaps:

    Oscar, Lukaku > Ravel Morrison, Agureo (the only problem with that is my midfield would be very lightweight) I just can decide what to do and need help!

    1. if you have Aguero, maybe you dont need Silva for ManCity cover

  21. Think I have worked out why I am about 80 points behind most of my peers: I never brought in Ramsey. Who would have thought not having one player could make such a difference. Ramsey and Aguero coming in now even if I have to take an 8 point hit.

  22. Hi All,

    what do you think?

    Mignolet / Boruc
    Turner / Terry / Rangel / Coleman / Clyne
    Yaya Touré / Ramsey / Barkley / Özil / Whittingham
    Lukaku / Giroud / Rooney

    Suárez for Giroud
    Januzaj for Barkley

    both for free?

    0.0 in the bank left if I do it today.

    Do you think it's a good move?

    1. yes do it before one rises

  23. RMT?

    Boruc Lewis

    Toure Dawson Clyne Chico Shaw

    Oscar Ramsey Ozil Anrautovic Januzaj

    Aguero Suarez Sturridge

    0.4 in the bank, no FT

    For next week: Who to play, who to C, who to VC, who to sell, who to buy?

  24. Why does Aguero get 3 assists in FPL but only 2 in Play on?

    1. no idea i watched it and he had 3

      1. Because the free kick isn't a legitimate assist, it's an FPL one.

        1. I see. Cheers

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