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Another Anfield rout brings has a certain Uruguayan hogging the headlines again, whilst Brendan Rodgers teamsheet gives cause for a re-think when assessing his defensive assets. Meanwhile, at St Mary’s, Southampton’s blossoming form continues as they move to third, inspired by skipper Adam Lallana and a striker scrapping for World Cup recognition.

The Game Changer

The march of Luis Suarez seems unrelenting. Following the blank at Arsenal last time out, the Uruguayan returned to the scoresheet, notching a brace as Liverpool scored four for the second home match in succession.

The overwhelming favourite in our Captain Poll going into the Gameweek, Suarez repaid his Fantasy owners with another double figure haul and, with maximum bonus surely to follow, he will have registered 64 points in his six appearances since returning from suspension.

The Emirates blank has been the only blot in the copybook for Suarez, who has either scored or assisted in every other outing this season. Once again, he left Daniel Sturridge in his wake to well and truly banish any suggestion that the England striker can keep pace. The 1.8 gap between the two players is substantial but, given the consistency being shown by Suarez, his value as a recipient of the armband seems to justify the outlay.

Suarez now departs for Uruguay’s World Cup play-off with Jordan to return to league action for the Merseyside derby in a fortnight. While injury and fatigue could well be factors between now and that testing fixture, it seems unlikely to perturb would-be investors who will be drawn to Suarez in their droves, attracted by yet another bumper return.

The Underused

Rickie Lambert’s goal and brace of assists not only made a significant contribution to Southampton’s fine 4-1 win over Hull City, it meant that the World Cup hopeful has now notched in three of his last four home matches.

From nowhere, Lambert has edged his way back onto the Fantasy radar having recorded a second double figure return in the space of three Gameweeks.

Four goals and three assists are moderate season returns in the current climate where the top Fantasy strikers are promising goal-a-game returns. Even so, Lambert is priced at just 7.2 in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and appears to be finding the form that will give him every chance of earning a spot on the plane to Rio, whilst perhaps even offering Fantasy managers a potential differential as we search for methods to break the current template.

With Romelu Lukaku recording a third blank in five league outings, we could yet see some traffic heading Lambert’s way following today’s returns.

The Selection Poser

The re-introduction of Philippe Coutinho to the Liverpool starting XI proved the catalyst for Brendan Rodgers to change his formation. A standard 4-4-2 was deployed, with Coutinho taking up a role on the left but given license to tuck inside. In defence, we saw Glen Johnson return at right-back after his absence at the Emirates but, more significantly, Dan Agger was reinstated in the centre, alongside Martin Skrtel. That meant no place for either Mamadou Sakho or Kolo Toure – the latter was missing from the matchday squad.

Toure is owned by almost 8% of Fantasy Premier League managers and, at just 5.0, was designated as the most favoured route into the Liverpool defence after keeper Simon Mignolet. The Ivorian now appears to face a major task to earn a recall to displace the Skrtel/Agger partnership, particularly with Sakho in the reckoning.

While most Fantasy managers will be focused on Liverpool’s attacking returns, today’s clean sheet could well be the sign of things to come. Although they conceded in their last home match, that was down to a dubious penalty against West Brom and with Norwich, West Ham and Cardiff the next three teams to visit Merseyside, the Liverpool back four could yet prove profitable for investors.

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  1. For all of those out there seeking solace after a disastrous start. Consider this.

    After gw 5 I was loitering towards mediocrity. Bad captain picks and generally poor team. I decided to wc. Now after gw 11 I sit in the dizzy heights of 27k with 6 to play and hoping also that Nasty fails hi fitness test(Coleman 1st sub).

    Sure I've had luck along the way(bringing Nasty last week for Mert) so never hive in!!!

    1. Need to fix your link.

      1. How's one do it this year. Was all set up last year.

        1. ID number changed.

          1. Think it is now updated. Try now.

            1. Nice. GW6 made your season.

    2. Reply fail... Ps gw 5 rank 1.2m

  2. Not the greatest GW for myself. I'd like to say I have 5 to play still, but when that doesn't include RVP/Rooney and includes Zabaleta and Williams I'm not so confident.

    Suarez bailing me out this week.

    1. In other news, Rooney and Remy's performances today will decide whether I'm taking an 8 point hit or just doing the one transfer. Shall be interesting.

  3. Only two things on my wishlist

    - Arsenal win. Don't care who scores

    -Newcastle score- Don't care about the final result.

  4. Barkley dropping.

    1. About time

    2. Have 0.1 to play with. His time is up or only worth having as a 5th mid.

    3. Still a good choice for the bench + monitor - best value along side Morisson and Januzai.

  5. Arsenal's first big test in the League this season. How do you think it'll go?

    1. Not sure if serious

      A draw wouldn't be a bad result for us. Hoping for a win, expecting a draw

      1. What do you mean?

        Unless you are pointing out my "big test" comment in regards to Liverpool or Spurs at home?

        I was expecting to win both of those games, away to United is different.

      1. In my triple with Liverpool 4-0 and Villa Cardiff 2-0 (and Everton 2-0). Hope you're right - will pay about £350

        1. Lay it off on Betfair. ;)

    2. Really excited about it. Think United will come flying out the blocks first 15 and if we can sustain that and get Santi, Ozil and Ramsey on the ball then I fancy us to dominate the midfield and create chances.

      Big games for the CBs dealing with RVP/Rooney and also Giroud - he needs to take his chances.

      United 1-2 Arsenal is my (hopeful) prediction

    3. Utd to see how far they really are off the pace..

      1-4 Rampant Arsenal.

    1. Guess I missed a post.

    2. Brilliant :lol:

  6. Hazard,Sess,ravel,Couthino,Brady

    i just like my midfilders :D

    1. Coutinho ftw.

      1. you laught now

        we will see what happens later on in season ;)

        1. I am talking about the spelling. :roll:

    2. Good midfield. Ravel on 4 yellows possibly the only weak link

    3. Looking good Forca. Which one will you sacrifice for Walcott?

      1. dunno , it has too be one of haz or couthino i am afarid :(

        1. Both have great fixtures though....

          Coutinho looked decent yesterday, but I still don't expect him to ever be the point hogger you'd expect for an 8.5m+ player. Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard to all outscore him from here on in imo.

    4. Nice team,Forca.
      I like Coutinho, but whenever I have him he always Blanks which is frustrating since he is always involved with any Pool attacks.

  7. I would like to hear some advice from you lads.


    1.4 in the bank. 1 ft.

    1. Read my post end of last page - Clyne + Boruc + Chico is danger into winter.

      1. Woahhh. That is frightening, Limbo!
        Seems like I'll have to jump off those boats soon. Thanks for the heads up! Could you give any advice for an immediate change to my team?

        1. Well it's definitely Clyne/Chico that needs to go really - You have enough in the bank to do Evans or Vidic. Best bet would be Evra but you'd need a hit.

          1. Do you see ditching them as a priority over ditching Mirallas?
            And I actually am liking the Idea of Jevans. I just need some good back up because all of my 3 benched players are red and not playing (Brayf,Williams,And Chester)

  8. You can already sense Walcott not returning for 2 or 3 more weeks.

    He was supposed to be out for 4 weeks at the START of SEPTEMBER :roll:

    1. Shades of Abou Diaby

    2. On the bench for SOT, starting at car imo. Wenger has said he is very close, so something would have to happen for him to miss much more.

    3. and as reported, he suffered a set back. It happens.

    4. His absence is the catalyst of Ramsey's rise.

  9. 2 FTs. Do you reckon it's worth using one tonight to avoid a 0.1 drop on vidic. Have wanted him gone for sometime but now I want Oscar gone and Remy in

    1. Who will you get?

      1. Not sure yet. GJ, williams, Terry, Mert and Evra all options. Who do you suggest?

        1. GJ got in good positions yesterday. I don't have expensive defenders so haven't looked at fixtures.

          1. He always does but he rarely delivers.

            1. Agreed. Guess Fulham helped.

            2. This. But could be worth a punt at 5.7

  10. What do you think here? - Silva out seems the priority....


    Baines - Terry - Fonte (Burner, Wilson)
    Ozil - Silva - Ravel - Januzaj (Whitts)
    Suarez - Rooney - Lukaku

    A) Silva TO Coutinho
    B) Silva TO Hazard
    C) Silva TO Walcott

    1. B for me. Based purely on the fact Couts and Wally aren't going to be at full fitness / likely to be subbed.

  11. if Rooney and Aguero both deliver today every single team will have holy trinity strikers after int break i assume

    those 3 are just differerent class to likes of overrated belgian kids and giroud and sturridge

    1. Shame about the clag he has playing behind him.

      Giroud > Rooney in fpl for that reason. Cheaper also.

    2. Any reason you missed the 1st 4 weeks of Suarez?

      1. moronic decission by me , and Sturridge did relativly well in that period so i kinnda dogged a bullet there

        could be much worse

        my C fails really let me down this season :(

        1. Last 2 weeks have been good for most of us regarding captains.

    3. What about RVP?

      1. He's not world class.

        1. bold statement that

          1. Correct though.

            1. Half a year ago he was the best striker in EPL, and many regarded him the best European striker. Or at the very least debatable with Zlatan and Cronaldo.

              Sure this isn't just a patch of bad form induced by a manager that have been thinking purely defensively and 4-5-1 the last decade?

          2. Quoting Forca. Not my view.

            1. wise of you to clarify

              he's not the only one as you see ↑

      2. expensive

        1. ok.. and the Frenchman?

    4. How about Remy? I just compared him to Rooney and well, that's all i will say.

      1. I keep refusing to buy into him, but his stats are incredible. A definite option for the 3rd striker spot if a few premium mids start to fire. Could he have pens?

        1. Took them for QPR, probably between him and Cabaye when HBA isn't on the pitch (or perhaps even when he's on them)

      2. i didnt add him on the list cause he is my 4th choice behined Rooney,Suarez and Aguero

        way infront of belgian kids,Sturridge and Donkey

        great option

        1. Considering him over Rooney for the next 2-3 weeks as he has better fixtures, just as good stats and won't cost a 4-8 point hit.

          1. could work out brilliantly , if i have him he would probably be my C in next fixure

            1. If I bring him in he'll be my captain. eve and TOT for Suarez/Aguero and NOR for Remy, there won't be a better time for a differential captain for a while.

    5. You would also be doing pretty well these last few weeks if you had Lambert up front.

    6. Yeah I m getting Rooney either way this week .the last of the three.

  12. Özil + Sturridge → Gerrard + Rooney

    What do you think?

    No hits.

    1. no brainer

      please consider Cout insated of Gerrard , or at least try compare those 2..

    2. Still confused and frustrated as to how Gerrard outscored Coutinho yesterday :(

    3. Yeah do it.

  13. Gazidis

    "We will see where Arsenal will be in January and whether or not the club will invest in another forward"

    "Olivier Giroud won't be able to go on all alone until the end of the season. We need to buy."

    If only we could Piers.....

  14. So I assume I shoulda got rid of Barkley already? Whos best to get at mo Ravel? Have 7.2 with Oscar, lallana, januzaj and ramsey

    1. One of the 4 goalscorers around under 7.

    2. Sessegnon

  15. New Post
  16. I'm thinking michu and lukaku out.
    Rooney and snoddy in for a hit.
    Thoughts please.

    1. Sounds good to me

  17. Hi all,

    How's everybody doing so far? Anybody need some advice? What should be my next focus for improvement? I'm thinking Oscar > Walcott when fit...

    Boruc Harper
    Chico Shaw Coleman
    Amalfitano, Coutinho Oscar Ozil JWP
    Suarez Benteke Aguero

  18. Mignolet, Boruc

    Shaw, Evra, Williams, Colemam, Gabbidon

    Yaya, Ozil, Barkley, Townsend, Ramsey

    Rooney, Lukaku, Suarez

    Any ideas on transfers? 2FT. Want Aguero in. Think Williams, Townsend, Barkley and possibly Lukaku/Ozil are maybes on the transfer list...

  19. Hi All,

    Looking for some advice. I have 2 FT and 0.9 in the bank (No WC). I'm willing to take a point hit if necessary.

    Mignolet, Daniels
    Baines, Shaw, Baker, Ivanovic, Jagielka
    Michu, Wanyama, Hazard, Ramsey, Januzaj
    Sturridge, Lambert, Giroud

  20. Hello guys... Mutch or El Ahmadi as my new 4.4 midfielder for next GW? I'm getting rid of Barkely

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