We’ve reached the Fifth Round of the Fantasy Football Scout Cup, sponsored by Paddy Power, this weekend, and are on the lookout for a new face to lift the silverware after our two remaining previous winners, Goonerdave and sleepingmaster, were both eliminated:

Pryston North End FC and Albany City were the respective victors and will now take on Team Hayemaker and ec3dm over Gameweek 17. We’re also keeping an eye on Hillbillypete – having knocked out current champion Wild Rover, he continue to remain in with a shout of the silverware and is up against site regular The Sarjeant in the Fifth Round.

Our site moderator, Applebonkers, is also in the hat and is something of an underdog for the weekend, with his opponent BJ sitting just inside the top 5,000. Tony Hibbert’s Love Child is the top-ranked manager in this week’s draw – sitting in 570th overall, he now squares up to Nepalock.

Looking at some of the site regulars, Malcolm Tucker for England manager is up against 11 Men in Flight, Tommy Tynan’s Left Shin Pad will pit his wits against TOMDN, while 2ndMan is up against mickey30101985 for a place in the last 32.

As always, we name-check the highest scoring manager from the previous round. Both Michu at De Gea Bar and Andy Paps achieved this accolade, with 97 points apiece, and will now go head-to-head with Son of Rambo and dino_dem next time around.

The lowest-scoring team to advance to the Fifth Round belongs to Mr T. He’ll be hoping to improve upon a score of 63 points as he prepares to do battle with heco87.

If you want a full update on how the ties played out in the previous round, click here. Otherwise, click here for the Fifth Round details.

Once again, good luck to those still in with a shout.

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  1. do u think lampard will drop? currently -32%

    considering getting mirallas for lampard for a hit as mirallas is rising tonight it seems so it would be a 0.2 turnaround in price. thoughts?

    1. Considering Lampard is rotated often and Mirallas' only competition for his spot is now out for Xmas seems like a good idea regardless of whether Lamps drops

    2. Mirallas good option, Seems to have responded to being dropped by adopting a shoot on sight policy

      1. He`s always been like that, nothing new about it.

    3. Not dropping this week.

    4. i thank u all, keeping lampard and getting mirallas for bannan then

      1. Do you think Lampard will start this week? I am pondering the same transfer! However, Lampard is a nice differntial. I have had him for 5 weeks and, despite rotation, am delighted with his 30 points over that period.

        1. he will start for sure, be rested vs swansea and play vs pool i think
          besides match is on monday time plenty of time to recover

          do u think he will drop in price though?

          1. He wont drop, but he has a tough fixture whereas Mirallas has a decent one. Plus it will be a long term move.

            Im undecided.

  2. Feck it, Ozil & Sess > Walcott and Silva (-4). They're coming in eventually, might as well hop on early and pray for immediate returns.

    1. Can you not get yaya instead?

      1. I could but it just doesn't sit comfortably with me though. The last 2 goals have come from penalties, and is yaya definitely 2nd in PK duties?

        1. Probably first now with Aguero out.

    2. do it week by week..Ozil can surely get you points this GW!

      1. I wouldn't be too sure. He's disappeared in all the big games so far this season though, was still quiet at the City game despite an assist. Walcott's first home game, gut says he will deliver.

        1. I think using points to do Ozil -> Theo is a big mistake and a luxury transfer. Sessegnon also has decent chance of getting points.

          1. I would have to disagree on both fronts. Walcott has proven he is a goal scorer and that will he his job going forward imo.

            Sess has had his chance. 2 blanks for the whole WBA in the past 2 games. Who is to say he has a chance of getting points against a Hull defence that has proven to be no pushovers?

            I agree that there is a risk involved, but to say Ozil>Walcott is a big mistake and Sessengnon has more chance of points vs Silva against Fulham? Disgaree.

    3. Both next week for free? Or will this not be possible after price rises?

      1. It would be close but should still be affordable. Don't know...what would hold you back? Is it the -4?

        In any case, if i were to keep Ozil and just bring in Silva for Sess, it would have to be for a hit. Really am sick of Sess in my team. deadweight. not even a CS point.

        1. My point exactly. Yes Sess has been close(I benched him when he scored vs CHEL!)...but Wba just fired their manager and did not score vs Nor or Car...why would they suddenly score vs Hul?

          1. Yea i don't really fancy Sess getting any returns really. He's had plum fixtures to get returns and he hasn't. I don't even think a new coach will turn their form around so quick. They lost 0-1 to Norwich at home ffs.

        2. Yep, plus Sess and Ozil both have good fixtures.

          1. Yea I understand the worries with the transfers Jinswick, particularly Ozil>Walcott.

            But I would want at least Silva in this week and it would still be for a hit. Funded by Kosc > sub 4.8 defender. You think that would be a more optimal transfer? Would still be for a hit, mind. But if Kosc isn't ruled out for too long, i'd still want him for the run of fixtures after Chelsea.

            1. I think the sensible play is to stick this week and then do Ozil/Sess -> Wally/Silva next week.

              The hit could work well, but my main issue with ones like this is there is a definite chance it could go the completely opposite way. Ozil's home form is great, and Sess will be out to impress under the new boss. At home to HUL could well repay those who keep the faith.

              1. Fair points Jinswick. Of all the arguments I was hoping to receive, yours has been the most valid. Got me thinking twice I must say. Just as a final nod, if I do save the transfer, what do you think of this lot for the GW

                Coleman Chester Ward
                Hazard Ozil Ramsey Sess
                Suarez(c) Lukaku Rooney

                JWP, BTurner, Kosc(!) < hoping he isn't out for long.

    4. Ozil -> Wally, sideways but it could be good for The 1 mill extra. Sess vs Silva, I'd take Silva any day over Sess but are you sure it's worth a hit? Wait One week?

      1. Even if I do keep Ozil, Silva in would have to be for a hit anyway. Thinking that I might as well go for both Silva and Walcott since in both scenarios it'll be for a hit.

        1. You've already convinced yourself :) Do it!

          1. Yeah I probably will, just want to hear some arguments and whether it can be counterargued. Ozil > Walcott is the transfer i'm worried about, but Silva vs Sessegnon...c'mon we have to play the percentages.

            Personally, Walcott and Silva have a much higher chance of outscoring Ozil + Sess + 4.

          2. But Don, I've been thinking of Jinswick's arguments above and whether saving the FT and doing the transfers for free next week is a good idea. Reckon going into GW17 with this lot is good enough?

            Coleman Chester Ward
            Hazard Ozil Ramsey Sess
            Suarez(c) Lukaku Rooney

            JWP, BTurner, Kosc(!) < hoping he isn't out for long.

    5. give sess one final chance, new coach wba most likely to win

      1. Do you own Sess? Hull are very resilient and if anything, Sess will be dropped due to his poor work rate. Berahino can take his place easily with Anichebe or Long ahead of him.

    6. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      looks good

      1. It's risky but I feel doing it now gives me the benefit of using my FT next week more efficiently to take care of any rotation risks for boxing day. Walcott and Silva will surely start on boxing day (bar suspension or injury).

    1. i think both teams will concede

      luna maybe for possible attacking threat going forward?

      1. Leaning towards Luna seeing as I have Cabaye and will be hoping for some attacking points.

        1. yep, i would play luna as newcastle seem to always score

    2. Ward, easily. Look at CPL`s home record the last games, then look at Villa`s and Stoke`s. Pretty straight forward for me, even if you have Cabaye.

    3. Ward. Luna looked poor last weekend.

  3. would u play lampard or bannan this week?

    1. Fat frank.

      1. 120 mins last night - reckon he'll start this w/e?

        1. Is it safe to assume Oscar starts this w/e?
          Maybe not - no Mata last night either?

        2. i think he will start, they play monday night. who would u play?

          1. I would play Oscar as I own him!
            Ivan Terry Cahill Cole

            1. Oscar Hazard Frank/Mikel Mata Ramires

          2. Jose says he will have to focus on defence. I reckon Defence picks itself, midfield of

            Lampard Mikel
            Ramires/Schurrle Oscar Hazard

        3. I think he will start. He tends to start the big games and game isn't til Monday.

  4. suitable replacement for aguero???
    any suggestions??

    1. The usual suspects in every RMT.

    2. Chamakh

    3. Negredo/Rooney/Lukaku is what everyone else does.
      Jrod/Chamakh /Berba if you want to upgrade someone else.

  5. Seriously thinking of doing Hazard -> Silva for a -4 this week, daft or what?

    1. Pretty much, what is your reasoning for this?

      1. Just think Chelsea are struggling and City seem to be scoring for fun. Can see Hazard blanking against Arsenal and Silva doing well at Fulham whch will hopefully pay for the -4, after that prefer City's fixtures.

        1. If you think he will outscore Haz by 4 this GW and then continue outscoring him then go for it. A bit too much 'what if?' for my liking though ;)

    2. No thanks

    3. It won't be popular, but I actually think it could work out. I'm unsure what to do with Eden.

      1. I'm struggling to see where Hazard's going to get a big haul in the next 6 weeks or so, maybe Swansea at home next week but can see a lot of 2 pointers with the rest.

    4. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      not a huge fan but I could see it working out. However I could also see it fail miserably

  6. Advise Please >> I'm in a Sun Dream Team mini league >> Only 5 Transfers allowed all year... I transfers Aguero in for RVP before last weekend and now he's crocked... Ive used 4 transfers so far, do i transfer him out or sit tight??????

    My team is
    Vert, Coleman, Walker & Shaw
    Silva, Mirallas & Ozil
    Giroud, Bony & Aguero

    Thoughts >> Aguero will be back, but can i afford to wait >> or do i hold onto transfer in case any other serious injury appears...

    1. Why don't you have Suarez?

    2. Could be out for 2 months. Wtf is Suarez?

      1. from Start he was out for 7 weeks, and i could only afford one expensive player up front which was RVP... When RVP got injured i ventured for Aguero instead of Saurez due to he scores points in Champions League games... Should i transfer or hold?

        1. Wow, Champions League too.
          Aguero has to go later in the week. Very likely he won't be any use for a while.
          Suarez is the only option even with no Champions League.

          1. And League Cup, Europa Cup & Fa Cup... Yea im in two minds :/

        2. tw
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          shirley get suarez

          1. Who's Shirley?

      2. 5 transfers ? What a rank game !!!

        1. i know its a bit shit!!... Im lost for tinkering!! :P

    3. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      no suarez? :shock: :shock: :shock:

  7. The Sunderland rebound is gathering pace. Their defenders (and GK provided they decide on Mannone) are going to be very attractive come the January WC with their schedule.

    1. JJO

      This is why I went with Mannone 3 weeks ago :)

    2. Sun/hull or Sun/wham def rotation


      1. Reid is getting cheap !!

    3. Mannone nailed when Westwood returns?

      1. Hope so. Am already considering going with a Mannone/McGregor GK pairing in my WC

        1. That make for a good rotation pairing?

  8. Zabaleta and lampard to Evra and silva worth -8? Don't think lampard will start against arsenal.

    1. Not convinced.. I think there are plenty better options than Evra too, personally.

    2. lamps will start, match is monday night almost a week to rest

    3. What's the story with Utd right back?
      Was Rafael injured or dropped?
      Is he nailed on now?
      Is Valencia nailed on in front of him?

  9. what if Kolarov is over Yaya on penalty duties ? 8O

    1. Then we'll all rejoice when he gets to take a penalty?

      1. true that.

        I again have that feckin temptation to transfer Kolarov into my team :|

        1. Followed of course by the temptation to immediately transfer the fecker out ;)

    2. tw
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member


    3. He`s not.

  10. Luxury car tuners Mansory are working on a supercar called Mourinho.

    Wow! 8O

    1. will that car talk ?

      1. No, but it will play all your old favourites ;)

      2. Nope. Will eject you,if you do.

    2. Based on last night it will be insipid, dull and boring and the maker will be in denial

      1. Yes, but he'll blame the guy he took over from for the failure to tune the car properly despite the fact that guy got a far, far better performance out of it

  11. Hmmm... Terry > Evans next week? Would allow me to rid Luna > GJ when Liverpool's fixtures ease. Thoughts?

    1. Nah Evans rotation risk is too high IMO

      1. Seems to be preferred to Rio, no?

    2. i would keep terry for goal threat as well and i think chelsea will eventually tigh up and start keeping clean sheets
      johnson is injury prone

      1. He's got me 1 CS since I've owned him :( Would have ditched him this week if my team wasn't riddled with injuries and suspensions.

        1. patience carlo :) i am keeping anyway, i have had him since week 1

          i can see a 0-0 on monday night....

          1. I can't see it if I'm honest... As a Chelsea fan, we've been dreadful recently. Hazard and Willian have been the only bright sparks of late. Terry and Lampard are past their best, Luiz isn't cut out to be a defender, Ivanovic can't cross to save his life and the less I say about our strikers the better.

  12. So...Best replacement for Aguero?

    Giroud, Lukaku or Negredo?

    Already have Ramsey and Özil from Arsenal

    1. Not Giroud.

      Your losing money as I type this...

      1. It's about points though isn't it? I worry about Girouds lack of form and think with the way City are playing Negredo has the potential to do very nicely

        1. So what's your rank?

    2. I'd rule out Giroud, then it's anybody's guess.

      I went Negredo because I'll be getting Mirallas for Ravel next week and felt he and Coleman would suffice from Everton.

    3. Negredo. Class.The ball cannot keep hitting Lukaku in front of goal

  13. Giroud to Negredo worth it for a FT? Rest of team:
    Mannone McGregor
    Clyde GJ Williams Chester Burner
    Hazard Wally Nasri Mirallas Januzaj
    Giroud Lukaku Roonpig

    1. I would kill to see your rank.

    2. I would save the transfer and do it the week after when you've got more information & flexibility. Don't think it's an awful fixture for Giroud this week ..

    3. Where is Suarez?

      1. No room for racists in my team. Kick it out

        1. Despicable human but brilliant player... and that's what counts in this game.

        2. And how's that going for you? :?

        3. 8O
          Get him!!!!!
          And you say that points is what matters(your reply to Christina).

          1. Not a chance of me getting him. Principles first, then points then team value

  14. Validate me?

    Gazzaniga. Davis.

    Mertz. Jag. Coleman. Gabbidon. Baker.

    Hazard. Silva. Ramsey. Toure. Johnson

    Rooney. Lukaku. Suarez

    I have £1.6m in the bank. Keeper upgrade next?

    Cheers. J.

    1. Wouldn't worry about the GKs until the January wildcard. Looks decent to me.

  15. Mcgregor
    Terry Coleman GJ Burner Ward
    Ramsey Hazard Barkley Ravel Sess
    Lukaku Suarez Rooney

    Have Arsenal coverage but should I still get Walcott or is city coverage essential ?


  16. A Kosc absence could be a blessing in disguise as Kosc > Verm would be epic if he could find some attacking form...

    1. Most of us will just be happy it means that Mert is rotation proof :)

    2. Fantasy zombie's like Vermaelen are rarely, if ever, worth a punt.

  17. Would you rather double up on EVE defenders this GW or play one of Ward or Chester?

  18. Not sure to what we attribute Johnson's rise last night. Tough two fix coming up, Flanagan cheaper, I was going to sell next week...

    1. F5
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Zaba knee jerker?

    2. He got a clean sheet. And an assist
      Sat week.

      1. ...and Flanagan got a clean sheet and a goal last week and costs less.

        1. Note all nailed on long term is he?

        2. He's been sitting at 90% for a while now. Back-to-back 6s must've been enough to tip him over the edge.

  19. Paulinho and Townsend are the reason for tot issues, not soldado.
    The amount of wasted shots between them is atrocious.
    Tot should play with cafou and dembele , Lennon and lamela on the wings, and siggy/eriksen behind soldado.
    Chaldi is useless, Townsend and paulinho just plain hurt the team, and holtby is not yet good enough, maybe in a couple of years.

    1. F5
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      adebayor says hello

      1. From a burger place on the beach?

    2. Soldado is seriously overrated too. He is a good finisher, but just good, nothing better, and has no other qualities whatsoever. Premier league was always going to be too tough for him.

      1. Very wrong.
        Till this year, ask any Spanish league expert and they will say soldado and negredo are the same level. Put soldado in the city situation and he will flourish - he goes through a bad spell in a team that does not utilize him right and let silly people shoot all the time instead of passing him the ball more.

        1. He doesnt make good runs, he doesnt offer anything in the build up, and his finishing isnt exactly lethal. £2.6 m striker, not £26m.

  20. Who to start out of Gabbidon and Bannan?

  21. Aguero to suarez for -4?

    1. Better now than never.

    2. Your season is already ruined if you don't own Suarez yet, but yes, that is definitely worth a -4.

    3. Nope.
      Avoid the best player this season at all costs.
      Even more so if he's home to one of the league's worst defensive sides...

    4. Just kiddin, lads :)

  22. nude post

  23. Thoughts?

    Zabaleta, Walker, Koscielny
    Lampard, Ramsey, Shelvey, Lallana
    Lukaku, Rooney, Suárez

    Harper, Chester, Bruce, Ward-Prowse

    A) Zabaleta > Chester ¦ Koscielny > Bruce - 0 points lost
    B) Zabaleta > Chester ¦ Koscielny > Coleman - 4 point hit
    C) Zabaleta > Chester ¦ Koscielny > Coleman ¦ Lampard > Mirallas - 8 point hit
    D) Anything else?

  24. New Post
  25. Negredo and Mirallas


    Lukaku and Nasri


    1. Throw a dice. I went with the latter.

    2. Tough 1.
      I'd go 1st. Neg and km now nailed on due to injuries

  26. Hi Guys,

    Ravel ---> Wally/Silva surely worth a -4? I would then play them over Whittingham.

    Vidic - Cahill - Chester
    Hazard - Lampard - Amalfi - Whittingham
    Rooney - Suarez (C) - Berbatov

    Daniels - Ravel - Burner - Kosc

    1. Definitely! Most people seem to be taking hits this week

  27. Emp

    Hi guys, Oscar only came on for a short bit against palace , and didnt feature at all against sunderland. Should I be concerned that he is not 100% match fit and not gonna start against arsenal ?

    1. Just be pleased that he'll be rested when he starts against Arsena

      1. l

  28. OSCAR is he both starting & playing at least 60-70 min this GW ??
    is it worthy t stik w him or drop for silva?

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