This is what we’ve been waiting for. A potentially momentous Gameweek in our seasons begins very shortly, as Chelsea face Arsenal at the Bridge in a fixture that offers plenty to the neutral and the committed Fantasy Football manager alike.

Eden Hazard’s owners will be clinging to the Belgian in hope that he can overcome the Gunners’ resistance to offer a decent points haul to justify selection ahead of a double Gameweek asset. Those holding Chelsea and Arsenal defenders will be seeking a more subdued encounter, fought in midfield, with little incident at either end. It’s one of many contrasts and conflicts ahead of us as Gameweek 31 unfolds in the coming days.

Once we know how this one falls, six more three o’clock kick-offs follow, with United’s visit to the Boleyn Ground in East London bringing the day to a close.

Our Twitter feed offers an insight into today’s teamsheets, while our Dugout Discussion chatroom is now open to allow for your real-time interaction throughout the day.

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  1. 2 questions lads:
    1) Link to Parm's post?
    2) Kosc subs was tactical or injury? (sorry didnt watch 2nd half)

    1. 1) Can't help
      2) No news but I would have thought an injury - no other reason to make that change.

    2. 1) page 16
      2) no idea

  2. Get it together Liverpool!!!

  3. Gerrard yellow

  4. Tightrope Gerrard :eek:

    1. Another yellow and he'll be out for three games?

        1. 1 game for two yellows in this game, 2 games for 10 yellows?

        1. Sorry meant another yellow in this game......

      1. Not if he gets it in this game.

      2. I see Oscar getting in lots of teams.........

  5. Early Yc

  6. 86% Suarez captaincy and 69% Sturridge ownership (9% captaincy) in top 160k according to FPL Discovery.

    1. fpl discovery is website??or please can u give me the link??

  7. GUYS
    Pardew is banned from stands or from stadium altogether?!stadium ban means he will watch from home?!And how long the ban??

    1. 3 stadium and another 4 touchline

      1. U serious?!7 match ban?Thats serious shit he did that means :p

  8. Gerrard TC

    Sorry folks, I got Gerrard in. My bad :lol:

    1. your luck this season

  9. Did Cardiff players switch with Arsenal players before the kickoffs

  10. feck off skrtel

  11. Cardiff was always going 2 be tuff game!!

  12. SW6

    Just seen. Snoddy! :D

  13. Yes baines. Loving that! I wouldn't have had him if had anyone other than dzeko, so makes up for his non-appearence at least!

  14. Anyone else gonna be hitting the tonne tonight ?????

    1. Well over it now !!! (Sorry for being happy!!)

  15. Holy f*** I am absolutely murdering fantasy this week. :shock:

  16. Think I'll just hit 100 after BAPs

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