The Treatment Table – Gameweek 31

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With five fixtures still left in the Gameweek, we scour the 10 matches played out over Saturday and Sunday and analyse the post-match reports for news of any fresh injury concerns:

Arsene Wenger has confirmed Laurent Koscielny is out of tomorrow’s home game against Swansea and is set for scans on the calf complaint that forced him off at the break away to Chelsea last Saturday.

Aston Villa
Both Andreas Weimann and Karim El Ahmadi lasted just over half an hour during yesterday’s disastrous home defeat at the hands of Stoke City. Speaking to the Villa official website after the game, Paul Lambert went on to say:

“Andi had a severe dead leg which he couldn’t shake off. I will have to see how Karim is to see if he has a little thigh strain there.”



Craig Noone missed the 6-3 home defeat at the hands of Liverpool after failing a pre-match fitness test. The midfielder continues to be troubled by an ongoing muscle injury.

Samuel Eto’o is expected to be out for a couple of weeks with a hamstring problem. The Cameroon international was replaced by Fernando Torres within 10 minutes of Saturday’s win over Arsenal, with Jose Mourinho revealing:

“Hopefully it’s not so big. Hopefully it’s not a one-month injury, it’s 10 to 15 days.”

Shane Long was forced off towards the end of the Tigers’ 2-0 win over former club West Brom. Steve Bruce gave an update at his post-match press conference ahead of Tuesday’s trip to West Ham:

“We’ll see how it is. We don’t think it’s too serious, but for him to come off… We think it’s a kick to his knee. For him to come off, there must be something wrong.”

Man City
Edin Dzeko missed Saturday’s home rout of Fulham through illness, though is expected to be fit for tomorrow’s Manchester derby. In his Monday lunchtime press conference, Manuel Pellegrini ruled out only Sergio Aguero and Matija Nastasic when discussing those players unavailable.

Man United
David Moyes’ central defensive concerns escalated on Saturday after Rio Ferdinand was ruled out of the trip to West Ham, forcing the United boss to field Michael Carrick alongside Phil Jones in the heart of the back-four.

Mauricio Pochettino revealed that Nathaniel Clyne was replaced at the break with a groin injury during yesterday’s 3-2 defeat at the Lane. The Saints boss also confirmed Jay Rodriguez was subbed off just after the hour mark after sustaining a leg problem.

Erik Pieters was passed fit for the trip to Villa after recovering from a foot problem but was withdrawn with just over 10 minutes of the match remaining with a recurrence of the injury.

Emmanuel Adebayor missed yesterday’s 3-2 win over Southampton due to ongoing hamstring and ankle problems. Tim Sherwood, who had previously claimed the Togo international was “in contention” for the Saints clash in Friday afternoon’s late press conference, has since confirmed Adebayor is “possibly back” for next weekend’s clash with Liverpool. Sandro was also unavailable after picking up another knock.

West Brom
Pepe Mel’s injury worries continue to grow after both Gareth McAuley and Victor Anichebe were subbed off in the 2-0 loss at Hull. The Baggies boss went on to explain:

“McAuley has a very swollen ankle and Anichebe has a muscular problem.”

West Ham
James Tomkins is hopeful he can recover from an ankle problem in time for the Hammers’ vital home game against Hull. The centre-half picked up the injury in a collision with United’s Marouane Fellaini last Saturday.

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  1. What are people doing with Kos. Waiting for news and possibly benching through the tough fixtures or ditching. If ditching, who are you looking at?

    I might bring in dustin to double up on Toffeemen.

    1. For a moment I read dustbin

      1. i read tottenham

    2. Azpi for me to double up on Chelsea or else might go cheap and look to upgrade elsewhere.

    3. Hoffman turns to football in shock career change.

    4. :lol:

      Ok, Ok I have been dustin my keyboard. I meant DISTIN.

  2. Huge H2H tie for me :: (With Koscielny out I think it is difficult for me)

    Me: Sturridge + Nolan + Silva + Dummett + Distin

    Him: Mirallas + Sagna + Zabaleta + 10 points

    Who wins?

    1. sturridge alone will beat Mir+Sagna+Zab+10

      1. I am hopeful of some Nolan goal too.

    2. You. Sturridge hattie.

    3. Him

  3. Goal keepers

    kick adrian or take mannone or speroni or keep adrian in away game ?

    1. that sentence

        1. *a crap

          1. A crap rap, I like that
            Reminds me of Roland rat

            1. hey hey rat fans!

  4. Mannone

    1ft, 0.1itb, thinking Olsson>Bardsley and benching Zaba at Arsenal(away). Till the end of season would play Bardsley 4/5 times(doubles(maybe just the last one),gw36(Ivan at Pool away) and 38). What you think?

    1. I think Bardsley is a good idea. I have tripling up on Sunderland (already own AJ and Bardsley). The extra games are worth the transfer in my eyes.

      1. Yeah they are worth it only when you play them. He already has 3 DGW 34 defenders

        1. i know but i need him for gw37 and would be nice for this week also. I can play Bardsely over a mid in gw34 maybe also.

        2. You can always play 4 at the back.

          1. thanks demel! are you already working on your europa league team or not?

      2. How is tripling up on Sunderland or getting Sunderland defence a good idea in any way lol? Even with the DGWs, they have shit fixtures anyway. I bet im really gonne outscore you without any Sunderland players, my only fear is AJ and still..

        1. they are decent at home, Mannone is doing great, why not other cheap defender with decent attacking threat.

    2. I won't do that.

  5. Mannone have two DGW in 31 AND 37 but speroni have one DGW in 31 who is better ?? according their fixtures ??

    1. 34 not 31
      Speroni single DGW looks nicer.
      Sunderland are mince

    2. in 34 Speroni

  6. This is counterintuitive, but I do suggest looking at what Wenger does after a thrashing. He usually goes super cautious and tries to grind out wins until the side has recovered enough confidence to go back on the attack. This happened in the second half of last season when they were racking up the 1-0s and happened after the 6-3 and 5-1 losses this season.

    The Arsenal defence swings between extremes. Their basic gameplan of denying the opposition possession usually keeps the goals down and racks up the clean sheets, but when it's unravelled by counterattacking teams, it falls apart big time.

    Against most teams, they're a good defence, you just have to soak up the odd thrashing. Also they are pretty unpredictable when playing big teams. They've kept clean sheets against Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern and Dortmund, and also been exposed by them.

    1. But I don't trust your defence with Verm over Kos

      1. Verm has his well known problems with being too aggressive with his positioning, but in fairness in his limited appearances this season he has done a good job. I think Kos in his own way has been overly aggressive this season, a mixture of mistakes and very good, brave defending.

        1. The main thing is having Mert at the back to mop up and not playing a high line imo.

  7. if Fulham aren't down by then from GW36

    HUL, sto, CPL

    Feeling them moves

    1. Holtby punt

      1. i think my midfield will be Haz-Silva-AJ-Eriksen-Noone soon and not changing more.

        1. am likely to dump AJ to Mutch, AJ is a total duffer, at which point I might sell Noone, one Cardiff mid is enough

          1. don't have him now but will get him for the final dgw when fixtures are better.

            1. one of those fixtures is United away.

              1. i know but gw36 and 38 are fine

                1. But AJ isn't

                  1. maybe,will reacess by then, don't have the fooker rigth now.

        2. Silva over Yaya will ruin you.

          1. Aguero back soon and no more pens i hope. I'm chasing so i need to do something.

      2. would love to, but not sure I'll be able to afford it

  8. Chuckle alert. :lol:

    Hanball given against Nacer Chadli whilst appealing for handball.

  9. Sammy Ameobi ruled out for Newcastle.


  10. When Sterling came on at the weekend for Coutinho he actually took up Joe Allen's position and not Coutinho's (avg position) who played in Coutinho's spot?

      1. Dunno..surely not..

    1. Henderson perhaps?

    2. They didn't go 4-3-3 when Sterling came on, did they? Because Sterling played on the left side and the members pass map shows him making passes in advanced left positions. He could have been playing left wing.

      1. Sorry for the late reply...Yeah. it's a bit confusing isn't it..I, like most people, assumed it was a straight swap...seems not.

        1. I'd think the simplest explanation is Liverpool went 4-3-3 with Sterling left where he's increasingly been used recently and Sturridge and Suarez in the other two forward spots. Gerrard deepest and Allen & Henderson ahead of him. Sterling seems really unsuited to the shuttling midfield role.

  11. In the 4 seasons prior to this Steve Sidwell had scored a combined total of 7 goals. He has scored 6 this season

      1. It's all about them moves :wink:

    1. the other yaya toure

      1. The Tesco Value version.

    2. I prefer Delph in that 5th midfield place.

      1. City and Spurs away last 2 games. No thanks.

  12. After GW32 should I do:


    1. Wait till you hear more news about Aguero, to be honest... I'd wait till he plays a full game and get back in the swing of things.

    2. everton double in gw34

      1. This. Terrible moves in my opinion.

        1. My desire to get Aguero in is clouding my judgment. Hopefully Everton sort out their defensive out.

    3. I'm sick of trying to plan transfers around getting Aguero in. He tears apart my team, gets injured then I have to re construct..This time I'm not going to rush him in as quick.

      1. You're right. He's a pain in the ass and his injury has a high chance of reoccurring. I'll let him play at least 180 minutes before bringing him this time. If Lukaku and Baines are doing well though there's no need.

  13. Pick one to start for each position:

    Start Marshall or Mannone?

    Start Ward or Olsson or Fonte?

    1. Mannone and Fonte.

      1. no doubt, pretty obvious really

    2. mann one & fonte

  14. Would you do AJ > Mutch this week if it allows me to do Sterling > Nasri for 33?

    Can't afford Mutch to rise anymore if so.

    Personally I think Mutch has just as good of a chance of getting a haul @ WBA this week given Sunderlands horrific form...

    1. am considering this move myself to allow me to get Kun for GW33 if needed

      1. My alternative is Sturridge > Aguero (0.2 to spare for that one atm) but strongly considering going without as things stand.

        1. 0.2 if I do AJ > Mutch now, that is.

  15. Are there any people going without Sunderland players in the DGWs too? Im only planning on getting Everton and City players, anything else I would have to take a hit for and its just not worth it imo. I think I'd only get AJ anyway, even if I'd be on a WC.

    1. Sunderland are rubbish at the moment. Not bothering.

  16. Worth transferring Roney out for this week?

    I'm starting to fear a pre Bayern rest.

    Rooney to Lukaku?

    1. i wouldn't

    2. Never.

    3. don't do it

    4. we can't afford to rest him, and he won't want to be rested

  17. if you're a private league administrator can you make someone else in your league administrator and how easy is this to do ?

    1. Yes & very easy.

      1. probably the best person to answer. reason for asking is i've been removed from a league and the administrator is denying that he is the new administrator. reason for being removed is cos im above him....lame

        1. Can't you add yourself back in?

        2. You can find out who the league admin by entering the user FPL ID then the league number.

          Mine is 58 so 58-001 or whatever. If it says you are banned or whatever then I would be the admin. If invalid code then I wouldn't be the admin if it makes sense.

          1. yeh just discovered this after 2weeks of being banned, and harrassing the original administrator....i think people are playing games, very sad games

        3. The fragile egos of some guys astound me.

            1. Nothing like people you compete with who give it but can't take it.

    2. There's an option to do it in the panel.

  18. Any suarez non owners? Curious to see how far you'd drop...

  19. I've got noone doubtful :lol:

    1. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Oviedo here.

  20. Gotta say it's about time Mannone stopped getting clean sheets with the number of shots Sunderland have been conceding all season.

    He still managed to inflict multiple double digit scores against me though :lol:

    1. more 2/3 cs and saves galore till the end of season

      1. Probably, given he has 9 games remaining including this week's midweek game.

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          I bought him too (along with Yaya ) I'm going all casual in an attemp to improve my rank :-)

          1. Nothing wrong with getting the best casual picks and adding a few of your own... right? Right?

            1. HVT
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member

              Yup !
              That's why I went Zabaletta over Georgemichael :-(

              1. Feckin Demichelis.

                1. HVT
                  • Fantasy Football Scout Member

                  Is it just ' Faith ' ? Or should I give him ' one more try ' ? ,
                  ' Turn on a differant corner ' and all that !

  21. Got exact money currently (for as long as price rises / falls allow me) for either Mata or Silva to Toure. Is Mata the obvious one to go? Even considering the next two gameweeks fixtures for Utd vs City?

    1. Yeah

    2. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      I'd lose mata.

  22. HVT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    Anyone see last weeks (mon night) walking dead ?
    I thought it was so sad to see what happened to those two sisters , did they really need to go that far ?

    1. I've read the Walking Dead rather than watched it so I know what happens. Do you mean too far in terms of the storyline or was it too graphic or something?

      1. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        No spoilers please
        I suppose I'm referring to the storyline as if graphics offend you shouldn't watch this show,
        Don't get me wrong I love the show but I couldn't get over the plot I had nightmares about it ,
        I felt it was a ruthless scene but I get why the producers / writers did this ,
        Tbh I'm even more compelled to watch it now , I absolutely love this show and I don't say this lightly.

        1. Aye it is pretty full on. I think they've done a great job. No spoilers, but there's plenty more to come that will surprise you.

    2. Zep
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      It was pretty insane viewing, but seeing as they were my least favourite characters I can't say I'm all that bothered...

      1. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        +1 ,
        I didn't see it comming tbh , I love the unpredictable aspect of the walking dead ,
        Have you ever pictured the scene of that world in real life ?

  23. which of these players will start Tuesday and Wednesday
    Kolarov ?
    Miralas ?
    Collins ?
    lukaku ?
    silva ?

    1. going to play my dick card for the month:

      who cares, the deadline has passed

      1. *clap* *clap* *clap*

        1. will see you next month

          1. I've got a card that I use daily if you want to borrow it.

            1. Can you stop lending it to people

    2. Last 2

    3. Not that you can do anything now about it of course, but reckon Mirallas, Lukaku and Silva are all pretty likely to start. The rest, not sure. Martinez seems pretty keen on playing Mirallas for 60ish minutes then taking him off.

  24. Baked beans, baked beans, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you? Baked beans, baked beans.

  25. Anyone see Rashat Ametov''s funeral on the news recently, buried by his family and thousands of Tatars in the now occupied Crimea, showing horrific signs of torture and tossed unceremoniously into a gutter.?

    It's alright I'm off to the pub now. Laters.

    1. The incongruity of the final line

      1. I most definitely know what incongruity means. I swear.

        1. Is it kinda like Incongruency?

    2. dive imo

  26. sorry to go on but, how obvious is it when you log in that you have been made the admin in a PL ?

    1. You get the Admin tab when viewing the league & an admin system on the leagues page.
      Got to your FPL page won't show either.

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          As were on topic , have peoples hits been factored into their OR TM ?

  27. Getting Erikson, have the cash to replace either Puncheon, Dejagah or Sterling

    Who to ditch? Best/most expensive - Sterling, cheapest/most games Punch, or most important to his team of the three, Dejagah..

    1. Moves like.

      1. Got the moooooooooooooves

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