We roll out the draw for the Ninth Round of the Fantasy Football Scout Cup IX and Members Cup IV, as sponsored by Paddy Power, this evening, as both competitions approach their culmination:

In the former tournament, we’re now down to the last four Fantasy teams. Gribude is the highest ranked remaining manager – sitting in 1,589th place in the FPL standings, he eased past Rozzop by a score of 74 v 23 in Gameweek 36. He now faces 1nozza (13,024), who defeated caio89 by 47 points to 34 points last weekend.

The other semi-final sees xildor square up to b>Woeisme. The former saw off the challenge of site regular Attila the Bum by 45 points to 34 points, though remains the outsider for the trophy, with an overall rank of 37,392. Woeisme edged past manehi by 52 – 45 and is now up to 17,910 overall.

All four are not only in with a chance of winning the trophy, they’ll be eyeing the prizes on offer, too. As mentioned in our initial entry article, the winner receives £100 worth of free bets and £100 Amazon Voucher, our runner-up is awarded £50 worth of free bets and a £50 Amazon Voucher, whilst the third place manager will receive £50 worth of free bets and a £25 Amazon Voucher

A full list of last week’s results is here, and the draw for the Ninth Round, which kicks off this Saturday lunchtime as West Ham and Tottenham square up at Upton Park and lasts right through to Wednesday evening, when City and Sunderland host Villa and Hull respectively, can be found here.

In the FFS Members Cup IV, Sandgrounder and Trigg are our two finalists. Both upset the form book to progress in the previous round – Sandgrounder (ranked 103,891) defeated Spencer – who sits in 725th spot overall – by 47 points to 44 points, whilst Trigg got the better of Shipstontrev (who is ranked 1,190) by the narrowest of margins, 37 points to 36 points.

Looking at both our finalists’ squads, they had six players in common last week – Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero, Aaron Ramsey, Christian Eriksen, Jason Puncheon and Jordan Mutch – with Sandgrounder holding Wayne Rooney whilst Trigg had Juan Mata in midfield. Sandgrounder has since made four transfers, though, whilst his opponent has so far changed just one of last week’s squad.

As mentioned in our initial entry article, the winners of the Members cup receives a £200 Amazon voucher and the runner-up is awarded a £100 Amazon voucher.

As always, good luck to all those still in with a shout of the silverware.

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  1. play chester (avl, mun) or azpi (NOR)?

    1. Azpi.
      Chester is likely to get 2 points or less if they don't get a cs against villa. Chelsea look strong for a cs this weekend

  2. imagine tomorrow pellegrni says "Aguero has had a setback and he is ruled out for a week"

    this site will go nutssssssssssss


    1. Would it surprise anybody?...

      1. may not surprise, i am looking for a different word :)

  3. Is Yaya def going to be alright, need to get rid of Lallana before his drop tonight.

  4. Team good to go? On -4 have 1.5 itb anything worth the extra hit?

    Zabaleta, Azpilicueta, Smalling
    Ramsey, Eriksen, Yaya, Sterling
    Suarez, Aguero, Rooney

    Adrian, Skrtel, Bacuna, Ward

    Play Bacuna? Skrtel ? heads wrecked

    1. smalling seems that he wont be playing

    2. Looks decent to me.

      starting 11 very similar to mine except for smalling. I have chester infortunately.

      Hoping 6 doubles is enough myself.

    3. Thinking it may be wiser to play Skrtel ahead of Smalling and not risk the 1 pt cameos.. Bacuna should not be playing ahead of any of that midfield should he?

      1. Yeah i cant see Bacuna doing anything to be honest.
        Yeah that Skirtel/Smalling is frustrating.

        Put Smalling as 1st sub maybe?

  5. REPOST of PB from previous page:
    Dan Roan, BBC, via Twitter:

    "People close to Wayne Rooney tell us he missed training because of a stomach complaint rather than any injury - panic over?"


    1. He'll probably stub his toe coming out of the dressing room.

    2. celebrations will soon start :)

    3. Just a dodgy McDonalds, then.

      1. Shouldn't he be immune?

        1. Accidentally chose a fruit bag

    4. Might still miss the match if not 100%

    5. So where did the 'limping', and the 'going to have a scan' come from?!

      1. Rumours. Just like this may be. He was spotted in Liverpool looking like a typical chav. Don't know what relevance that is but hey.

  6. Cahill to dgw def for a 2nd -4?

    Ivanovic Cahill Rosenior
    Mata Ramsey Eriksen Yaya
    Suarez Rooney Aguero

    Boruc Caulker Puncheon Ward

    Thinking maybe Demi?

    Who'll keep more clean sheets Chelsea on City?
    I think city has more to play for.

  7. Nasri (C) over Yaya? Seriously considering it. Any thoughts?

    1. If you're desperate.

  8. Anyone still gonna captain Rooney?

    1. What are the arguments against this ?

      1. He cacked himself in training apparently

    2. Make sure you have a good vice captain.

      1. If it's just illness, he'll probably make the 2nd game.

  9. Quick Poll....Rooney or Aguero for captain ?

    1. if the news on Rooney is somewhat true then Aguero might be better option

  10. News from Total FPL: Rooney has been sent for a scan after limping out of training according to the Daily Mail

    1. Look up. He was ill.

  11. Somalion? Wakey?

    1. I have to say, with real love and respect, that while both of your guys are top men, they are still pretenders. There IS only one rightful Kind of the Cool:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxd0wmBs8y4 :-D

  12. And to think we were losing our shit over a bloke's dodgy bowel movements...

    1. Still in my team. ;-)

    2. He was losing his shit that's the point.

    1. OMGSTFU

  13. if Rooney is ruled out and Rvp is fit, who would u rather have

    A) RVP

    B) Yaya

    C) Both for an 8pt hit?


  14. Right, can you all keep your dirty mitts off of Van Persie now? ;)

    1. New Post

  16. How many days until the world Cup..? http://days.to/fifa-world-cup/2014 :D

  17. Is 6 doubles (no hits) enough?

    Mannone Zabs Chester (doesn't really count) Yaya Rooney Aguero

    Coleman to Evra -4 maybe?

  18. I'm holding onto Rooney anyway just means I will captain Agueroooo or Yaya instead.. Was considering Suarez to Wickham earlier just for this week so I put away the laptop. . .

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