The penultimate Gameweek of our season is here and begins with a London derby at Upton Park. West Ham entertain Spurs at the Boleyn Ground as Sam Allardyce looks to secure the Hammer’s Premier League status and, potentially, his tenure in East London. Tim Sherwood’s side provide tricky opponents, arriving off the back of a four-match unbeaten run and a 1-0 away win at Stoke last time out.

Our early kick-off is followed by a batch of three o’clock meetings which include the first of two fixtures for Ryan Giggs’ United. Neighbours City get their own Gameweek double-header underway in the late live clash, as they travel to Goodison and attempt to oust Liverpool at the top of the table.

You can look to our Twitter feed throughout the day for all the news from the teamsheets, while our Dugout Discussion chatroom is again ready and waiting those who fancy some real-time exchanges.

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  1. How the hell did Yaya end up at 731.4% on TotalFPL? Never seen it that high.

    1. Illuminati

      1. Buggers are everywhere!

        1. Alledgedly

          1. No, it's true, I've seen them.

            They work as engineers on.our railways!

            1. I work as an engineer on the railways 8-O

              1. I know....


                We've discussed it before

                1. I lose track... :)

      2. Comment removed. Please refer to our terms and conditions on posting comments.

        1. His name is Butters remember.

        2. i love how you push the boundaries hah

          1. Butters is allowed to say these kind of things. It's on the FFS Terms and Conditions.

        3. This is a sickening comment, you should be banned.

          1. And the 2 that upvoted the comment too

            1. Those faceless cowards warrant a warning.

              1. Really not sure if serious, you're a little over sensitive aren't you?

          2. Well it stayed up longer than I thought

          3. Are you being serious?

          4. is it as frustrating as lols and :) :P?

            1. Making jokes about Joo's aparently.

      3. Thought so.

    2. Was over 800% last week

    3. Cos he rose 0.3mil in the week probably and they have accumulated. Same as Ramsey last week

      1. ahh, now I get it.

  2. I might go for a shower before the 3pm KO's

    1. Girl across the road gone out has she?

      1. Aye :(

    2. With all that hair??

      After you're done it'll look like a gibbon's exploded

  3. I sold Bony for Rooney, fail.

  4. Never ever thought I'd say this.. Well I did for a few games at Leeds, but for fantasy..
    Come on Wickham!

      1. Well it's that time of The year

        1. I have more personal reasons!

  5. FPL Discovery Transfers and Team Selection for DGW 37:

    Captaincy in top 10k:
    Aguero 44%
    Yaya 18%
    Mata 17%
    Rooney 9%
    Suarez 7%

    1. Cheers Beavis

    2. Mata captaincy much lower than expected.

    3. Expected a higher percentage on.Yaya.

    4. Again just to point out I have nothing to do with FPL Discovery and take no credit for their work. Just find it interesting so post the link on here. :)

    5. Come on RVP.

    6. Suarez down to 91% ownership in the top 10k, its FPL transfer silly season

  6. Syd

    I fancy Sunderland to get something today

  7. Rooney even on the bench...Aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh

    Come on Puncheon!!!

  8. I wonder if a manager has ever taken over a team and started with three home league games as heavy favourites.

    Nice way for Giggs to make a name in manaement eh!

  9. New article posted
  10. At Old Trafford now, Its the first time watching my FPL captain playing live. C'mon Mata.. Give me a brace!!

  11. Glad I sold Eriksen before last GW. ;)

    No surprises that Rooney is not playing, though I'm surprised Hernandez started ahead of Welbeck.

    Hopefully see Mata in his favoured role and he starts both games.

  12. Anyone have players other than United and Sunderland playing in the 3pm fixtures?

    1. shaw for me

  13. Eriksen, two Hull defenders and Rooney in my team. lol.

    Semi finals in h2h money league and leading by 12 poitns in other money league .. Guess this rounds gonna ruin both for me.

    1. What a call from this lad!!

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