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After Sunday’s pair of fixtures delivered just a single goal between them, we’re hoping for a turnaround in Fantasy fortunes as Liverpool make their way to Selhurst Park this evening. Brendan Rodgers’ side desperately need to win in order to keep the pressure on City at the summit and can be expected to go on the offensive from the first whistle tonight:

Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Daniel Sturridge all scored against the Eagles in the 3-1 win at Anfield back in Gameweek 7 and the trio will be hoping to repeat the feat – Sturridge starts alongside the Uruguayan this evening, with Philippe Coutinho dropping to the bench due to a slight injury, according to Brendan Rodgers.

The arrival of Tony Pulis has seen Palace stiffen up considerably. Prior to last week’s defeat against City, the London club had won five consecutive league matches, though whether they can keep the “SAS” in check tonight is another matter entirely.

Our Twitter feed carries all the news from tonight’s team sheets, while the Dugout Discussion chatroom remains open to collect your real-time reactions to this evening’s events.

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  1. Big Sam could park the bus on the final day and we could a late winner from Andy Carrol :P

    1. Liverpool's defence won't be able to cope with Shola.

    2. could see*

  2. Errr - what the feck happened??? :-?

    1. Found out.

      1. Amazeballs!!! :-)

      2. In some senses definitely. I like an underdog story but it grates on me when a team can be so flippant about their defending.

        1. Replying to you Doos of course ;)

    2. Pool lacking moral fibre and integrity (at least some of them) ;)

  3. 1st lesson for next season:

    Play Agger. Ludicrous that he isn't starting.

    1. Off to Barce I assume

      1. Must be off somewhere.

    2. Say it every week we use to have a fairly solid defence with Skrtel and Agger at the back now we don't even know what the word means.

      1. Yeah it's insane really. Tactics do take their toll but Agger is so much more reliable.

  4. Liverpool are going to get absolutely THRASHED in the Champions League. Their defensive is poor and all-out attacking football won't do much good in Europe, have to be calculated.

    Not to mention they have no depth at all. Going to be a tough season next one unless they buy really well and evolve their play.

    oh and bahahaha :lol:

    1. Surely it depends who they play. Just by being in Europe won't mean they get thrashed.

      1. possibly, but this was Liverpool's worst defensive record in over 10 years so..

    2. so much this. Imagine that defence against Ronaldo and Bale or Messi and Neymar

  5. If I remember rightly Mourinho was going to quit if he didn't win a single trophy this season.

    1. I hope he doesn't so he's around for next year's failure too

    2. He wants to go to United

  6. Geniune question

    If Moyes was still at Everton do you think he would have preferred Choppa Tony to Coleman. He didn't seem to like Rafael, I wonder if he would have gone with the guy who never attacks?

      1. It sounds liek a dig but it's just a fact. Moyes is a pragmtist, he sees full-backs as defensive players, not second wingers.

        1. I agree with him in many respects. Not that they can't attack but attack at the expense of defence is criminal and seems to be overlooked. Evra's inability to defend cost United their Bayern match.

  7. 3-0 to 3-3 has to be another slip up by your on pitch captain, no?

    1. More to do with an extremely fragile defensive line.

      1. & extremely poor tactics at the end, shouldve played possession at 3-1. utterly stupid from liverpool

        1. Far enough point certainly.

  8. Can't see Pelle risking Aguero against Villa. They should win quite comfortably without him, especially on Dzeko's form. Let him rest and heal up and try and be fit for the weekend.

    also I didn't cap him and two of my rivals did ;)

    1. If he's fit he starts

      1. with Liverpool dropping points today I can't see Aguero wanting to play so soon if he came off as a precaution even if Pelle wants him to

    2. He'll be on the bench
      Called on IF needed
      But with Villa safe, it's going to be a slaughter

      1. yeah this..can't see him coming on if they're up by 2 goals already, for example..

    3. City should sell him.
      He's a walking injury

  9. Deploy special agent Andrew Carroll!

    1. And Downing!

    2. Carroll hates Rodgers and his team of Bambis. More chance of an OG

    3. Carroll hattie imminent.
      In his own goal!!!

  10. have some heart people.
    that is all.

  11. So it looks like Liverpools massive build up to the City game meant they peaked to early

  12. Selby world snooker champion.

    1. Lol @ Rocket

    2. Aww I wanted Ronnie to win

    3. he absolutely mourinho'd o'sullivan

      1. Desperately dull player

        1. Bit harsh. Selby is a quality player with a never give in attitude that a lot of others could learn from in sport.

          1. I don't disagree with anything you say, but I still think my point holds

        2. whats boring is watching a player steam roller the oppostion winning by 10+ frames, selby's style made that a tense final close fought final, one i enjoyed.

          1. Sounds like a Chelski game.
            Much rather Citeh vs Pool

            1. in an ideal world of course but i'd still rather a competitive final over a ronnie drubbing which is usually the case, thats far more boring as its predictable

  13. I don't know who's hurting more at the moment me or Ronnie

  14. Hmmmm, Chelsea might actually finish above pool now

    1. Mildly overrating Toon

      1. Amazing result for them against Cardiff ;)

    2. If City don't win on Wednesday Chelsea still have an outside chance of winning the league.

      1. Nah, not a chance. Need both City and Liverpool to lose their games.

        1. It is unlikely but I would not rule it out.

  15. So that conspiracy theory the pool fans concocted after City beat Everton might have some legs after all? Even Liverpool are in on it, throwing a won game in the final 10 minutes. The FA need to investigate ...

    1. I believe it was secret agent Moses that fluffed the winner for them ;)

  16. robert huth ✔ @robert_huth
    Still maintain that crying on the pitch should warrant a 3 match ban

  17. Blame Everton haha!

  18. Rooney now 25% likely to play.

    Feckin great

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