As the hosts prepare to return to action in the quarter-finals of Brazil 2014 later this evening, Paddy Power are rolling out a tempting offer for those yet to register an account. With Big Phil Scolari’s side set to face in-form Colombia in the 9pm kick-off, our bookmaker mates are offering odds of 4/1 for Brazil to triumph, 9/1 for a draw or a very enticing 12/1 on Jose Pekerman’s side to emerge triumphant:

Given that the regular odds were initially 5/6, 11/4 and 7/2 respectively, this is clearly another great offer from Paddy. Click here to get involved.

Those who already have an account with Paddy can still take advantage of a Money Back Special on offer. Paddy will refund all losing First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Correct Score & Scorecast singles on the match as a free bet if this World Cup knockout match ends in a penalty shootout – find out more here.

To clarify, the Brazil v Colombia enhanced odds special is limited to a £10 stake, open to new Paddy Power customers only and subject to the terms and conditions specified. New customers can only opt for one of the three offers.

Finally, of course, we should state that all these offers are only available to those aged 18 and over and are subject to Paddy Power’s terms and conditions. Also, if you’re going to bet, always gamble responsibly.

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  1. What's the points people in this forum are on MCd ??
    106 with messi robben cillessen dimaria to play for me ...

    Want an estimate if it's good bad or ugly ..

    1. That is a rubbish score...most people on here have about 200 points...I would give up if I were you

      That is ridiculously good...haven't seen anyone on here even crack 90 this round... :)

    2. Get out

    3. I love it when people join this site just to gloat

      1. This :)

    1. That would scare the crap out of me! That thing is monster!

  2. It's bad and ugly for me as I envy you :D

    but for you it's good :D

  3. FOX bonus points added :)

    Hummels - 3
    Neuer - 2
    Schweinsteiger - 1

    Luiz - 3
    Silva - 2
    JRod - 1

    1. yay neuer and jrod! :)

      in mcd I captained hummels, in fox he is my first sub :cool: :lol:

      1. Neuer's great. I had Luiz in FOX. :D

        1. nice assuming you took jonty's advice on that one? :)

          1. Yeap! Been saying that the whole of last night! Love him for it.

    2. Up to 95th OR now as a result :roll:

      1. Up to joint 1st as a result :D Well I'm tied on points, but 2nd rank. I'll take it as 1st ;)

        1. Way to bring me down :)

          Nice,are you actually an Aussie who could collect the overall prize?

          1. shouldnt be allowed, he should only be allowed to get involved in Aussie rules fantasy Football. Coming along here nicking our prizes just isnt right. ;p

          2. ;)

            Well, I live in Australia and I'm a cutomer of FOX so.

            1. i thought you were right up there in maccy d's as well?

              1. Nah way off :lol: Around 4k. Started off bad, didn't realise it waqs the 1 team for the whole group stage.

            2. Well godspeed :)

              If I win I hope you will pick up the prize for me :wink:

              What players have you left?..I have Blind,deVrij,Robben,Messi(c)

              1. Sure :)
                Same with Robben(C)

                1. Luiz did it for me. Love the guy now.

                  1. Hummels did the bizz for me

            3. My Co-habitee in 1st!

              I'm not in Australia ... Good luck to you!

        2. wow nice job Arvin! you've peaked at the right time too with the player pool getting smaller and smaller - harder for others to catch you :)

  4. This is gonna run all summer:

    Chelsea have offered €15 million [£11.8m] for Atletico Madrid left-back Filipe Luis but the Spanish club will only allow the player to leave if his €24m [£19m] release clause is met.

  5. whats people thoughts on sticking with James captain at 20 points, still have robben messi etc

    1. Well I have Neymar 22 points and I reckon I will twist to Robben and Messi

      1. ok. Cheers Optimus. got to expect Robben to do better than 10, other thougths are a dutch defender

  6. So who is most likely to replace Neymar in the semi?

  7. From an FPL point of view, are we happy Suarez will be leaving?

    1. From every point of view

    2. No way!

    3. I am happy. Keeping him in my team was formality, it would be better now.

    4. HVT
      • Fantasy Football Scout Member

      Yes and from a personnel pov as well.
      The casual May now have to think about his (c) again.

    5. deff not. the best player in the league by a mile last year and possibly the year before leaves, never good, taking all the pettiness aside i loved watching him. Fpl wise, doesn't really matter as most serious players had him.

    6. Yes, it will make the captain pick each week even more important and there are still lots of great options for our three forward slots.

    7. Do you guys not believe in the argument (that some have brought up)
      "Players like this leave & someone else replaces them" in sense of sane old cap choice every week

    8. p.s. When it comes to the time that a good FPL score is more important than the quality of the football/player you are watching it is time to question the way you look at football, just saying...

    9. Hmmmm, yeah, I'd say so. I wonder will there be a 'go-to' captain pick like him for such long periods as he was last season...

  8. WC FOX draft. Thought?

    Luiz Hummels De Vrij Garay
    Muller Robben Oscar Di Maria
    RVP Messi

    Cheers :)

    1. Looks good,I spunked my WC post gw1 so I reckon I may be spending points this gw :)

      Not a fan of Oscar

    2. good improvement imo...I think schurrle is a better pick than Oscar though

      1. this, Even though he missed a couple of great chances yesterday I wouldn't be surprised if Lowe played him to give Germany much more mobility against Brazil.

        1. yeah he must surely start now...klose was woeful and playing muller on the wing is a waste...

          1. i agree. Klose too slow, Lowe just being too kind giving him gametime. He needs to be more ruthless.

    3. Nice! would get in Sneijder instead of Oscar

  9. After that challenge on neymar, I'm glad Colombia lost. Pretty disgraceful. Also, as everyone is now writing off Brazil, I might heavily back them as a differential

    1. After the referee set the tone this was always likely to happen

      I blame him completely. A WC record for number of fouls!

  10. Off Topic:

    Can someone suggest a good HDMI cable for PS4?

    1. Apparently all hdmi cables are the same. Some scientist was on watchdog a few weeks back and they had a hidden camera on in pc world showing them flogging the expensive ones. The scientist guy said the technology involved either works or it doesn't.

      1. Hahaha cool then! thanks! but doesn't this gold plated thing and high transfer speed matter?

    2. There are different ones? :shock:

      1. you're old school..didn't expect you to know this :P ;)

        1. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          What is PS4 ?

          1. It's a drug which makes you an addict...and such an addict that even Rehab can't help

            1. HVT
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member


            2. The cure is a female of apropiate age, with nice 'n' juicy ladyparts

    3. Cheapest one you can buy

      1. haha cool! thanks

          1. wow thanks!

          2. interesting in a nerdy kind of way, Cheers dude

  11. HVT
    • Fantasy Football Scout Member

    Boateng 24 > Neymar 22 done
    Neymar > messi / Garay
    With an option of Robben / De Vrij to come,
    What's the concensus on here ?

      1. Don't you think Messi will find it tough to score against Kompany and Courtois?

        1. well firstly, you hate argentina, so why should I trust you on this? ;)

          well messi will get lots of points for balls delivered into the penalty area, so even if he doesn't do anything he will get 7-8 points...and if he does anything then its a great score...he is messi after all and Belgium is probably the first team he is playing that wants to win the game, so there should be more space for him...

          and robben is the failsafe...

          1. hahaha! true! this even I have noticed..even if he does nothing he gets points and somehow becomes the MOTM..and gets additional points for that..

          2. HVT
            • Fantasy Football Scout Member

            Agree - didn't realise there was a hidden agenda here ;-)

      2. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        In truth I feel I gotta give Messi a chance even without a goal/assist he can score 8-10 points, if he goes ballistic say a brace I'll never forgive myself - gotta try now as that Hummels score has done damage for most.

        1. id go for least one of robben or messi will get big points imo, if not both

    1. I am sticking with 11

  12. BBC article title: "Can Brazil cope without their fantasy footballer?

    They're onto us!!! Everybody scram!!

  13. I cant upvote using my phone :(

    1. which phone do you use?

      1. Huawei

        1. Huaweiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

        2. ooh..

        3. HVT
          • Fantasy Football Scout Member

          5o ....
          Dan da di dano, dan da din di, Dan dan Dan Donny di ...... (Ad lib)

  14. pax

    guys please quick suggestion i have 3 strikers robben messi and neymar i played neymar and messi was in my lineup . robben on the bench , i thought i would remove neymar and replace him with robben but neymar gave me 11 pts.. should i play robben instead of messi or should i sacrifice the 11 pts and replace neymar with robben ?? please help

    1. Play 3-4-3?

      1. you performed great in the movie Transformers!

        1. I'm yet to see it,thankfully I have a young lad so I have an excuse to go see it myself :)

      2. HVT
        • Fantasy Football Scout Member

        Or even 4-3-3 but methinks this guy can't be serious?

        1. I think he is serious but hasn't realized to can you change formation to suit throughout,until now :)

    2. play all three - change formation to one with 3 forwards

    3. Decide between Messi and Robbey. I would go Robben

  15. Take out a low scoring midfielder

    1. Done...So what's for breakfast this morning Ronh?

      1. 2 bananas & a 4 mile run 8-)

        1. Bowl of porridge and a bowl of yogurt with sultanas followed by 3 boiled eggs here,minus the running though :)

  16. Feck you Aguilar. Feck you RonH :(

    1. what did aguilar score?

      1. Zero.

        1. They lost cause he didnt play.

    2. I'm sorry :(

      1. It is okay :(

        How many points did you get?

  17. pax

    no my formation is 4-4-2. messi on the pitch with neymar ,.. and robben on the bench

    1. Some people just cant be helped I guess.

  18. People keeping the armband on Neymar ?

    1. i shifted it off him when he was on 9 last night :( .. would probably have kept it on him with 11

  19. Man, that late Hummels to Lahm switch has probably cost me any chance of finishing in prizes for the Mirror game.

    Anyone on here threatening the top positions?

  20. do you think gamboa, de vrij, blind and sneider will play tonight for sure ?

    1. the dutch team was confirmed a couple of hours on here i think.. all 3 in it

  21. Bummer Brazil, who will be without their main men, Neymar (injury) and Silva (suspension).

    1. I imagine the feeling is reciprocal

      1. Couldn't agree more Geoff :grin:

        1. that Columbian chick they showed at the game last night jeezuz, stunning. pity they didnt,just leave the camera on her for the 90 minutes, extra time, penalties, punditry and commercials.

          1. Missed that :(

    2. I am the assman....

    3. lol at the two guys in the background - not even attempting to conceal their stare :D

      1. in the foreground I meant

  22. New Post
  23. Does anybody have a spreadsheet/link that keeps track of points scored by each player in each round? Anywho, would love to know how Van Buyten fares in the last of each round.

  24. I had Hummels last round, but not this round.

    I have Fernandez this week, ...?

    anyway, I'm disturbed with the many 4's in my team. valbuena mueller and zapata.smh

  25. pax

    please help guys .. give me some advise here ... i don't wanna lose points yet i want robben to play ,... please would really be grateful please help

  26. Help quick question! who will score more, Gonzales or De vriij?
    I also can take van buyten out with 8 points if you think these too will score more

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