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  1. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 19 hours ago

    Blimey. I'd missed your return. Good to see you about. I'm trying to find your first ever post now but it pre-dates HomeCrowd so would have to plunder the zipped up archives!. » Read

  2. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 19 hours ago

    Win.Win I reckon. » Read

  3. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 19 hours ago

    For me, you have to cover Lukaku. He's a big differential for your rival and he has another home fixture immediately after if he delivers vs Newcastle. » Read

  4. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 19 hours ago

    Moses was never in a template was he? He was always my favoured differential. I remember the template around Michu's time. Basically, the common theme is often that obvious value option first. Michu, Mahrez, King etc. » Read

  5. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 20 hours ago

    Ridiculous that - I'd forgotten. Do you reckon any clubs still use fax when they're deliberately trying to slow down a deal? » Read

  6. The Technical Area - Assessing De Gea 26 days, 20 hours ago

    I'm a big fan of stats obviously but use them as just one element of my decision making. For me, I find that data either creates a lead on a player, or confirms it. As the data gets better and more thorough, it becomes better at both roles - xGI, in particular, is a very compelling addition. However I don't consciously make a decision on data alone. Even it works, it's always worth blaming Jonty. » Read

  7. International Scout Notes - Sunday 27 days, 23 hours ago

    Some great stuff but I would say that opting for Sane in the GW4 WC would have been an outlandish maverick move. He'd started 1 of 3 by that point and did not have a single attacking return. Salah - for sure, Richarlison and Sterling - yeah, they had shown promise but, you'd have need a bit of vision to overlook Mky, Pogba, Eriksen/Ali at the time. We can always look back and spot the oversights but if we take a snapshot of the season at any point so far, we can do similar because there's been no established template as yet. » Read

  8. International Scout Notes - Sunday 27 days, 23 hours ago

    He wasn't - TAA was my fifth defender not my fourth. My defence was Jones, Cedric, Naughton, Dawson and TAA post WC. He was a punt with Burnley in mind that didn't come off. » Read

  9. International Scout Notes - Sunday 27 days, 23 hours ago

    While the Wildcard was hardly a success for either of us, I feel it's harsh not to acknowledge that GW4 Carders who backed Liverpool were more than a little unfortunate. Liverpool looked untouchable vs Arsenal, urging investment in Firmino etc with the GW4 WC. Just as City looked fantastic for those playing their WC's later. The difference was, City continued to fly and Liverpool crashed, mainly due to one event that involved both teams a week after the GW4 cards were activated. Mane saw red at City to take himself out of the equation for three matches - which clearly didn't help Firmino's prospects. He shifted to the flank and suddenly the WC to bring him in and back Liverpool looked ill-fated. You can call it bad timing, but above all, looking back, that's just bad luck. That was followed by 34 shots for Liverpool against Burnley in GW5. That's the most shots of any time in a single match this season - including anything City have produced since. Also, in my case, I back… » Read

  10. Rate My Wildcard Team Surgery 28 days, 1 hour ago

    Looks very strong. My only query would be whether you've checked the rotation in defence given that you're set up to play either 4-4-2 or 3-5-2. Given RLC's fixtures, there's a danger you'll want to play him and then may have overspent on your fourth and fifth defenders. Just something to be wary off that might allow you to upgrade Quaner to Niasse or DLC perhaps? » Read

  11. International Scout Notes - Friday 29 days, 20 hours ago

    No, it's a good point raised, although I don't look at it as "bias" as such, more blind faith in our own decisions. It's something I'm always battling. A current example is that I was convinced by Firmino enough to play my Wildcard structured around getting him in and, even now having had to work to fix the problems that caused, I'm looking at him again and wondering if he can deliver for me. That's "bias" of sorts, as I'm trying to convince myself that my error perhaps wasn't an error at all. Hazard too. I fear going him over Morata is the wrong move and have to be aware of that not tainting my view on Morata. I may have to get both in to prevent this. Perhaps a wider discussion is how we avoid being blinded by our decisions and stop ourselves from justifying them too long before admitting an error. » Read

  12. International Scout Notes - Friday 29 days, 23 hours ago

    And I never fell for it. Never. » Read

  13. International Scout Notes - Friday 29 days, 23 hours ago

    I'm not sure I'd play him as a fourth every week just yet, but in rotation with a third striker with fixtures he can work well I believe. From what I've seen, his end product failings to this point are mainly down to team-mates. He's set up big chances and they've been missed. He can finish, we've seen it in season's past in brief appearances for Chelsea (I recall a smart finish at Villa), but he's not taking on the responsibility right now - he needs to be more arrogant and realise he's probably the best finisher Palace have got while Benteke is on the blink. I think both RLC and Zaha will be entirely different prospects with Benteke back and in one of his 8-match unplayable spells. Might not happen, but Palace will be in real trouble if it doesn't. RLC can be a fourth if Hodgson can get the best from him. TBH his job might depend on getting that right and getting Benteke scoring. » Read