(Re)introducing… Scout Leagues

The doors swung open at Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for the 2010/2011 season recently – we’ve already started the ball rolling here at Fantasy Football Scout towers by renewing the classic Scout League (code: 1107-818), now it’s time to bring out the big guns. All that follows is everything for your added league enjoyment this season…

We start with the re-introduction of our Head to Head leagues. After a season of qualification/trial and error/integration we now have a league structure to form out of our first years efforts – as well as some expansion.

Those of you that we have on record who were involved in the five Head to Head leagues that ran last year should already have received their league code via email within minutes of FPL opening, however if you have yet to receive your league code or are one of:

Patrick Quish, James Russell, Adil Rafiq, Jason Gomez, [RFC] Chen, Alistair Marsden, Julia D, Juha Hornborg, Roger L, Gareth Pardoe, Rob Ward, James Doughton, Sandy Irvine, Richard Laycock, Oli Ottey, Samoa Joe, Fergal O’Neill, John Mantarakis, Dan B, Peter Fitzgerald, Chris Jones, Kevin O’Looney, Peter Hwang, Chris Spencer, Jason Wade, Richard Matthews, Stephen Bolland and Lisa Hanle

Then please email me at andy@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk with the heading “FFS Head to Head: League Code” with these very specific details to receive your league code:

  1. Fantasy Football Scout Site User Name (nickname used to post comments with)
  2. Full name
  3. Link to your Fantasy Premier League team or ID number

Make sure you provide the correct link. This can be found by clicking ‘History’ under your kit on your team page. It should be of the form ‘http://fantasy.premierleague.com/M/entryhist.mc?id=X’ (where X is your unique 1 to 7 digit team ID number). N.b. Valid links do NOT end ‘myteam.mc’. You’ll need to make sure your team is registered under the same email as last season as I will be checking players 2009/10 score to verify people are who they say they are.

If you fail to provide all of these details or enter by the closing date below, then you may very well lose your space in the league structure to a new applicant.

And that is where everyone else can get involved, if they so please. Last year we ran five Head to Head leagues, this season we are going to expand measures to seven leagues in total – opening up 38 more places for you the community to snap up. If you want to enter our league structure in FFS H2H 6 (alongside new Scout Big Dunc) or FFS H2H 7 (with stateside Scout da Beeeez) follow the instructions as above but be sure to mark your email with the heading “FFS Head to Head: New Entry” instead.

All entries received by midnight on July 31st will then be put into a (hypothetical) pot, with 38 drawn at random and assigned to a league based on their final ranking from last season. As mentioned, if there are any unfilled spots in the predetermined five Head to Head leagues those places will also be up for grabs and added into the mix for new applicants to potentially get a sneaky boost; a “golden ticket” up the newly formed league structure.

Take deep breaths… it’s that league structure that gets the final mention.

Generally speaking it’s (reasonably?) simple to understand but probably best displayed visually rather than described. If you look at the diagram below we will be working on 6 promotions and 6 relegations between each of the Head to Head leagues at the end of each season, as well as simultaneous relegation to and from our Reserve League (code to be distributed after July 31st when league quota’s are filled) from each league as well – it’s all colour coded for your viewing pleasure. I will be around to answer any queries that may follow, as well as on the aforementioned email address if required.

So as an example, if you finish 19th in FFS H2H 3 you will be relegated into the realms of the Reserve League and replaced by a manager finishing between 4-6th in that league. If you finish 3rd in FFS H2H 6 you will be one of the top 6 who trade places the managers in 10-15th in the league above. There’s plenty of variety going about so you won’t necessarily be facing off against the same faces year upon year.

Phew! That enough? Time to catch a breather for sure. Don’t forget to send in your applications by the end of the month if you’re interested. Good look to one and all, I’m going back to draft Y of my FPL team – Hmmm, Kevin Nolan?

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