May 14 Feature

Fantasy Football Book Launch

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the Fantasy Football book ‘Wasting Your Wildcard‘. Written by …

December 29 Feature

Winter Wildcard Strategies

Following Friday’s 7pm Fantasy Premier League deadline for Gameweek 19, we will be handed a second “Winter Wildcard” …

March 31 Feature

International Minutes Assessed – Part Two

After rolling out Part One of our assessment of the recent internationals, we now examine the pitch time …


International Minutes Assessed – Part One

With plenty of Premier League players featuring all over the globe during the international break, we’ve broken down …

September 29 Feature

The ScoutCast – Episode 58 – Holy Moses

This week’s episode of the FFS podcast features some classic match-ups – Nani vs Young, Narni vs Nanny, Tomayto vs Tomahto, Sessegnon v Row Z, Common Sense vs Mark. All battles are resolved, with the regular stalwarts of the ScoutCast thrown in, culminating with Mark’s desperate defence of his seemingly unshakable faith in Victor Moses. Also, look out for a mention of my Champions League placing – England’s number one for 24 hours no less.