Vote in the Gameweek 15 captain poll

Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool options are expected to all receive heavy backing in the Gameweek 15 captain poll.

You can now vote in that at the bottom of this article or on the sidebar of our website.

Defending champions Man City are away at Watford where they have scored 11 goals in their last two visits. Which of their assets emerges as the most popular captain choice could be dictated by team selection more than anything else.

Sergio Aguero (£11.4m), who missed the Gameweek 14 win over Bournemouth through injury, has scored five goals in his last two visits to Vicarage Road. Whether he will play in the match remains to be seen and all eyes will be on Pep Guardiola’s next press conference.

Raheem Sterling (£11.5m) is in scintillating form with four goals and four assists since Gameweek 11 and his ownership has ballooned to 18.5%. That should ensure he has plenty of support in the poll, but it will be interesting to see what impact his rotation risk could have. Such a quick turnaround between the Bournemouth and Watford matches could be just the justification Pep Guardiola needs to rest Sterling.

Leroy Sané (£9.4m) could also feature heavily considering his role in the Man City side. The recent injury to Benjamin Mendy has boosted his chances of starting matches so he may well retain his place. He has three goals and four assists in his last four appearances.

Alternatively, David Silva (£8.7m) and Riyad Mahrez (£8.6m) could prove interesting captain choices for those that own them. The fact that neither of them started against Bournemouth implies that they will be on the team sheet against Watford.

The uncertainty around Manchester City’s selection policy could be the reason that Harry Kane (£12.4m) receives a healthy share of this upcoming vote. There are no such concerns about rotation with the England captain and he now has a goal or an assist in each of his last four matches. He faces a Southampton defence that has averaged 2.29 goals conceded per away match this season.

Perhaps with the best fixtures match-up is Liverpool as they travel to test themselves against the 2018/19 whipping boys. Burnley have allowed more shots than any other side in the Premier League this season, even conceding a whopping 29 in their 2-0 defeat at Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon. Such numbers mean that Mohamed Salah (£13.0m) and Sadio Mané (£9.9m) will receive some consideration.

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1,084 Comments Post a Comment
  1. Burger
    • 4 Years
    6 months, 14 days ago

    Talk of captains today, anyone else on the permanent Sterling(c), Sane(vc)? Seems so easy right now.

    1. willl
      • 3 Years
      6 months, 14 days ago

      Kane it too tempting.

      Sterling VC.

    2. BIG TONES
      • 4 Years
      6 months, 14 days ago

      As soon as Sterling gets his rest this is probably a sound plan.

    3. The Big Fella
      • 2 Years
      6 months, 14 days ago

      If I had him, Kane for this week

  2. Teomi
      6 months, 14 days ago

      gtg? Save FT right?
      0,3 itb 1 FT...

      Alonso TAA Laporte
      Haz mane Sane Rich Brooks
      Kane (C) Arnie

      Button - AWB, Doherty, Kamara

    • FlyingWithoutIngs
      • 1 Year
      6 months, 14 days ago

      Happy that aubameyang is in question now makes the game less boring, 50/50 decisions between him and Kane. I’ve gone Kane myself but the more that go auba means less with Kane so really hoping he starts firing

      1. BIG TONES
        • 4 Years
        6 months, 14 days ago

        Kane this week, Auba next.

    • seanastley97
        6 months, 14 days ago

        Very nervous that I don't have Kane for this week but don't see any way to get him in without sacrificing key players. Other than that G2G??

        TAA - Laporte - Alonso
        Fraser - Hazard - Eriksen - Sterling
        Arnautovic - Wilson - Aubameyang

        Hamer - Wan-Bissaka - Bennett - Højbjerg


        1. seanastley97
            6 months, 14 days ago

            1.5 ITB and 1ft

          • heavymetal100
            • 3 Years
            6 months, 14 days ago

            Yes mate G2G - you can't get every player in, just got to hope your players score more of the next few weeks. Have you just bought aub?

        2. Cruyff's Eleven
            6 months, 14 days ago

            Will there be a Pep presser before the deadline?

            1. jtreble
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              • 2 Years
              6 months, 14 days ago

              It just ended..

            2. He shoots he scores
                6 months, 14 days ago

                He's up now. KDB not ready. Aguero wait and see

            3. jtreble
              • Fantasy Football Scout Member
              • 2 Years
              6 months, 14 days ago

              It just ended.

            4. Jamb0
              • 1 Year
              6 months, 14 days ago

              Who to bench?

              a) AWB (bha)
              b) Dunk (CRY)
              c) Jimenez (che)

              1. heavymetal100
                • 3 Years
                6 months, 14 days ago


            5. skooldaze
              • 8 Years
              6 months, 14 days ago

              Is this madness

              8 point hit

              Salah - Felipe
              Arnie - Kane
              Ags - Numberwang (Aubameyang)

              1. skooldaze
                • 8 Years
                6 months, 14 days ago

                Doing this to build up for the future gameweeks

              2. Maravilla
                • 1 Year
                6 months, 14 days ago

                Just do it ! I've done the exact same transfers.

            6. Cigars
              • 1 Year
              6 months, 14 days ago

              Just done Aguero + Salah + Martial for Auba + Eriksen + Sterling for (-4)

              Too many points dropped lately.

              1. JammySprat
                  6 months, 14 days ago

                  Fingers crossed you don't miss a Salah haul

              2. PanJawel2
                  6 months, 14 days ago

                  Ings to Origi?

                  1. Totally Hammered
                    • 6 Years
                    6 months, 14 days ago

                    Wow if there was ever a case of chasing last weeks points it’s right there

                • jbunnage
                  • 2 Years
                  6 months, 14 days ago

                  Hamer, Fab
                  Alonso, Bamba, Van Dijk, Duffy, AWB
                  Sterling, Richarlison, Felipe Anderson, Brooks, Camarasa,
                  Kane, Arnie, Auba

                  GTG or transfers needed? Not too happy with Fab as my main keeper but WHU have such a good run coming up and he gets plenty of save points.

                • JammySprat
                    6 months, 14 days ago

                    When is Man city press conference?

                  • DV8R
                    • 8 Years
                    6 months, 14 days ago

                    Arnie (c) too risky?

                  • Gamer18
                      6 months, 14 days ago

                      Should I make any changes?
                      Robertson Digne Laporte
                      Willian F.Anderson Richarlison Salah
                      Aguero Lacazette Wilson

                      Speroni WB Peltier Stephens
                      2 FT
                      1.4 ITB
                      wildcard still available

                    • Thadsy12
                        6 months, 14 days ago

                        Team is currently:

                        Patricio, Boruc
                        Robbo, Alonso, Dunk, AWB, Doherty
                        Salah, Hazard, Martial, Richarlison, McTominay
                        Wilson, Aguero, Success

                        Have 2FT and 0.1 ITB

                        Thinking I need to get Auba in for next gameweek, but might not be worth getting him this week for Aguero given respective fixtures? Ideally I'd do Hazard+Aguero for Sterling and Auba but I'm 0.1 short, so thinking this week I might do something to give me some more ITB and then do the above next week? Robbo is currently at 75% so might do Robbo > TAA for the money saving

                      • Fatboy Fatboy
                        • 3 Years
                        6 months, 14 days ago

                        Any thoughts gratefully received. Aguero Salah and Hazard all gone on Wildcard. Only 0.4 itb. Andone to Ings in a few weeks hamstring and new manager willing.

                        TAA - Alonso - AWB
                        Sterling - Richarlison - Sane - Brooks
                        Auba - Kane - Andone
                        (Patricio Diangana Doherty Schindler)

                      • Chilli2k
                        • Fantasy Football Scout Member
                        • 3 Years
                        6 months, 14 days ago

                        Who do I captain and vice captain!?

                        1. Patricio
                        2. Alonso
                        3. Robertson
                        4. Laporte
                        5. Richarlison
                        6. Anderson
                        7. Hazard
                        8. Sterling
                        9. Arnautovic
                        10. Wilson
                        11. Aubameyang

                        1. gooberman
                          • 7 Years
                          6 months, 14 days ago

                          Hazard (C)
                          Wilson (VC)

                      • gooberman
                        • 7 Years
                        6 months, 14 days ago

                        I would agree that Kane is the best captain choice this week. However I don't own him so without owning Salah and question marks over Sterling possibly being rested, Hazard will be my captain this week. He looked good against Fulham and is playing against a Wolves team that can't stop conceding goals. I'm also tempted by my attacking trio of Wilson, Arnie and Mitrovic given the fixtures but Hazard seems the sensible option.

                      • azambadboy
                        • 2 Years
                        6 months, 14 days ago

                        can u suggest my captain & vice captain???
                        Alonso Robertson TAA Keane
                        Salah Rich Fraser Sane F.Anderson
                        Sub: Fabianski,Sakho,Mitrovic,Zaha

                      • Hermanos FC
                          6 months, 14 days ago

                          Mane out Sane In?
                          Aguero out Kane In?

                        • Hermanos FC
                            6 months, 14 days ago

                            I have two FTs
                            And 1.1 ITB
                            So Mane out Sane In?
                            And Aguero out Kane In?

                          • viks1981
                            • 2 Years
                            6 months, 14 days ago

                            Alli vs Eriksen - whom to choose. Need the extra funds for Alli, and think he looks sharp atm. Eriksen off set pieces as well with Tripier back? Any thoughts?

                          • Starsleague
                              6 months, 11 days ago

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