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Sky Sports World Cup Fantasy: How to play, rules and scoring

Sky Sports’ World Cup Fantasy game is now live!

With Qatar 2022 less than a fortnight away, you can begin picking your Sky teams now – and you could be £10,000 richer by Christmas.

We’re delighted to report that we’ll be partnering with Sky ahead of the big kick-off, bringing you introductory articles on rules, scoring, strategy and more.

It is the same free-to-play Sky Sports game you know and love but it will be appearing at the World Cup for the first time in 12 years.

A first prize of £10k is on offer, with the manager finishing second netting £1,000 and the bronze medal position worth £500.



Anyone who has played the Sky Premier League Fantasy game will be able to pick up the World Cup version with ease.

For those new to Sky, let’s keep things simple.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pick 11 players, with no limitation on how many you choose from each country
  • Keep within a £100m budget
  • Choose from one of six formations: 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 or 3-4-3


There will be seven ‘Gamerounds’ (aka Gameweeks) during the World Cup:

  • Matchday 1 – starts on 20/11/22
  • Matchday 2 – starts on 25/11/22
  • Matchday 3 – starts on 29/11/22
  • Round of 16 – starts on 03/12/22
  • Quarter-final – starts on 07/12/22
  • Semi-final – starts on 11/12/22
  • Final – starts on 15/12/22


During each of the above ‘Gamerounds’, you are allowed to make up to three transfers to your side.

These can be made after each calendar day or at the start of each calendar day ahead of the first kick-off.

So for example, you could pick an Ecuador player on Sunday 20 November, bank their points, and transfer them out for an England player in action on Monday 21 November – providing you make the move before Monday’s fixtures kick off.

You will not be able to roll over your transfers if you do not use your allocated three during a given round.


The Overhaul (think a Wildcard if you’ve only played FPL and not Sky before) will take place from the last kick-off time in Matchday 3 up until the first kick-off in the Round of 16.

Essentially, it allows you to make unlimited changes to your side before the knockout rounds start.


You can have a captain every day in Sky Sports Fantasy Football!

Whenever there is a World Cup match taking place, there is a captain available to score you double points.

The deadlines for transfers and captaincy selections will remain as the first kick-off on each day there is a World Cup match.


The scoring follows the Sky Premier League game, with bonus awarded for passing, saves, shots on target and tackling.

Sky Sports World Cup Fantasy: How to play and rules

Stay tuned for more articles to come ahead of the first round on November 20!


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  1. Alan Watts
    • 5 Years
    1 year, 3 months ago

    Not Zaha again...just have taken him out...but its nof and he's up front again.....not again surely

  2. maggot
    • 5 Years
    1 year, 2 months ago

    For Sky Sports Fantasy Football World Cup, does anyone know if for this Round 4 (the round of 16), if I have transfers left after the kick off for Tuesday's games, can I then still use them?

    So, for example I might use 1 of transfers to bring in Ronaldo before 3pm, but after the games, (if say Portugal were eliminated) on Tuesday night, could I use my 2 remaining transfers to do something like swap back out Ronaldo & Bruno Fernandes for Neymar & Raphina.... or would this use some of my 3 transfers available for Round 5 (the quarter finals)?

    Or is there deadline for using the Round 4 transfers? eg all must be done by 3pm Tuesday, or are lost?

    Please confirm so I can plan accordingly!