Fixtures and Bans

This table provides two sets of information which can both be crucial when it comes to selecting short and long-term targets for your fantasy football selection.

The first table shows the next five opponents for each Premiership club. Home games are capitalised while away games are shown in lower case. When it comes to selecting potential transfers targets, home games and matches against lower placed or out of form sides are the factors you’re looking for. Clashes with the “big four” or away games against form sides meanwhile is something you’ll also need to watch for when it comes to deciding which players to sell on or avoid.

This set of games often translates directly to the monthly scout picks you can see in the table above.

The “Bans tightrope” table meanwhile lists those players nearing a suspension due to the number of bookings they have accumulated.

This table becomes more useful as the season progresses, particularly as the season nears the two curfew dates. December 31st is this season’s curfew date for players who are edging towards 5 yellow cards. Any player before that date who earns 5 bookings will get themselves a 1-match ban. The second Sunday in April is the second curfew date. This falls on April 11th this season and any player who picks up 10 bookings by then will be banned for 2 matches.

For a list of the current suspended players make sure you keep an eye on the Injuries and Bans table.