Get entry to £1m Premier League FanTeam Tournament with annual FFS Membership

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If you do still want to take advantage of a FanTeam / FFS deal, we still have the €250K Champions League Group Stage Competition open – check the details here.

Sign up to a Fantasy Football Scout annual Premium Membership for the 2021/2022 season and a FanTeam £1m Premier League game ticket worth £20 and get a refund or extension on your FFS Membership (*this offer is for new FanTeam customers only; we have a separate offer for existing FanTeam customers – see below).

As part of our affiliation with FanTeam, we are delighted to offer new and existing Premium Members to Fantasy Football Scout a chance to win big in the FanTeam £1m Premier League 2021/22 tournament, with a guaranteed £200,000 prize for the winner.

The process is super-easy and means that not only will you get a chance to win big in the FanTeam season-long £1m game, but, as you’ll also get your Membership fees refunded on the best fantasy football membership package in the world for the next 12 months, (including full Opta player data for the Premier League, Comparison Tools, Transfer Planners, expert Team Reveals and plenty more besides – see here), you’ll be getting two awesome deals for the price of one!

* N.B. Note for existing FanTeam Account Holders
This particular offer is for new FanTeam customers only (i.e. customers opening a new account with FanTeam for this promotion). For existing FanTeam customers we have an alternative offering – if you sign up multiple teams (2 or more) on the same account for the FanTeam Premier League competition then you will also be eligible for an extension (or refund) of your FFS Premium Membership.

This offer can only be used once per account holder and cannot be used in conjunction with previous FanTeam offers (i.e. if you have already taken advantage of our FanTeam Euro 2020 offer this summer you cannot also take up the FanTeam Premier League 2021/22 offer).

How does it work? (New FanTeam Customers)

Both new and existing FFS Premium Members can claim this offer provided they are opening a new account with FanTeam. All you need to do to take advantage of the deal is:

1) Sign up as a new FFS Premium Member (annual subscription only, you can’t yet do this with monthly sub) for the 2021/2022 season using this link
(N.B. If you are an existing member you don’t need to do anything here, the offer will apply to your next renewal).

2) Once you’ve signed up then register for a FanTeam Premier League 2021-22 £20 ticket using this link (*currently for new FanTeam depositors only unless you register multiple teams**)

3) Once this is done, email us at: with the following details:
Your Fantasy Football Scout username
Your FanTeam username
The email used to register your FFS and FanTeam accounts (if different from the mail you are contacting from).

4) When we’ve verified this data with FanTeam, we will either extend or refund your Fantasy Football Scout Premium Membership (up to a maximum value of £20, depending on the amount paid for your FFS sub)

As this is a partly manual process, it will typically take up to 14 working days (but in the case of huge demand or complications with your application can extend to 30 days – please be patient!). You can contact the mail above if you have any questions.

For existing FFS members:

For those who still have time remaining on their FFS annual Premium Membership and would like to take advantage of this deal, at the point of your next FFS subscription renewal, we will either refund the subscription fee (as above), or extend your Membership without cost for a further year.

** For Existing FanTeam members:
Whilst existing FanTeam customers sadly can’t take advantage of the core offer above, you will be eligible for an FFS Premier Membership extension or refund IF you register multiple teams (i.e. a minimum of two) for the FanTeam Premier League 2021-22 competition. Please apply as above but provide proof of multiple teams (or we can check if not).

This offer can only be used once per FanTeam customer and cannot be used in conjunction with previous offers (e.g. if you took advantage of the Euros 2020 offer this summer you will not be eligible)

Full T&C’s are outlined below, so please check them out below.

What do I get as an FFS Premium Member?

Fantasy Football Scout Membership benefits include:

  • Full access to the Premium Members Area with all existing and new tools
  • Extensive OPTA data on all FPL players, both current and from the last 10 seasons
  • New Look Members Area
  • New 3-player comparison tools
  • New Members only Videos from top managers
  • New Members Transfer Planner
  • New Pro Pundits expert content from last year’s FanTeam winner
  • Opta data on Euro 2020 qualifiers and International games
  • Over 150 exclusive Premium Member articles
  • The full “Season Ticker” fixture analysis tool
  • Pre-Season and Weekly Player Projections (predictions)
  • The “Rate My Team” tool to guide selections
  • Tailored OPTA powered stats tables
  • Expected Goals (xG) and Expected Assists (xA) data
  • A powerful player comparison tool
  • The custom stats table creator
  • New Flat-Track Bully and ‘Per 90’ features
  • Extra Premium Members analysis in all of our Scout Notes for Premier League games
  • Enhanced Pro Pundits content (from squad of 20)
  • Support the site!
  • Plus ALL the free Members benefits and MORE to come in 21/22

FanTeam FFS Offer – Terms and conditions

You must have an annual Fantasy Football Scout Premium Membership for the 2021/2022 season to claim this offer. Due to the model involved we cannot offer it at this time for monthly Premium Members.

* The core offer applies to new FanTeam depositors only, if you already have a FanTeam account or have already deposited then you will not be eligible, unless you register multiple teams for the Premier League competition (at least two)

This offer can only be used once per account holder and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers (specifically if you took advantage of the similar FanTeam Euros 2020 offer).

Unless otherwise notified, this offer applies to applications made up to the end of August 22nd 2021. Applications received after this date may not be eligible for the offer.

You must be over 18 and have your own valid credit/debit card to participate.

You must supply Fantasy Football Scout with both your FFS and FanTeam username to be eligible for the offer.

For those taking out a new annual FFS Premium Membership, or for those renewing, whilst we will aim to refund all monies within 14 working days, this is a manual process, so it may take up to 30 days after sending your email before this is processed. Existing FFS Premium Members will have their refund or extension issued to time with their next renewal.

As usual, standard FFS terms and conditions will apply to this offer and Membership. Whilst we will take reasonable steps to resolve any issues, in the event of any dispute, Fantasy Football Scout’s decision is final.

The FanTeam game and all dealings with FanTeam are subject to their terms and conditions, please contact their support for more.

Please Play responsibly. If you or someone you know have trouble with gambling please visit to seek additional help and information.