How to use the Matches section of the Members area

What is the Matches section?

The Matches section contains all the Opta data from each Premier League fixture.

How long does it take for the data to get uploaded?

The match data is uploaded right after full-time, so you don’t have to delay jumping into the post-game research!

What useful features are there in the Matches section?

One of the most popular aspects is the ability to check BPS (Bonus Points System) numbers before they are updated on the official FPL site.

As FPL have to make a series of adjustments after the final whistle, the list of players in bonus points on their site is not always correct. In contrast, the Matches section will display the correct BPS quickly in the BPS Plus section tab.

Another popular feature is the “Average Position” overlay for the interactive pitches, which allows managers to see who plays in the most advanced positions during a game.