Season Ticker Tape

A team’s fixtures can make a big difference to the fantasy points scored by their players. If a team are playing United, Chelsea and Arsenal in a single month, you probably don’t want to be shipping in their players. In fact, you ought to consider shipping them out. Analysing the fixture list and identifying blocks of difficult and easier games will help you in your fantasy team selections. That’s why I have created this little chart to help you out.

Using the chart below you can see at a glance when teams face periods of favourable and difficult games. The grading of the teams will change throughout the season and was last updated on 4/10 based on the form and table positions at that time.

I’ll endeavour to keep this table up to date and may also change the status of the colour coding as the season progresses and new difficult/easier opponents emerge.

GW 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
ARS stk MUN AVL mcy che WIG mid LIV avl POR BOL hul eve WHM tot SUN FUL wba BLA new MCY wig liv MID por CHE mun STK
AVL new MID ars MUN FUL eve BOL whm ARS hul WBA sun por WIG bla CHE STK mcy TOT liv mun EVE WHM bol HUL ful mid NEW
BLA wba CHE SUN tot por LIV wig STK sun MCY ful NEW BOL mid AVL mun hul EVE ars WHM TOT liv stk WIG mcy POR che WBA
BOL MCY hul LIV mid sun CHE avl POR liv WIG ars MUN bla TOT eve WHM NEW stk FUL wba MID che por AVL wig SUN HUL mcy
CHE SUN bla wba NEW ARS bol WHM eve WBA ful mun STK MID liv HUL avl WIG por MCY tot new BOL EVE whm FUL ars BLA sun
EVE FUL whm MID wig tot AVL mcy CHE mid SUN HUL liv ARS mun BOL new WBA bla STK por WIG avl che MCY sun TOT WHM ful
FUL eve NEW TOT liv avl MCY stk MID tot CHE BLA whm sun POR wig WBA ars HUL bol MUN LIV mcy mid STK che AVL new EVE
HUL mun BOL MCY por stk MID liv SUN mcy AVL eve ARS whm WBA che TOT BLA ful NEW wig POR mid sun LIV avl STK bol MUN
LIV tot WBA bol FUL WHM bla HUL ars BOL new stk EVE wig CHE por MCY mid SUN mun AVL ful BLA ARS hul NEW whm wba TOT
MCY bol TOT hul ARS MUN ful EVE wba HUL bla por WIG NEW stk MID liv whm AVL che SUN ars FUL WBA eve BLA mun tot BOL
MUN WHM HUL ars STK avl mcy SUN tot WIG stk MID CHE bol wba EVE whm BLA POR new LIV ful AVL sun wig TOT mid MCY ARS hul
MID WHM avl eve BOL NEW hul ARS ful EVE mun SUN wba che BLA mcy WIG LIV tot POR stk bol HUL FUL ars MUN new AVL whm
NEW AVL ful WIG che mid STK por TOT wig LIV WHM bla mcy SUN wba EVE bol MUN hul ARS CHE stk tot POR liv MID FUL avl
POR WIG sun whm HUL BLA wba NEW bol WHM ars MCY tot AVL ful LIV stk mun CHE mid EVE hul WBA BOL new ARS bla SUN wig
STK ARS wig mun WBA HUL new FUL bla MUN whm LIV che tot MCY sun POR avl BOL eve MID wba NEW BLA ful WHM hul WIG ars
SUN che POR bla WHM BOL mun WBA hul BLA eve mid AVL FUL new STK ars TOT liv WIG mcy whm MUN HUL wba EVE bol por CHE
TOT LIV mcy ful BLA EVE whm MUN new FUL wba wig POR STK bol ARS hul sun MID avl CHE bla WHM NEW mun WBA eve MCY liv
WBA BLA liv CHE stk wig POR sun MCY che TOT avl MID MUN hul NEW ful eve ARS whm BOL STK por mcy SUN tot WIG LIV bla
WHM mid EVE POR sun liv TOT che AVL por STK new FUL hul ars MUN bol MCY wig WBA bla SUN tot avl CHE stk LIV eve MID
WIG por STK new EVE WBA ars BLA mun NEW bol TOT mcy LIV avl FUL mid che WHM sun HUL eve ARS MUN bla BOL wba stk POR
Very Difficult Fixture
Difficult Fixture
Favourable Fixture
Very Favourable Fixture
No Fixture