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  1. Antonio reminds Fantasy managers of versatility 3 days, 21 mins ago

    I’m settled on a formation of 2-5-5-3 for GW1... GW2 onwards is unclear right now! » Read

  2. Our FPL 2019/20 articles, tips and advice so far 8 days, 20 hours ago

    Anyone have any “Total Penalty” stats for the last few seasons?How many additional penalties do you expect to be awarded this season with the introduction of VAR?Obviously it’s going to be estimates and ball park figures, but interested to know people’s thoughts, as I’m expecting a large increase and may factor that into my GW1 team - Salah, Siggy, King, Deeney, Barnes, etc » Read

  3. Salah's FPL appeal boosted by early AFCON exit for Egypt 9 days, 20 hours ago

    Undoubtedly » Read

  4. Lampard looks to youth after Chelsea appointment 12 days, 3 hours ago

    Same three for me... all capable of double digit scores, tend to assist each other’s goals and BOU capable of putting 3 and 4 past teams of their day » Read

  5. Is Wan-Bissaka worth £5.5m in FPL after United move? 13 days, 11 hours ago

    Who do you think will score more points this season?Deeney or Deulofeu » Read

  6. Is Wan-Bissaka worth £5.5m in FPL after United move? 13 days, 12 hours ago

    No City players GW1... will build a squad GW2 so will definitely have City players in then. Usually have two rock solid Captain options, so will likely be Salah and Sterling or Salah and Aguero. Then I’ll pick the rest of my squad when I know more » Read

  7. Is Wan-Bissaka worth £5.5m in FPL after United move? 13 days, 12 hours ago

    In an ideal world all of my players would deliver, rise in price and I’d have the players everybody was scrambling for, then I would be able to hang onto my wildcard... but that hasn’t happened yet » Read

  8. Is Wan-Bissaka worth £5.5m in FPL after United move? 13 days, 12 hours ago

    Everyone plays the game differently in some way and my way of playing it, is to set my team up for GW1 only to try to ensure a good score, then hit the wildcard button and bring in players who are rising in price. I fully intend to do that again this season, but what’s different this time around, is that for the first time ever I honestly believe that the Bench Boost Chip is the way to go!My plan: Mo Salah(C) and only “big hitter” in terms of price. With two other Liverpool players, three Tottenham players, three Bournemouth players, three Everton players and three Watford players.I really like the look of the drafts I’ve made using that template, and I really fancy my mix of £5.5m-£7m players to do well. Then set up my squad from GW2 with an extra week’s worth of info, no price drops and a few prices rises, as well as having a better idea of who the bandwagons and value bench fodder will be.It won’t be for everyone (probably very few!) but it’s the way I inte… » Read

  9. Why it's hard to trust Arsenal assets in 2019/20 13 days, 22 hours ago

    Trippier and Holebas » Read