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    1. Scout Notes - Chelsea Fail to Convince 11 days, 13 mins ago

      Help needed Please, Was originally planning on BB34 but now with Stephens suspended, I'd need -8 to get 15 Out, Should I now hold BB until gw37 and save FT?DDG Christensen Lowton Morgan Son Mahrez Alli Grob willian Barnes Kaku Subs: Ryan, Aubu,Mustafi, Stephens*Still have FH for GW35 but no TC. 1.8 ITB, any suggestions? a) Save FT and BB37 B) Mustafi & Stephens-> Smalling/Vertonghen (-4) C)Aubu/Mustafi/Stephens ->Kane,Chilwell,Cedric (-8) » Read

    2. Sky Sports Focus 13 days, 20 hours ago

      Ryan Christensen Morgan Mustafi Salah Son Mahrez(v) Grob Willian Kaku Aubu(c) Subs: Ryan. Barnes, Lowton, Stephens, 1FT - 0.3 ITBa) Save FT B) Crazy to do Salah -> eriksen/Alli ?? » Read

    3. The Community Round-Up 20 days, 3 hours ago

      In Same Boat and cant decide, have christensen in. Maybe just DDG and avoid Utd defence rotation? » Read

    4. The Community Round-Up 20 days, 3 hours ago

      G2G - On Wildcard, Suggestions welcomeRyan/Loris Bailly Lowton Christensen (Morgan,Duffy) Salah Willian Grob Mahrez (son) Barnes Lukuku(v) Aubu(c) » Read

    5. Scout Picks – Gameweek 32 20 days, 16 hours ago

      Rate my WC Team please. Ryan/Mccarthy Azpi Smalling Morgan Lowton Duffy Salah son Mahrez gross Willian Barnes lukaku aubuWould love Alonso & DDG but can fit them in without wearing team elsewhere. G2G? » Read

    6. Scout Scribbles - Christensen Scare For Blues 27 days, 23 hours ago

      Hows this for WC team? Still have FH for GW35. 0.1 ITB Loris McCarthy Morgan Lowton Azpi Smalling VDH Mahrez Salah Willian Son Kenedy Aubu Kuku Murray » Read