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  1. Why I am Wildcarding for FPL Gameweek 9 and the key players I am signing 10 days, 15 hours ago

    Ok, fair enough. But in that case I don't think KDB is the fixture proof player this season. Last year he maybe was, but right now it is Kane or Son and probably someone else at he end of the season. So, it is maybe not such thing as fixture proof players, but in form players that delivers points over some time, and that will change during the season. But, what is a though game in fantasy football? A tough game is not a game where you probably is going to lose, it is a game where you probably not going to score goals. If you look at goals conceded, some examples: Liverpool (17), Man United (14), Newcastle (13), West Ham (10). So a player scoring big versus Liverpool and Man United is more fixture proof than a player scoring against Newcastle and West Ham? In fact it is the straight opposite these days. The big boys are good at winning games, but not necessarily keeping clean sheets (ex. Liverpool). Opposite, some teams do not concede many goals, but they are not winning either (ex. … » Read

  2. Why I am Wildcarding for FPL Gameweek 9 and the key players I am signing 10 days, 17 hours ago

    Lol! What kind of statement is this? KDB is a very good player, but also Salah, Kane, Fernandes etc are very good players. But what exactly make KDB more fixture proof than these players? Stop making FFS stupid. » Read

  3. Bale makes first league start of season alongside well-owned Kane and Son 18 days, 17 hours ago

  4. Cooper back for Leeds as Rodrigo enters self-isolation 24 days, 9 hours ago

    Any news about Maupay? » Read