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  1. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 28 6 hours ago

    Irandust will go for sure, but not for another GW. Realized after my last post that I got just enough money to do Traustasson to Seb Larsson, and since I can't stand the sight of Traustasson I might do that transfer this GW. I could then do Irandust to Rodic or Aiesh next GW. Not saving my transfer would eventuelly mean I'll only have one FT for GW30, and will then have 1-2 defenders from Norrköping facing 2-3 defenders from Djurgården. But I guess a lot of others will be in the same situation, and it could be hard to find any given clean sheets in GW30 anyway. » Read

  2. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 28 8 hours, 21 mins ago

    Aha, in that case I'd defenitly keep Khariashvili if he's fit. If that means you can only afford Rodic than It's a given pick, and a good one as well. » Read

  3. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 28 11 hours, 46 mins ago

    Larsson and Rodic are both good options. Defenitly not Rosenberg. Khariashvilli is a good pick, but there are rumours about a potential injury picked up on international duty. Keep an eye on that. Otherwise, perhaps Goitom and Rodic? » Read

  4. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 28 14 hours, 18 mins ago

    Apparently up to 5 AIK players could miss the game against Falkeberg. Linnér spent yesterdays training in the gym, Lindkvist was ill, and Karlsson, Lundström and Bahoui all trained away from the rest of the team. » Read

  5. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 28 14 hours, 20 mins ago

    Thanks for the sum up Meltens! Was all set on rolling the FT this week, so I havn't spent a minute on my team during the international break. I'm now trying to figure out if there's something I can do, something I've missed, but I can't really find any decent transfers to make this GW. The players I'm looking at, like Aiesh, Larsson or Rodic all have tricky fixtures this GW or next, so I'm hesitant to make a transfer this GW. Not overly pleased with my team now, but the players I need to get rid of (mainly Irandust and Tovio) can probably wait for another GW. Pettersson Mets - Käck - Toivio - Lauritsen Kacaniklic - Traustasson - Haksabanovic (c) - Irandust Karlsson - Haglund » Read

  6. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 27 12 days, 13 hours ago, set, match. Season over! Haksabanovic scores, Mets benched and an AIK clean sheet 100% confirmed and guaranteed. Note to self for the future: Never EVER, under any circumstances, pick an AIK-player or Irandust in Allsvenskan fantasy! » Read

  7. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 27 12 days, 15 hours ago

    Next weeks game between Göteborg and Djurgården feels like a nightmare for fantasy managers. Göteborg are a very good team and it's a very difficult game for Djurgården, yet Göteborg have played goal less draws at home to Malmö, Hammarby, Norrköping and Häcken this season. I have no idea whether to play none, one or even both my Djurgården defenders. » Read

  8. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 27 12 days, 15 hours ago

    Good luck everyone! I only have my local ML left to fight for, and this GW is turning out to be decisive. I went with Hammarby and benched my Djurgården defenders - my rival did the opposite and rolled out a triple Djurgården defence. He also captained Haksabanovic while I went for Karlsson, and he took a massive punt on Romario while I kept faith in Irandust. This could be my last chance, so I keep my fingers crossed. » Read

  9. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 27 12 days, 18 hours ago

    I agree with Meltens, I'd never drop him ahead of this fixture. I'd even concider handing him the armband. I understand that he's frustrating to own, but at least he's bringing you points when playing. I'm stuck with Irandust who's 100% to start and 100% not to get more than 2p every game, belive me that's not better! 😉 » Read

  10. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 27 12 days, 18 hours ago

    Big thanks Meltens! Enjoy the international break now and some well deserved rest 😉 I'm sticking to my plan, which means 2FT this week. Khariashvili and Da Graca out for Haglund and Mets. Lost the lead in the local ML last week and I'm now about 20p behind. It's gonna be very difficult to catch up since our teams are pretty equal, and it will take something extra from players like Kacaniklic, Traustason, Toivio and Haglund. At least I don't have AC and his injuries to worry about, but unfortunalty it looks as if my rival also took him out even before the Europa League game. With doubble Djurgården defence and Hammarby attack I've been force to pick a side, and I'm going with the unstoppable Hammarby attack, meaning that both Käck and Witry will take place on the bench. Captaincy was actually a no-brainer for me this week. As an Elfsborg fan (a very critical one!) I must admit that they have looked much improved in recent games, and Jesper Karlsson has been unstoppable. He's on … » Read

  11. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 26 15 days, 17 hours ago

    Had an absolute nightmare of a gameweek! Dropped 11 places and I now have my lowest rank since GW10. Taking AC out for Traustason certianly wasn't the right move short term, but hopefully my next transfers will pay off, and to be fair those extra 6p wouldn't have helped my rank that much. What's worse is that Traustason was awful, as were Kacaniklic and Irandust who's not paying back the faith I've shown in them. I've been top of the local ML pretty much all season, but after this dreadful GW I suddenly find myself 20p behind. I had Karlsson (who's assist wern't given), he had Lundström (substituted before AIK conceded). I had Traustason, he had AC. I had Kacaniklic, he had Djurdjic. I had Witry, he had Danielsson. Not much luck there. I know what my next moves will be, but perhaps it's time to start gambling a bit? At least with the captaincy or so. » Read

  12. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 26 18 days, 14 hours ago

    I wouldn't take a hit to do that move. I know Irandust is frustrating to own, but his short term fixtures are good, so you might as well keep. You never know with gametime for AC and Traustasson this GW, and then they got Göteborg, Hammarby and AIK next. » Read

  13. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 26 18 days, 14 hours ago

    You should probably look to replace Söder, especially if he's ruled out this week. Fixtures are horribel short term, and his fitness is a concern. Karlsson, Haglund could be potential replacements. » Read

  14. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 26 19 days, 7 hours ago

    Thanks for the input! Will probably keep Käck then, and do AC to Traustason and hope he can match his points. Malmö have some tricky fixtures coming up, so I'm not really keen on doubbling up there, but Irandust is defenitly an issue. He's been a massive disappointment and probably the worst signing I've made this season. Have watched him play almost every game since I got him and he's always involved but just never gets the end product right. Also, when Arkivou got injuried and Andersson nailed down his spot, Irandust lost all set pieces to Andersson so he's not getting any bonus eighter. Toivio on the other hand has been a massive threat on set pieces so even without clean sheets he's a decent option IMO. That said, they'll both go eventually, but not until after playing Östersund and Helsingborg. I always do my planning long term, and hopefully owning Irandust and Tovio will come in handy in GW27 against Östersund, when Hammarby face Djurgården and Göteborg face Malmö. » Read

  15. Fantasy Allsvenskan: Gameweek 26 19 days, 9 hours ago

    Excellent job writing these articles during this busy period! Just one more week and then you'll get a well deserved rest 😉 Have 2ft this week, but a bit of a transfer headache. My gut feeling tells me that gametime is more likely for AC than Traustason, and my main rival has AC, yet I'm strongly concidering getting Traustason in for AC. I have 2 transfers planned for next week, and the main difference is - I eighter keep AC and have to take Käck out next GW, or I get Traustason in this week and take Da Graca out next week. Käck is obiously a better player to keep than Da Graca, but to be honest I'm not sure how much I'd play Käck anyway for the reminding fixtures. Any thoughts? Captain will be Tankovic, partly for coverage, since Kacaniklic form is uncertain after his unjury and suspension. Haksabanovic also a good option, but Falkenberg are a much better side at home. » Read

  16. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 25 20 days, 12 hours ago

    I've also been worried about rotation and gametime for a player like Traustason, but looking in the past, he's pretty much started every game when being fit, and his goal involvment is even higher than AC's. Given his knock against Helsingborg, I realize that there's a chance he will be rested against AFC, but I'm willing to take that risk. The upcoming games against Göteborg, Hammarby and AIK are not games where Malmö can afford to rest or rotate theire best players, so I expect him to play all of them if being fit. In Traustason I think it's more a case of managed minutes and early substitutions than a full rest every now and then. » Read

  17. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 25 20 days, 17 hours ago

    That's a superb score! Almost enough to me manager of the week, and a very well used PTB chip. I finished on 72p and dropped 3 places, which is okay given that I was surpassed by 3 players using theire PTB-chip. Hopefully there wont be many chips left now. Very frustrating that AC was rested despite being in the initial match squad. Had they ruled him out, there is a chance I would have gotten Traustason instead. He's on my radar now, and if he can shake off that bruised thigh he suffered last night, he's going into my team for the weekend. I have 2ft and it feels like I have a decent plan for the run-in now, hopefully good enough to remain in the top of my local ML. » Read

  18. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 25 21 days, 9 hours ago

    Can't thank you enough Kenny! Decided to stay clear of Manns and roll my FT, which gave me a Jesper Karlsson 9p and 2ft instead of a Jesper Manns 1p, only 1ft and probably being stuck with a rotation risk like Manns for the rest of the season. » Read

  19. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 25 21 days, 9 hours ago

    Where did those rumours came from? Any substance? Enjoy the game! » Read

  20. Fantasy Allsvenskan Gameweek 25 22 days, 18 hours ago

    31 chips played in the top 100. Every PTB-team I've seen have contained 3 Djurgården defenders, and every "Attack"-team I've seen have had Buya, so I expect red arrows this week. My goal of finishing top 20 might not be realistic now, but at least after this GW most chips have been played. » Read