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  1. Double Gameweek 29 Scout Picks includes Arsenal triple-up 29 days, 9 mins ago

    Anyone think we'll get some leaked team news tomorrow morning? Chances of Mane being benched? If Mane is benched, then (still possible even if he isn't): A) Mane, Vardy > Auba, Pepe/Mahrez B) Mane, Ings, Troare > Auba, Pepe/Mahrez, Saka (-4) If Mane is not benched, then: A) Vardy, Ings, Troare > Auba, Jota, Saka (-4) B) Vardy, Jimenez > Auba, Jota Note: Still haven't decided whether to FH in 31 but I want to try to capitalise short term. What are your thoughts? Basically need to decide between Pepe or Mahrez, knowing that I will already have Auba. » Read

  2. Differential Sarr can sustain electric form ahead of Blank Gameweek 31 fixture 29 days, 3 hours ago

    How many minutes do we think Mahrez will get this gw? Is Pepe the better pick? » Read