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  1. How important will home advantage be in the new FPL season? 5 days, 19 hours ago

    The usual situation here is that teams with nothing to play for and guaranteed to finish top of their group will play their squad players, since there's no need to risk stars before the important games. So who has something to play for? At this stage, Wales are well placed (so Bale and Ramsay are strong picks). Switzerland could also qualify with an awesome performance against Turkey. Italy would benefit from a draw, but will probably top the group with a loss. So Italy players are a risk and Turkey have almost nothing to play for. Belgium seem likely to top their group, so they can happily rotate. Denmark are badly placed and probably psychologically drained. Russia and Finland both have something to fight for. The Netherlands will probably qualify top of their group, so can rotate. The Ukraine and Austria have much to fight for, so their game could well have goals. North Macedonia seem done and could get a thumping from a Netherlands B team. And that's about all we know at t… » Read