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  1. Eliteserien Runde 21 - Back to Reality 10 days, 12 hours ago

    1FT: Ruud to Borchgrevink. Frustrating to own Ruud, Heggheim, Bytyqi, Zinckernagel & Berisha this week, but not worth a hit for further changes considering I'll want the Odd & Viking boys back before I know it. No subs, Zinckernagel (K) as he'll start if fit (in my opinion) & have seen mixed responses regarding his participation. Relatively low risk with Kjartansson (V), I reckon. Out the cup & sitting at 82OR. Time for a much needed green arrow after sitting looking at a red over the IB. Good luck all & thank you to RH for the article as always. » Read

  2. Eliteserien Runde 21 - Back to Reality 10 days, 16 hours ago

    Any news on Zinckernagel's fitness? » Read

  3. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 24 days, 2 hours ago

    o/ Final 1k here we come. 🙂 » Read

  4. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 24 days, 13 hours ago

    Last I heard is that he was training separately from the rest of the team which, at least to me, implies he won't start. That said, I needed to make that downgrade to Junker in order to fund my moves regardless, and I believe Junker to be the better option long-term. Bytyqi has been confirmed fit, I believe, at least I saw that he was training with the first team. Really like the Sahraoui pick, just a tad inconsistent for me. Some weeks exceptional, but others rather anonymous. Really like Dønnum, so will be looking at bringing him in once he's served his suspension, especially if Pellegrino is off. » Read

  5. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 24 days, 15 hours ago

    OUT: Dragsnes, Hauge & Berisha. In: Stølås, Sandberg & Junker (-4). Double Haugesund. It's make-or-break time. Klaesson, (Vieira); Ruud, Solheim, Stølås, (Heggheim, Daland); Zinck (K), Saltnes, Pelle, Sandberg, Bytyqi; Junker, Kjartansson (V), (Bakenga). Good luck to all, anyone not on Zinck (K)? » Read

  6. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 27 days, 12 hours ago

    Hardly sensitive, just a misinterpretation. I do appreciate the different opinion, of course. That is the point of the forum atterall. Back to my point though. Using the eye test this season, whether due to luck or good play, has changed my season. And there have been plenty of weeks where I have regretted not trusting the previous weeks' highlights as a dictator for things to come. Whether I end up 1st or 1'000th, I'm happy to live or die by the strategy that's gotten me here. We shall see though, haha, I shall go down graciously if needs be my friend. » Read

  7. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 27 days, 12 hours ago

    I understand & appreciate the variance in opinion. Opinions can come across more black & white than intended. Hostility aside, yeah it's a game of opinion haha. I don't think anyone is objectively correct nor incorrect providing they have a basis for their argument. No discredit to anyone's rank whatsoever, I simply enjoy hearing how others' seasons are going and, therefore, post regarding my own. Feel free to ignore as per mate. That said, it is a game where luck is a key determinant of variance, so to put success down to it or a lack of thought is a discredit to those who have succeeded. Whatever the game, their rank or the decision in hand. Good luck for the season mate, would love to see another article too! » Read

  8. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 27 days, 13 hours ago

    Jesus mate, you have a lot of anger fueling these comments today. Captaining Zinckernagel has been the best & optimal strategy. It has worked because it has been the best way to play the game i.e. has scored one the most points. That is literally the point of fantasy football. If anything, the decision to captain Zinck has been obvious. The idea that those captaining "should put more thought into who they should pick" is entirely wrong. Those who have not captained him have taken a risk, and it has proven to be a poor one. We all take risks - back them, and don't complain as if thoughtless play is the reason that you have suffered in a simple game intended for our enjoyment and no more. » Read

  9. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 27 days, 13 hours ago

    I understand that it is risky, but why would I change a strategy that has consistently worked for me? I will pick the players which I believe have the best chance of scoring points, is that not the point of the game entirely? We are enjoying the game and having positive interactions. Bluntly stating someone's logic makes little sense is not really a welcome part of that. Cheers. » Read

  10. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 27 days, 23 hours ago

    With Hauge leaving & potential injuries to Bytyqi & Berisha, it seems the time has come to break the template and really push up the ranks. I have been saving 2FT since my WC for this moment so I'll be trusting my gut & the eye test which has done me so well this season to bring in 2 differentials along with Berisha to Junker for a hit. Absolutely make or break time, good luck to all: trust your guts and own your decisions. Whether you celebrate with a humble brag or scream is up to you. 🙂 » Read

  11. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 28 days, 21 hours ago

    Right behind you in 58th & 4th mate, benching Bakenga may come back to bite me though. I'm looking at getting rid of Dragsnes when I can afford the FT, but it looks like I'll be using both my FTs to sell Hauge (if sold) & the Viking boys (if injured). Picking differentials here could be season defining. » Read

  12. Eliteserien Runde 14 - Different Strokes 28 days, 21 hours ago

    good to see another regular make it through to the last 2k, fancy fixing the draw so we can have an FFS feature in the final? 😉 Up to 58th OR, would be 33rd if I hadn't benched Bakenga for his brace. 2FT to move around the Hauge sale & Viking injuries, feeling confident still! » Read