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  1. The Complete Guide to Scout’s tips and advice for FPL Gameweek 4 16 days, 14 hours ago

    Who’s the best 4.5 mid for wildcard - luiz or dend?And Burnley double defence or add a Brighton/Newcastle instead? (Kelly will play this week) » Read

  2. Man City triple-up for Gameweek 4 Scout Picks 17 days, 4 hours ago

    Help please ... 🙂On a WC - which options?A. KDB, Pukki, Haller B. Aguero, McGinn, Lanzini » Read

  3. Man City triple-up for Gameweek 4 Scout Picks 17 days, 4 hours ago

    Have martial and KWP out along with Dendoncker on bench - good time for WC? How this look?Pope TAA, digne, zink, Lowton (Kelly start this week)Sterling, salah, McGinn, Lanzini (Cantwell 1 week for Barnes)Aguero, Barnes, GreenwoodOr should I be ensuring Pukki in?! » Read

  4. Key Liverpool defenders start as Lacazette benched for Arsenal 23 days, 6 hours ago

    Would people go king to Pukki with exact money before price rise tonight? (Or wait and deal with potential martial injury and be priced out?) » Read

  5. Which FPL defenders are the most attacking in 2019/20 so far? 26 days, 5 hours ago

    I went zink this week but thinking I should have gone AWB now - no rotation risk and bonus points should make up for potentially less clean sheets » Read

  6. Trossard displays goal threat in impressive Brighton debut 27 days, 17 hours ago

    Help would be appreciated - what’s the best pick? (Have VVD)A. Zinchenko and martial B. AWB and martial C. TAA and Lanzini » Read

  7. Few line-up surprises as Wolves host Man United 28 days, 1 hour ago

    Help please AWB (a) or Zinchenko (b) for a transfer in? » Read

  8. Salah blanks as mediocre Liverpool concede again 29 days, 14 hours ago

    Would you do the below for a -4? I have TrentVVD, Trossard, Barkley to 4.5, KDB, Cantwell » Read