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  1. Who has the best FPL fixtures in the next six Gameweeks and beyond? 18 days, 21 hours ago

    that was my thinking behinf it. It gives him a little of bit of edge because of BPS but also add a tendancy to blank less because of that assist potential which is key regarding captain selection » Read

  2. Who has the best FPL fixtures in the next six Gameweeks and beyond? 18 days, 21 hours ago

    regarding Lukaku style of play. I think we might under-estimate his 11 assists last season. I have watched him play with Belgium, his "back to goal" game is mint, and I actually think this clearly is a super prospect for Chelsea players who are walways willing to take a shot. First coming to my mind is Mount who could really benefit from it. Second one, and prbably the best prospect should be come into the mix at some point in the season is Ziyech. We often focus on goals but Lukaku's assist potential is great » Read

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo's FPL price and position revealed 24 days, 18 hours ago

    I understand the thrill of Ronaldo going back to United. I acknowledge he is a fitness freak, I understand he comes to win, has a huge ego (although I always found he's never been a selfish player on the pitch - less than Salah for example imo) and the arguable romantism of his return to ManU but making him an immediate (C) against NEW might be driven by over-excitement. Although he will surely be a must-have soon, I actually don't think he is an absolute sure starter against NEW. It's not about fitness or how he will blend into the team, because it will be easy for him but I think it rather has to do with management and marketing. Clubs, TV loves an happening. Ronaldo entering the field in a packed old-trafford cheering him up during the second-half (even better if manU is drawing at this moment) seems like a very plausible scenario to me. Also, it is always important for coaches to "protect" the legitimity of his group so as his hierarchical status and it is very often we see … » Read