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6th season as an FPL player (and West Ham fan) across the pond in the US

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  1. Pundits playoff Matchweek 1 approaches aka GW 9 1 day, 3 hours ago

    Great intro, thanks Lord! I feel like an actual sports star getting introduced before the big match even though I’m looking at my phone in my living room... » Read

  2. Scoutcast discusses changing of the captaincy guard 17 days, 2 hours ago

    Thanks TM! » Read

  3. Fantasy managers eye future opponents of Newcastle and Brighton 23 days, 6 hours ago

  4. Community Tournament - The Pundits Playoff: Full Info 28 days, 4 hours ago

    Sounds great Geevious. Do you need any more info from me? I registered on the FFS google sheet. My FPL id is 663901. Thanks! » Read

  5. Community Tournament - The Pundits Playoff: Full Info 29 days, 14 hours ago

    Thanks BB. This sounds cool (and I finally understand what this is thanks to your article).Just signed up -- hope I can make one of the draft squads as a cheap budget enabler! Here are my "glowing details" of past achievements... or perhaps future potential? In any case, I offer my FPL squad's services to the Community Tournament Team Manager Overlords: - Five seasons playing FPL... "breakthrough" (?) was last year finishing at 25K OR after my initial learning seasons at 200-400K OR. - Have not had a great start to this season, hence I should be a budget player for your team and will be steadily moving up the ranks! (And I still have my WC and all chips left to play.) - Started writing the occasional community article for FFS last year and now write a weekly "They Might Be Tired" article on the site about who played what and did what in midweek games ahead of PL weekends. This has got me paying attention a lot more. - Likes: spreadsheets, getting the occasional shoutout on… » Read

  6. Aguero benched as Man City and Spurs give team selection clues 29 days, 15 hours ago

    I'm going to hold for now. Z is versatile enough to play in various positions (as showed in the CL match yesterday and in his national team role in midfield), so until he clearly loses his spot to Mendy I'm going to keep him. But definitely monitoring him. » Read