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  1. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 7 days, 5 hours ago

    Cheers, Meltens. I have Birmancevic. If he starts, I think I will be able to convince myself to captain him (I have Larsson too). Thanks for the feedback on strikers. Not expecting much, but Jeremejeff at least has pens, and you never know what may happen in the game. » Read

  2. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 8 days, 1 hour ago

    Nice picks. Intriguing call to go for Birmancevic captain - I kinda like it. I was wondering why go for Birmancevic ahead of say Seb Larsson or Eriksson? I have a benching decision: I want to bench all of Jeremejeff, Stefanelli and Adegbenro but need to play one. Who? (I want to save transfer). » Read

  3. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 18 days, 21 hours ago

    A captain failure and a red arrow, but I think this is mostly due to double AIK defenders hauling and quite a few chips used. First red arrow in a while, but not too bad rank damage. On the upside, I think that the All out attack chip can be put to better use soon. Getting seriously frustrated by Stefanelli. All fart and no end product. » Read

  4. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 20 days, 18 hours ago

    No worries. I decided against going all out attack, which was a bullet dodget with Stefanelli in my team. In the end I went with Erikssen captain, Jeremejeff and Matthews. Berg on the bench. It remains to be seen if it was a good call. Slightly annoyed I have Lindner’s 14 points staring at me from the bench, lol. » Read

  5. Allsvenskan Fantasy Ones To Watch GW15 21 days, 2 hours ago

    Cheers! I am wavering between Erikssen and Adegbenro captain. Also unsure who to bench between Matthew, Berg and Jeremejeff. It is tempting to use a chip, maybe double captains. » Read