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  1. Set Pieces page upgraded for 2019/20 Scout Members 6 days, 23 hours ago

    A great addition, thanks!On the subject of improvements for members, is it possible to remove the limit of 10 columns for the creation of members tables? There are just so many useful attributes now I want to see them all at once! » Read

  2. Jota with plenty to prove as an FPL asset after Villa move 15 days, 17 hours ago

    Thanks that makes sense!Would you consider having different stickied articles/threads (public or member) for each team or by position? Not sure exactly how it would work best but the idea is if say Newcastle have a good run and I want an expert to give me advice on one or more of their players, I'll go to the "Newcastle" section and know my question will get the love and attention it deserves as the area isn't polluted by endless RMTs... there were many occasions last season where I saw posters have good questions ignored due to the deluge of RMTs.Maybe your "members-only" area idea will solve this problem in a different way already... » Read

  3. Jota with plenty to prove as an FPL asset after Villa move 15 days, 18 hours ago

    Ahhhh, that warm fuzzy feeling from an unlocked members area. Thank you FFS for not deleting my tables after a year of absence 🙂Remind me again how frequently the RMT tool is updated after injury/presser/etc updates? Is it possible to have a 'last update date/time' at the top of the RMT page? Not a major problem if not. » Read