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  1. Fantasy Football Scout league round-up 6 days, 6 hours ago

    Sure, the rotation issue at Man city was maybe "over hyped" a bit, I agree on that. And the rotation does seem to be more a case of Pep not liking some players (Sane, Mahrez). » Read

  2. How the Fantasy Premier League Cup was won 6 days, 6 hours ago

    Sure there's a chance it might happen. The original article from New York Times says that the investigation committee met with Man city in April and were not convinced.... » Read

  3. Fantasy Football Scout league round-up 6 days, 7 hours ago

    Looks like Man City could get banned from Champions League next season. Below article form New York Times is an interesting read. UEFA might need to make an example but it would get appealed all the way is my guess. have major effect on FPL though. Man City would be major favourites to win the PL again and without rotation we all might wish that we had more slots for Man City players. » Read

  4. Scoutcast Episode 293 - For Joe 18 days, 6 hours ago

    My plan was to keep Eriksen, Son and Llorente for the run-in of the season. But I am really put off with their performance against Ajax and considering getting rid of them all. They looked so tired and out of form.Eriksen will most likely start every remaining match. But with so little quality around him because of injuries/rotation/bad form, I just dont see him getting anything against Bournemouth away and an in-form Everton at home. The entire Spurs squard is so decimated and there will be a lot rotation on the team which breaks consistency. And if they are to have any chance of getting back in the CHL against Ajax, they will have to save strength for that.Son will also start every remaining match and with a rest, I can see the argument for him. But again, their worn down squad in general just puts me off and his form has not been great lately.Llorente was a mistake. Should have gone for Long.As my own rank is really bad this season anyway, I will take a chance and do Er… » Read